BREAKING NEWS: Cause of Janel Pierre’s death revealed

BREAKING NEWS: Cause of Janel Pierre’s death revealed
Janel Pierre was scheduled to give birth next month.
Janel Pierre was scheduled to give birth next month.

The preliminary results of a post mortem examination conducted this morning on the body of expectant mother Janel Pierre, has confirmed that the former Miss Gros Islet Pageant contestant died of natural causes. However, police are continuing their investigations.

Pierre, who was eight months pregnant, died from cardio/respiratory failure as a result of pulmonary embolism – a condition in which one or more pulmonary arteries in the lungs become blocked, multiple reliable sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

In most cases, according to, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from the legs or rarely other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT).

According to another online medical source – Medscape – pulmonary embolism (PE) is a leading cause of death among pregnant women in the developed world.

“The fact that PE remains such a threat is a clear indication of the difficulty in diagnosing it. The coexistence of pregnancy makes the workup and management of PE even more problematic, for many reasons. First, there are two patients at risk rather than 1. Second, overdiagnosis results in unnecessary, dangerous treatments that jeopardise both patients and makes the pregnancy and delivery far more complicated. Third, the usual imaging modalities, which we use without a second thought in nonpregnant patients, suddenly become more complicated in pregnant patients,” the website source added.

Pierre, 27, was discovered by her mother on Tuesday, Sept. 23  at around 7 p.m. on the floor of their apartment in Reduit, Gros Islet. Her mother immediately called for help. However, medical sources say Pierre and her unborn male child appear to have been dead even before her mother arrived.

Janel Pierre placed first runner-up in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet pageant.

According to relatives, Pierre showed no signs of prior illness and she had visited a doctor the day before her death.

A relative, who was present at the post mortem conducted by pathologist Dr. Stephen King this morning, told SNO that Pierre’s deadly condition “came on suddenly” or could have “developed a few hours before she passed”.

The post mortem also revealed Pierre developed placental complications.

A post mortem was also conducted on the baby, which weighed 3.1 kilos, when it was removed from his mother. A baby shower was planned for October 4, a relative said.

Sources say the baby had little chance of survival based on the situation.

“For the baby to have had any chance of survival, Janel would have had to be in a hospital and being attended to immediately after the condition was diagnosed. The baby would have died within 20 minutes or less after the mother passed,” a source said.

“No one should take blame for Janel’s death. Nothing could have been in that instant to save her or the child’s life, it’s just one of those sad situations,” the source added.

Meanwhile, another relative, who said the baby was seen after he was removed from Pierre’s womb, described the baby as healthy and handsome.

Pierre was a former student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. Classmates of the deceased remember her  as “always being a star”. “

She was in the first class to do CXC theatre arts, and was head cheer leader,” a former classmate said.

Pierre, representing Dilly’s Supermarket, won first runner-up, best performing talent and best evening wear in the 2013 Miss Gros Islet Pageant. She was also an early childhood educator at Montessori Centre and member of a local dance group.

The Miss Gros Islet organising committee also paid tribute to Pierre on their Facebook page:

“We can’t believe she is gone; such a super personality, talented, great listener, very soft-spoken, calm individual and beautiful … What you look for in a queen… Our hearts are broken … We will miss you immensely.”



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  1. so so sad to hear u two past away instantly sorry to hear what happen,I was shock immediately hope you an your beautiful baby inside of you may your soul rest in peace


  2. so so sad to hear u two past away instantly sorry to hear what happen,I was shock immediately hope you an your beautiful baby inside of you may your soul rest in peace


  3. My Good Lord, I read this and i broke down in tears as i remembered my experience 6 years ago exactly.I was preganty with my Son and on my 8th Month, I had this pain in my right Leg. I kept hitting it down and massaging it . I was hositalized for Getational Diabetes.Thankfully after my Husband told the doctor to check out the Leg they attended to it and Did an D-Dimers /Xray and discovered a huge blood clot that was travelling up my thigh. It started from my Carves. I was treated immidiately injected myself with Clexin and warferin(Blood Thinners) 3 times a day to prevent the clot from dislounging and going straight to myu lungs. I was so blessed and so thankful that God used the people in my life to take care of me cause he knew it was not my time to go.Though i stayed in the hospital a while after giving birth to my healthy 9 lbs 5 ounce baby boy. Today here i am and my healthy 6 year old son. Everytime i look at him i realize he was a gift from God . God Gives life and he takes life. And after reading this i am shivering and so sad to read that Janelle Died as a result of a DVT. My Heart literally hurts. I am realizing as i read this. That i have so much to be thankful for. Both Janelle and her baby are with the Lord. It was their calling To the family please be strong , God never gives us more than we can take, he saw their future even before new life came about..... Rest in Perfect peace ....


  4. SMH. So sad. I grieve for her family. When will our doctors in st lucia get it right. how many more pregnant women have to die soon after or while in the care of so called medical professionals?


  5. That is very very very sad but they rest in perfect peace. To Janel's relatives you are in my prays at this sad time.


  6. this is absurd. the news us giving many definitions and terminologies. As a mother i have experience swollen feet and the mistake doctors make is to always assume that the swollen feet is because of the pressure of the baby which gives less blood to the legs hence makin the feet swollen bloodclots also cause swollen feet and maybe so the doctor should of thoroughly examine her cause its just very weird that she got a blood clot at that exact time and died suddenly the doctors in st lucia should disregard when they think and do what they were trained to do any doctor should know that when a patient comes with a swollen foot that all possibilities should be taken into consideration first before they just assume that she needed rest


  7. May god give her family the strength, I cannot empathize with them but I can only imagine the pain they are going through, I sometime wonder why things like this happen to good people the ones who have evil ways and evil in their lives live a long life but only god knows, May god welcome them into his kingdom and they become angels for the deserving family members left on earth...RIP young lady and baby!


  8. may her soul rip you a better place now no more sufferin jesus callin on you we will miss you gone to soon but never forgotten love always


    • You need to take your head out off your [email protected]# already,been up there too long.Now if you 27 you better be very scared for bazil is coming for you silly rabbit. May be a baby asprin could of help if only her Dr had notice she had a history of cloths or put her on Heprin every other day that would do the trick. I do not know how often they do blood work when you do Pre Natal care back home left many many moons ago. Now stop typing nonscence just type nothing at all.


    • True. Natural causes is when no cause of death can be found. An embolism is not natural causes. Sometimes the terms the medical examiner uses makes no sense. (His favourite hemorrhagic shock secondary to whatever )RIP to the young lady and her baby boy.


  9. It's sad to know two lives were caught short,please let's invest in public health care to educate people.There are lots of pregnant women who died every year from such complication,yes it is true.