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Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel resigns as PM Press Secretary

By SNO Staff

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Jn. Pierre-Emmanuel

Jn. Pierre-Emmanuel

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel has officially resigned.

Jn Pierre-Emmanuel confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday that her resignation will take effect from January 31, 2016.

Asked what led to her decision, the former Press Secretary said: “I am not in a position to give any interviews now, but I can confirm that I have resigned.”

SNO was told that Dr. Kenny Anthony will make “an announcement” and any information regarding her resignation will have to come from the Office of the Prime Minister.

Jn Pierre-Emmanuel would not say what her immediate plans are.

She has served as Dr. Anthony’s Press Secretary since 2012 and is an active member of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Jn Pierre-Emmanuel’s father, Francisco Jn Pierre, was recently announced as the candidate to contest the Laborie seat with a United Workers Party (UWP) ticket, at the next elections.

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  1. lucians always there to let people down, its so surprising that jadia jn pierre havent spoken about her resignation and people criticizing. All the best JADIA.

  2. The confluence of serially self-inflicted wounds by those at the head of the SLP and this move indicate that INSIDERS ALREADY KNOW that the end is near. That the writing is on the wall. They feel that they are on the TITANIC. Well, they are abandoning ship!

    With skills only fitting for work as the female version of the German propagandist Gobels, it is now S.O.S. With a 17-0 loss on the cards, it is females and children first. The devil takes the hindmost.

  3. If you don't like the employer it doesn't mean that you must dislike the employees,

    i don't know Mrs. Jn Pierre personally but it is most heartening to see young persons with promise and a fair level of professionalism. I admire this young lady's contribution and we should all wish her all the best regardless of "our" politics.

  4. One can never predict the minds of these political fanatics. What they say and do yesterday is not necessarily what they will say and do tomorrow. Their fingers are always in the wind to see which way its blowing, so they can change their positions accordingly.

  5. It can be that simple.......marital woes!!!! oops

  6. I must say leave them all guessing. That's the way to go.

  7. She figured these the SLP is gonna loose anyways so she took the proactive decision to leave while something is probably available before they loose come next general elections.

  8. I think you can be a great ambassador.All the best. hope i am correct,


  10. I'm not speculating or being a critic until I hear the rest. Then and only then I'll open my mouth...waiting patiently ppl.

  11. Word is that she is taking up the ambassador's position that was left vacant by Mr. Earnest Hilaire.
    Only time will tell. Let us see when Mr. Prime minister will make a statement.

  12. Word is that she is getting the ambassador position. She will be replacing Ernest Hilare. Man I tell you. Kenny will be the one to announce it.

  13. Awaiting the announcement of her new, big, cushy job, where she will be making more than the $8000 she's already making. What's new.

  14. Rumor has it that she will be replaced by Ms. Jade B

  15. Jobs for the boys and girls.... Jadia will be replacing Ernest Hilaire! Wait and see! I self sipping my tea... Waiting to see.....

  16. We Are All Concerned In Earnest

    Jadia stepped down to temporarily act as party pro. Her next post in a labour administration will be huge but they first have to win so she is putting her boots fr war. Meanwhile Darren is about to commit the ultimate sin by going up against Chas. We know Hilaire is already bringing in people that are in his circle and Sammy is one. PIP watch out

  17. I admire Jadia JnPiere Emmanuel and have admired her ever since she took up the post as press secretary for the Saint Lucia Labour Party. She is/was the best press secretary that labour has seen for a while. I do not know the reasons for her resignation; but whatever they may be, I wish her the best and I hope the Prime Minister finds another as good or better than her. Cause love her or hate her; Jadia has taken this administration out of many hot spots. Fair thee well Mrs. Jn. Pierre Emmanuel.... God speed...

  18. Ambassador to England whilst young ppl suffer. $64000 medical bill paid with tax payer monies whilst ppl suffer. This split tooth young must have some special gift/s.

  19. resign to run against who in the next general elections?

  20. lucian in New York


  21. She resign to run a seat on da SLP ticket

  22. so what if kenny has a high ranking position for her. as a young woman myself, jada age group, jada has my support 10000%. If she is to be kenny campaign manager, good strategic planning kenny. even if she becomes ambassador, all good. I support young people who grabs the opportunities that present itself

  23. The info on ambasidor to the UK is correct

  24. I saw an interesting looking bird the other day, the colour was jade brown.

  25. shate alone happening in st lucia. jada already know what her next job is that is why she is resigning. Dont let these people fool you all

  26. The rats are jumping ship? Oh Lord, Kenny the ship is sinking! Man call elections.

    24 hours is a long time in politics they say. The Emperor has no clothes? Hmmmmmm!

  27. The usual cock and bull modus operandi of this administration. Everything is a mystery and speculation. They on the airwaves like white on rice but the real details about Juffali they take moomoo pills. ANytime the people want answers from these Taliban it's like pulling teeth, excruciating. And when they do it's the bare minimum, like a teef caught by the police who will admit to nothing unless he is sure you have the evidence.

  28. You ain't see nothing yet. So far only one Minister so far. More to come.


  30. I am asking this question.
    Is Jadia going to take up a high post job at the St.Lucia Mission in London?

  31. Was the late Friday afternoon breaking news deliberate? Why do they believe, even that insignificant piece of news would cause them to loose votes.

  32. She is a young lady she can resign and take up another other job . Her party is in power. Kenny is her boss.

  33. its anithre game going on this time its just checkers. Now Let see. The scene is so hot that Helen has to take a break and smoke an embassy cigarette to cool off. Voila

  34. Jadia has been asked to keep quiet by a faction of the party. They believe she is being dislike even by their own supports and might cause them to loose votes.

  35. Take it easy!

  36. Dont mind her. They intend to use her in the capacity as a campaign manager. This is all a ploy. Mark my word.

  37. A little birdy has indicated to me that Jadia will be Ambassador to England....isn't that true Kenny Anthony....let the people of St. Lucia know Kenny...You do have a top ranking position for Jadia...smh

    • Would be a very very sad day. Then again who's replacing Hillaire?

    • If so be the case then that would be the whip that sends SLP packing. When will this blatant Nepotism end? It is almost as though these boys are saying beat your [email protected]@ all you want we will do as we damn well please. SLP has no respect and no regard for those who have done the booick work to bring the party where it is. No law of succession in that party - just planting square pegs in round holes. EH to just bypass PJP and Emma. And this girl who just regurgitates a script handed to her by her boss to now bypass those more qualified and experienced? Earnestly speaking I wonder who advises Kenny. I wait in earnest.

  38. Best news for the day. It took five years to do this ...smh

  39. Waiting to find out what high ranking position kenny anthony is going to hand to her on a silver platter while totally neglecting the plight of every other educated young university graduate in saint lucia.

  40. The next D P P

  41. Wait wait wait. So she is on vacation and all of a sudden she resigns with no explanation , just out of the blue. This is sounding quiite strange to me. I mean i have nothing against this young lady . but why all of a sudden she just resigned. Was there a plan , was she fed up. Did something go wrong? Well these are questions that will never be answered . oh well. Life goes on. Maybe she had bigger plans and took vacation to work on them and now she is staying there

  42. Ok then. That seems to make our politics just a little more interesting. Is she going to campaign with her dad? Or is she planning to run a sit on a labour ticket. It could also mean she is ready to take up a different post under this administration. Is Terry going to to be the new press secretary? So many questions. But let's see what's going to happen


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