UPDATE: La Clery man charged for tourist’s death appears in court

UPDATE: La Clery man charged for tourist’s death appears in court
Colin Peter
Colin Peter

La Clery resident, Curtis Joseph, who has been charged with causing the death of Colin Peter, the 75-year-old Canadian tourist, was further remanded in prison after he appeared in court today, Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Joseph’s next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 14, 2012.

The 42-year-old, otherwise known as ‘Ti Coolie’, was charged last evening for killing Colin who was attacked and robbed on Vigie beach while walking with his wife almost two weeks ago. Colin died of his injuries in hospital a few days after the incident.

Police said Joseph, who was arrested on Saturday, was being tracked for several days.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois told CBC News on Sunday Joseph has since cooperated with law enforcement in recovering some of the items, including a camera, belonging to Colin.

A police press release distributed late Monday, Nov. 26, said a post mortem examination conducted on Colin’s body on Nov. 21, revealed that he died from brain damage due to a blunt force trauma.

Colin and his wife Gwenthe Peter were “robbed of their valuables” on Vigie beach on the afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 15 while vacationing at a “well known” hotel, police said.

Police further reported that Colin was hit with an object and lost consciousness and was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he was admitted.

He died at the same hospital at about 6 p.m. on Nov. 19. Reports are that Colin was hit on the head with a piece of wood.

Days after, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony said in a statement that Colin was in St. Lucia gathering information on his family tree, particularly of William Peter after whom the William Peter Boulevard in Castries is named.

Dr. Anthony had vowed to bring the killer/s to justice.

“This tragic event will not go unpunished.  I have already been in contact with the authorities here to ensure that everything we can do is being done to bring to justice the perpetrator of this crime,” the prime minister had said.

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