Inquest finds Chakadan Daniel was ‘unlawfully killed’

Inquest finds Chakadan Daniel was ‘unlawfully killed’
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel

An inquest into the death of Chakadan Daniel has ruled that the 22-year-old was “unlawfully killed.”

Daniel was found hanging from his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

Daniel was scheduled to make an appearance at the Second District Court in Dennery on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, when he was discovered dead at the Micoud Police Station.

A post mortem examination found that he had died of asphyxia.

Magistrate Robert Innocent presided over the inquest today (July 24) at the Vieux Fort Court.

Evidence from both sides were heard before the jury delivered its verdict and the ruling was made.

The man’s mother Frances Daniel told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) she is happy with the ruling and believes justice has been served.

She is now hoping that the persons responsible for her son’s death are put behind bars.


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  1. Finally, finally there is a verdict on this case. Hallun Inglis, you can now RIP, you died waiting for the results of this case as all you wanted was to see that the truth came out about your son's death I hope that justice will be served to the killers of this young man. No matter how much of a criminal he was, they had no right to kill him. Sympathies and condolences to his mother and the rest of the family.


  2. Them police only run when their hear drugs. Other than that they say, they have no ride or they busy . Most time is t v they watching and playing games and laughing.


  3. It's a shame to see our people divided against justice; first of all the police is there to uphold the law, that's why they took an oath. But when the police turn out to be criminals themselves and we support it, what happens if a family pays the penalty as a bystander, do we still say 'oh well he was in the wrong place at the wrong time' or we demand justice. The police job is to bring the criminals to justice , let them do so but do it the right way. God is watching don't dirty your hands with the blood of anyone and call it justice.


    • Oh shut up.. When.a crime hits will see if u will not chsnge your perception of ypu supporting criminals


  4. Why would a man who is scheduled to appear in court kill himself ...I wonder if some people sitting on their brain.......


    • why wouldn't a man scheduled to appear in court NOT kill himself ?????? Are YOU sitting on your brain ................duh


    • why wouldn't a man scheduled to appear in court NOT kill himself ????? are YOU sitting on your brain.........duh


  5. You see these criminals..their parents do not speak to them but like to take their sides...hid death is a blessing one less criminal.

    They r just destroying our country


    • Wow .... wonder what you would have said if it was your flesh and blood. Children are not born criminals, they become criminals. Just hope and pray that you don't get a knock on your door one day.


  6. We should be careful before we run with that verdict...If they Police Officers evidence was inconsistent with each other ...the magistrate would have no choice but to find that he was "unlawfully killed" it does not necessarily mean that he was murdered...what it simply means is that the Police could not get their act in order at the inquest so the magistrate would not have a choice but to rule it an unlawful killing if the Police cannot show evidence to prove otherwise. Sorry but I don't buy that Police Officers killed this young man at a station....that would be like stupidity 101


    • Seriously, which rock are you living under buddy!?

      It is not uncommon to hear of officers taking matters into their own hands, especially if they're dealing with a difficult arrestee/prisoner, not just in St. Lucia.

      This act of judge/juror needs to stop on the cops part, and let everyone go through the justice system as it is in place for a reason.

      This kind of outlawness being practiced by the very ones we pay to uphold the law needs to stop.


    • it could have been not intentional as we know they like kicking and knocking people before they even speak so his escapade must have pissed them off maybe a simple lash in the wrong place caused his death ... and lets not forget stupidity 101 really does exist in this world nothing surprising there .


  7. Its amazing that we all believe the system fail up until this decision. Is it because you have full confidence in the system now?. The same system you you have have been criticizing all year. The matter was investigated by the persons charged with that responsibility and submitted to the authority who requested a coroner's inquest into the matter. So now this file will return to the same authority to press charges. Have you considered that maybe the system got it wrong too? The police are under the spotlight now and rather unfortunate that this incident happened during such time. So before to condemn the officers to be hanged. They have families as well. How many persons have committed suicide of recent? How many of those persons showed signs of committing suicide? How many of those persons have families? How many of those persons persons left suicide notes? Are we making a case just to show the US that they are wrong about our system at the expense of officers and family to only discover the original outcome of the initial investigations? Food for thought


  8. RIP love... God will prevail.... My prayers goes out to the families... Justice will be served from the one above...