BREAKING NEWS: Jamaican security guard charged with rape and unlawful connection

BREAKING NEWS: Jamaican security guard charged with rape and unlawful connection
Reduit Beach
Reduit Beach
Reduit Beach

A Jamaican security guard has been formally charged for rape in connection with an incident which occurred on the Reduit beach, Rodney Bay on the night of Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015.

Crime Chief Milton Desir told reporters on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 that the man has been charged with one count of rape and one count of unlawful connection.

Reports are that the accused, who was based at a popular resort in the north, raped a young girl on the beach and physically harassed another female who was in her company.

Desir said all perpetrators of rape will be pursued relentlessly.


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  1. Great news. But this seems like something political to keep the country in good standing with the outside world. Why were the criminals not being caught before. I am happy that we are see Crimnals are being caught


  2. Congratulations to the Police Force…keep up the good work! Sound the warning, loud and clear! Rape will be vigorously investigated and rapists brought to justice.


  3. Once found guilty, deport him back a yard after serving a stiff sentence. We don't condone dirty behavior over here.


      • St. lucia is not better than Jamaica. Jamaica has about three million people and st. Lucia has less and much smaller and the crime rate is so high for a little island. Watch your mouth. A 97year old lady just got raped, a young girl got gang raped at her home. A little boy was allegedly beaten to death by his step mother and father, a lady killed her husband in a domestic dispute and the list goes on. Everytime i am on this website something gone wrong in st. Lucia. Clean up at. Lucia then talk about jamaica.


  4. why dont yall put the faces of these rapist so that the public can see these demons.....stop hiding these disgusting creatures


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