BREAKING NEWS: Kim St Rose no longer Saint Lucia’s AG

BREAKING NEWS: Kim St Rose no longer Saint Lucia’s AG
Kim St Rose
Kim St Rose
Kim St Rose

After months of constant debate across political lines, former magistrate Kim St Rose has vacated the post of attorney general (AG), having spent her last day on the job on Friday, it has been reported.

The circumstances for her departure were not immediately clear, but her absence will not be missed by the Allen Chastanet administration, as they have repeatedly said it was uncomfortable to work with her.

St. Rose, is the claimant in a case against Chastanet, alleging breach of trust and misfeasance in public office, and became part of his cabinet by default, a civil servant appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.

The prime minister had said, “She finds it difficult to give any advice and has offered no advice on that matter.”

St Rose was appointed under the former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration and her contract was renewed several months before the June, 2016 election. It was expected to last until 2018.

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph recently stated that although St Rose sits in regular cabinet meetings, the government was not very confident that she will work in their best interest.

“Do you think she can properly advise the government on how to proceed with legal matters that she brought against current cabinet members in the time of the previous prime minister?” Joseph questioned.

However, Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre had called out government for its attack on St. Rose, arguing that the AG does not have to be in a cabinet meeting when political decisions are taken.


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  1. Wat uall fail to realize ag is a politically appointee. Lets say trump wins the election do u think the current ag will remain the ansa is no. So i dont know y was she given contract till 2018. Thats jus part of kennynomics knowing he was in trouble with the electorates. U have a case aagains the guys and u wanna remain as the guys ag. Come on people lets b real


  2. YOU ALL ARE WRONG!! Why should any logically thinking person in St. Lucia give any credence that a civil suit against Chastanet by the Kenny led administration had any merit. So many reasons can be given why average Joe knew that Kenny only went after the "man."

    1. Kenny repeatedly making it known that the elections was between his party and Chastanets.

    2. He only targeted the head of the UWP, namely Chastanet and Ezekiel, Leader and Chairman respectively. Although he had alleged or his report had shown that others had inappropriately spent much more.

    3. Why should he, ( in fact we) spend hundred of thousands to try to recover 30 thousand?

    4. How comes the claim was so difficult to file? In fact it was amended 3 times just to get the claimant, defendant and statement of claim in order. Still it was not able to be fixed , the Court of Appeal only allowed it based on a rule of law that allowed cases which had been amended to proceed without ascertaining its validity.

    Kenny, knowing full well of this provision used it to shield his bogus suit from being dismissed on the grounds of it not being any case to answer to. This was never made apparent to the unsuspecting natives that we are, while all the legal birds kept quiet, and vultures like Claudius without any legal training were allowed to feed on their ignorance. However when it came to the SLP vs Chastanet and what they thought about the law suit at the polls (which is the highest decision making body), Chastanet: 11, SLP: 6. In effect the highest deciscion


  3. Well, it was about time! Sad to say, they probably had to pay her endless of our money for her to go. So shameful, yet SLP wants us to believe they act in the country's best interest. What a joke and a bunch of jokers! Goodbye lady, you overstayed your welcome; should have gone a long time ago.


  4. Wow lucia fall big-time ...behind garbage that have more garbage ..ppl wait for it .you all will hear later with Donald trump ...if Mr king was pm I would have hope but awa we the place mess up...all Labour ppl vacate uwp jobs give them all but know you all rights make sure you all get you all pay even doh you all leaves till contracts ends make sure you all ask advice but you all monies and sit enjoy and go further ..vat licence reduce wait for the secret taxes check you all spending secret taxes waiting open you all eyes my ppl


  5. Do you not see your country is lost? asked theDuke of Buckingham.There is one way never to see it lost replied William and that is to die in the last ditch.Appointed by a politician on a renewed contract that lacks constitution propriety. In another country she would have be deported but sad to say this is St. Lucia where many politicians agree by default to abuse the public purse. This is the a bad start for the new PM seeking diplomacy to correct a constitutional breach.You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people anll the time.
    An abuse of the office of the General and the enabling of continuance of abuse of the public purse . If change is to come this presents a bad start. The people who appointed her are still at work no one suffers apart from the purse.
    A self serving, shameless political appointment seeing nothing wrong with receiving ill gain wealth with her illegal contract. To this day she cannot justify the reason for holding up the country. Is she morally in any position to seek 38000 from the Pm on the country's behalf ? While she charades with a contract that purport to beaches the constitution. Will she earn in excess of what the PM is alleged to have miss use? The new Ag should enquire and ask her to pay back the extortion.
    Will the PM allow the former AG to play with our constitution reform while she uses her shame contract that circumvent the constitution? Who would she be fooling Justus?


  6. Under the St Lucia Labour Party our society fell apart because of the selfish venal indecent and incompetent policies and governance of that party.

    In pursuing their agenda they even set out to hamper the new UWP administration by appointing party hacks only weeks prior to elections. Party operatives carrying out the directives of their party even have refused to vacate sensitive positions where their party loyalty was a recognized hinderance.
    Wives sons daughters cousins of the SLP litter the civil service in key positions and asbwe know theu are incapable if discretion.
    This indecency has led to the murders rapes robberies and breakdown of society as it is every man for himself. The vulgar slp has really put st lucians to the sword.


  7. Stlucia fall.ppl the leader guy Joseph has got the failing grade the rest can stay Mr king would lead lucia better


  8. What was it that took it so long for her departure from this post. Why did the
    previous government extend the Contract of so many of their supporters in
    key positions? makes you think, don't it? when it became obvious to all that the
    direction of politics on the Island was pointing favorably toward the then opposition party, the panic button was set for the obvious reason, "embarrass the new
    Government under Chastanet" as it was the target from way back; Who was it who continuously Quoted, "This Election is not between SLP and UWP but SLP against Chastanet." To me that sounds like a direct threat to the leader of the UWP.
    To call unto the Ghost of despair to arise from the Grave of defeat, is to summon
    the Spirits of every defeated foe from way back to Geo. F.L. Charles Vs. Compton.
    Yet, the records will show that the PAPA was never that dirty against G.F.L. Charles
    because gentlemen always agree to disagree. I always did and I will always have
    great respect to my old friend, the Honourable George Charles, may his Soul R.I.P.

    So to put this whole affair to rest can we ask all, and I mean all Political Parties,
    never to repeat this sordid affair by extending the Contracts of folks in high
    Positions, be they be high ranking fiends or not; it is a dirty business, so stop it.


  9. It was about time. Would be awkward for an AG that served closely under the previous government to be able to meaningfully advise the new government. Looking forward to the new AG


  10. We don't know that there is a track record of any kind that will validate the selection, and far less the repeated appointment of my fair lady. That the UWP reports noncooperation in assisting with matters under litigation is indicative of misgivings by some of further SLP administrative incompetence. Perhaps too, family ties and affiliations were the major criteria used for placement. This is a sad reflection on the depth of the judgement and quality of the leadership of the continuously degraded SLP past administrations. The rot did not start with the last term in office alone. The unfolding and dismantling here speak volumes confirming historical disturbing patterns, when leadership is surrounded and worshipped by armies of incompetents.


  11. Mr. Pierre isn't the PM free to invite the AG to Cabinet? And if they require legal direction for Cabinet members from their legal advisor wouldn't he invite her? Why would you want to tell thevPM who to invite to his Cabinet meetings and how to carry on business when everyone knows you could not say so to KDA.


  12. Truth be told: If in the past you fought against someone, how can it be, that you will work in their interest. It would indefinitely be a matter of conflict of interest.


  13. No shame. Took you long enough to realise you were not wanted. Only Kenny Anthony could possible pull a stunt like this.


  14. good job uwp! get rid of the slp garbage so the nation can move forward. her new contract was another vindictive move by the slp to hinder the new government. didn't last long did it Kenny and pjp?


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