BREAKING NEWS: Julian Hunte defeated


St Lucian Julian Hunte is no longer president of the West Indies Cricket Board.

He was defeated in the elections currently being held in Barbados. A Jamaican official Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron has won the presidency with the majority of the votes.

More details later.


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  1. If JULIAN had this delusion that he would be in office for the next 28 years like Caribbean leaders get so use to then it did not happen,but look on the bright side he got Sammy on the team and he got Earnest the post CEO for a while so he did two things that was worth his while.


  2. As if we didn't see it coming, we, in the OECS are to small to be the head of anything in CARICOM, we're "small Islanders." /sarcasm.


  3. Julian Hunte's life has been about service. If he accepts a job from Kenny it's all abour St.Lucia.


    • You better but a musel on all these hiring. Julian Hunte need to go into retirement and don't burden the the country with more debt.His son already have a big position and now Daddy is coming to pad on? I think a lot of people are tired of the rap of fair helen.


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