Inquest finds Chakadan Daniel was ‘unlawfully killed’

Inquest finds Chakadan Daniel was ‘unlawfully killed’
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel

An inquest into the death of Chakadan Daniel has ruled that the 22-year-old was “unlawfully killed.”

Daniel was found hanging from his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

Daniel was scheduled to make an appearance at the Second District Court in Dennery on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, when he was discovered dead at the Micoud Police Station.

A post mortem examination found that he had died of asphyxia.

Magistrate Robert Innocent presided over the inquest today (July 24) at the Vieux Fort Court.

Evidence from both sides were heard before the jury delivered its verdict and the ruling was made.

The man’s mother Frances Daniel told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) she is happy with the ruling and believes justice has been served.

She is now hoping that the persons responsible for her son’s death are put behind bars.


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  1. Finally, finally there is a verdict on this case. Hallun Inglis, you can now RIP, you died waiting for the results of this case as all you wanted was to see that the truth came out about your son's death I hope that justice will be served to the killers of this young man. No matter how much of a criminal he was, they had no right to kill him. Sympathies and condolences to his mother and the rest of the family.


  2. Them police only run when their hear drugs. Other than that they say, they have no ride or they busy . Most time is t v they watching and playing games and laughing.


  3. It's a shame to see our people divided against justice; first of all the police is there to uphold the law, that's why they took an oath. But when the police turn out to be criminals themselves and we support it, what happens if a family pays the penalty as a bystander, do we still say 'oh well he was in the wrong place at the wrong time' or we demand justice. The police job is to bring the criminals to justice , let them do so but do it the right way. God is watching don't dirty your hands with the blood of anyone and call it justice.


    • Oh shut up.. When.a crime hits will see if u will not chsnge your perception of ypu supporting criminals


  4. Why would a man who is scheduled to appear in court kill himself ...I wonder if some people sitting on their brain.......


    • why wouldn't a man scheduled to appear in court NOT kill himself ?????? Are YOU sitting on your brain ................duh


    • why wouldn't a man scheduled to appear in court NOT kill himself ????? are YOU sitting on your brain.........duh


  5. You see these criminals..their parents do not speak to them but like to take their sides...hid death is a blessing one less criminal.

    They r just destroying our country


    • Wow .... wonder what you would have said if it was your flesh and blood. Children are not born criminals, they become criminals. Just hope and pray that you don't get a knock on your door one day.


  6. We should be careful before we run with that verdict...If they Police Officers evidence was inconsistent with each other ...the magistrate would have no choice but to find that he was "unlawfully killed" it does not necessarily mean that he was murdered...what it simply means is that the Police could not get their act in order at the inquest so the magistrate would not have a choice but to rule it an unlawful killing if the Police cannot show evidence to prove otherwise. Sorry but I don't buy that Police Officers killed this young man at a station....that would be like stupidity 101


    • Seriously, which rock are you living under buddy!?

      It is not uncommon to hear of officers taking matters into their own hands, especially if they're dealing with a difficult arrestee/prisoner, not just in St. Lucia.

      This act of judge/juror needs to stop on the cops part, and let everyone go through the justice system as it is in place for a reason.

      This kind of outlawness being practiced by the very ones we pay to uphold the law needs to stop.


    • it could have been not intentional as we know they like kicking and knocking people before they even speak so his escapade must have pissed them off maybe a simple lash in the wrong place caused his death ... and lets not forget stupidity 101 really does exist in this world nothing surprising there .


  7. Its amazing that we all believe the system fail up until this decision. Is it because you have full confidence in the system now?. The same system you you have have been criticizing all year. The matter was investigated by the persons charged with that responsibility and submitted to the authority who requested a coroner's inquest into the matter. So now this file will return to the same authority to press charges. Have you considered that maybe the system got it wrong too? The police are under the spotlight now and rather unfortunate that this incident happened during such time. So before to condemn the officers to be hanged. They have families as well. How many persons have committed suicide of recent? How many of those persons showed signs of committing suicide? How many of those persons have families? How many of those persons persons left suicide notes? Are we making a case just to show the US that they are wrong about our system at the expense of officers and family to only discover the original outcome of the initial investigations? Food for thought


  8. RIP love... God will prevail.... My prayers goes out to the families... Justice will be served from the one above...


  9. I don't give anyone the right to take anyone's life, but it's time police leave these nincompoops in the community to terrorize yall's a--. One minute yall running to police, next minute yall are totally against the same problems they take care of. It's time they come up to Mopo and wipe out the son's of bitches we have in Mopo, see if we are gonna blame police. Too bad police didn't do a clean job.


  10. Becuz the guy was a manace to society .....thats y the police had to kill him? i know all the killings of the bad boys are police officers doing it......some of uall comments are jus pissing me the ,.. off trust me...


  11. When we are jumping up and parading that,crime is everywhere.Let us see those gaps compared to thee other countries with high crime rates.Our police officers have had all kinds of training oversees,for example with the Scotland Yard in England and still they are unable to find the criminals who has murdered citizens of St.Lucia.Look at inside the police force has a criminal who hang this guy to death and was never caught by these same police officers who suppose to protect this entire country of St.lucia.We are in serious problem not just with ordinary criminals but,with our own police officers cover up for police officers like themselves.This entire police leaders and chief should be fired.Theres no doubt about that.The police are criminals so how can they ever find the people shooting us down in the grave-yard?


  12. ****That cop is a margee cop. U know u cannot clean up your mess u killing. Hummm. U should have dealt with met on the street instead.


  13. Dacon you're an took the time to reference the history books but didn't acknowledge that st lucia also has a justice system which stipulates that that everyone is innocent until proven guilty OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL CHARGE LAID AGAINST THEM.


  14. Shaka was found hanging in his cell. The post mortem confirmed that this was the cause of death. Can we assume a guilty verdict means he was hung by the police or the police are responsible for him hanging himself? Still confused


    • Autopsy also revealed blunt force trauma to the head. The entire autopsy was not made public because I believe they knew from the onset he was murdered and the case would have been compromised if the facts were made public.


      • What bullshit is that..blunt trauma to the head what an me the damn report and your sources.. Just a bunch of ignoramacies parading to be intellectuals on this post.getting me sick. Why you all dont look for the definition of unlawfully killed and how it corresponds to the verdict


    • i believe they beat him ,hang him and left to die.I pray that whoever did this will come to the public for all to see.sharka don't rest hunt them


  15. Read some really disturbing comments here.
    Typical black people rejoicing at the perils of others, yet when it hits their own doors, they seek sympathy from others.

    When will you evil, weak-minded, twisted mindless and spineless people understand that a nation divided can never proper and that we are all one anothers' keeper and the Lord clearly stated, " Do not laugh at Calamities, lest he sees it and turns it against you?"

    And many of you who are calling "Chakadan" all manner of names are run-aways, licking the white anal cavities in the US for food and an asbestos roof over your head.

    I hope one day a violent and savage white male Racist Police officer in the US, stops you and allow you to become another statistic to their list of Deceased "Driving While Black."


  16. Well well well.. All u hypocrites ..... The police got rid of a menace and e and urll want to talk shate....go and take a look back into the history books and see his list of criminal activities including assaulting a police officer...then put urself in the shoes of the popo... The only regret is the polo should have been a bit more tactical about it...GOOD JOB POPOS


  17. I feel the right justice which is to be served is to bring this cop down to the ghetto in micould by the beach and make the ghetto youths hang him behind the boat houses so we micouldians will be tatally satisfied.


  18. Unlawfully killed??? In order words MURDER!!! If it was a normal citizen that did it it would have been murder, as its police its called unlawfully killed!! An officer that worked that night is a MURDERER and the rest are ACCOMPLICES end of story!!


  19. Ppl like really I wonder wat those officers were saying to this guy wen they were killing him wyah like how can u look this young man in his face and strangling him to death ull heartless MF wat did this guy cud have done so wrong to trigger y'all minds to kill him imagine I don't even know this guy and I'm watching his pic and all I cud ask myself is why? Who? Wat? They are trying to say one of the officers gat a mental problem i dont believe no mad person go do that u hav to b wicked to commit this act if was my brother i wud go on a suicidal act cuz once i found out who killed him i wud kill their whole family then kill them last just the way they killed him


  20. This is the initial steps of a system made to work. Whats the next step. Culpability? Bravo to the process. It appears to work.


  21. This is a sad day for St Lucia,let us all join hands to pray for our nation.By what has been said,this young man had committed lots of crime in his community, however, that does not mean that justice should not prevail. The officers had no right to cause his death. Being a police officer must be a very difficult job but one must be professional in ones approach.I pray that healing will take place and the parents will be able to forgive the officers.

    Our police officers needs more training so that they are more effective in carrying out their duties.


  22. Well this police brutality happened under the SLP watch. Wonder what the USA have to say about that. We need a new IMPACS report from Kenny .


    • This has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Everything in life is not in relation to politics. Stick to the context.


  23. It's a real shame the way we St. Lucians speak to and about each other. From the comments posted above there are a number of angry persons living in our beautiful land. People, cool it, we can agree to disagree without all this animosity and expletives. It appears that the young man was a handful and a menace in his community. It was also revealed that he was killed. We must also be aware that we need the police to ensure peace and security of our land so we must be careful that this incident is not blown out of proportion that it demoralizes the police, encourages the criminals to believe that they are free to run amok as they please which eventually will directly affect our security and livelihoods. Right now we need to encourage the police to do better, to up their standards whilst we ensure that the criminals and or bad boys / girls get the clear message of no tolerance for their criminal activity. Let's love each other even those who make mistakes. Tough as well as tender love.


    • So does that give officers the right the kill a human being. And if he was a criminal or convict how come he no police rrecord. U have no idea of what u talking about.


    • They themselves are criminals so let them be treated as criminals. Make no excuse!!! Whether we need them or not justice must b served they are civilians just like he was wearing a suit gives no one a right to tak someone else's life we all are equal n who are yu to judge n say he was trouble


    • Blown out of proportion? have cops sworn to uphold the law killing civilians and you call this reactions overblown? You have dudes you get $2800 a month killing people in the name of the law, like somehow six months of training made them the law....mfkrs who can barely read....the criminals are indeed a menace, but so are cops who kill people other than in protection of their person in the conduct of their duties....the cops should not take their job personally.....arrest the him his rights and send him to the courts....cops are not judges....most judges can read!


    • last 3 sentences alone.

      ))It's a real shame the way we St. Lucians speak to and about each other. From the comments posted above there are a number of angry persons living in our beautiful land. People, cool it, we can agree to disagree without all this animosity and expletives.(( wrong we cannot because that's who we were high time we speak our minds freely without being told to SHUTUP. Even if we're beautiful. we have a voice now listen to it ((

      It appears that the young man was a handful and a menace in his community. It was also revealed that he was killed. We must also be aware that we need the police to ensure peace and security of our land so we must be careful that this incident is not blown out of proportion that it demoralizes the police.
      )) dont call him a menace to cover up the act he was killed hopefully not by police but if it is THE POLICE then we are not blowing it out of proportion the police did it to their selves. no demoralizing cuz the bad cops will be gone and the true cops can go to work. you know the nice ones that greet everybody

      ))encourages the criminals to believe that they are free to run amok as they please which eventually will directly affect our security and livelihoods. Right now we need to encourage the police to do better, to up their standards whilst we ensure that the criminals and or bad boys / girls get the clear message of no tolerance for their criminal activity.))) in 2015 we still need to encourage police to up their standards how long is the force in operation u seriously said that. thats the clear message the police just like the murderers lord put a hand...

      ))love those that keep making mistakes smdh over and over again the investigation said it all and give the murderers tender love



  24. blessed news the truth is revealed!! joyfully glad!! feel proud today seeing that the system realize shakadan life was of value and importance!! rastaman your spirit lives it was deeply felt all over the world!! JAH RASTAFARI LIVES FOREVERMORE!!


  25. Did it have to take an inquest to tell us what we already knew? What we want to know is
    who is responsible , and who is going to be punished/pay the penalty.



  26. so wat happens now, choops as much as the police did wrong, this guy wasn't any saint. These same people as those robing people at gun point. "Sa ou fah sa ou weh" Rest in peace if you were with the Lord, If not have fun with the devil. Eradicate the criminal elements from our society choops. Just another dead case that will be closed in a couple years, no one will be held accountable.


    • Seriously u must be a police officer to be talking such nonsense! Do you know Daniel and does the police have a right to commit murder? This young man was a human being just like you and he deserved to be alive today. Justice will be served!


      • lets see how this case goes, *********** filed away at the archives. are we on the police side or the criminals, choops and i not no police


        • Continue fustrating people you bloody idiot , now we see how the Abubakars of the world are created. If this continues. And justice continues to be delayed and denied . Only a matter of time before someone walks into parliament with an Ak 47, or the illusive rocket launcher may surface and couple patrols to go up in flames. Then everyone well then blame the youths and how maladicion they have , but they not realize denying of basic human rights is the recipe for young I don't give a damn terrorist. All the police that big and bad , then they will run and put their sanitary napkins. So continue idiots see them hot peppers you'll idiots cultivating see it eh come back to burn you'll bum bums.


    • i hate it when ignorant people like you leave these types of comments.......the police are hired to protect and serve and not kill people when they are defenseless.......i have seen officers abuse their authority so don't think they're saints .....sigh ....justice was served


      • It should be your daughter the criminal attack and then u will talk..u guys r supporting criminals


  27. but aren't they the same police investigating crimes. no wonder criminals roaming free. waaaaay boy st lucia law enforcements is one sick institution. no wonder we not moving forward. criminals investigating criminals . lol. now we want the samw verdict. death by hanging due to asphyxion.


  28. Not like he was a good seed. If police didn't kill him as was said in the inquest some bad boy would have. Grow up people. Stop making the criminals think its OK to rape, kill, Rob and the list goes on.


  29. A young man had to die because a country is stuck in the dark ages in keeping marijuana on the law books. Time for change, wish we had someone like Obama running the country.


  30. Evil ass police always think they're above the law everywhere especially third worlds where the law is kinda still under-construction since the 80s


  31. and you know these same policemen are the one abusing authority, beating up youths and investigating crimes. If we as the public knew that he was hanged how comes the police force didn't no. Who are we really fooling. Anyway I am happy the perpetrators are caught. Hang them the same way.


  32. Yall lucians too hippocryte and salop. The same people who ready to report the police for not beating someone who commited an offense against them are the ones taking the side of this mongrel shown in this pics. Do you even know the pain and havok this demon has caused the hearts of the micoud peope? Only thing im disappointed in is they didnt do a good job in clearing themselves. Im just tired of hearing you all Self righteous pigs talk about justice. Justice my ass. For all you women hear dissing police thats the same police you all taking sac salop.


    • I can just tell that youre an officer, related to one or sleeping with one , maybe all three . but lets be real whether or not he was a terror does not mean he should have been killed in that manner it should have been the right way , if he was your brother or cousin you still would not want anybody to be Judge , Jury and Executioner and just x him out so cut the bull Sergeant John Law with the crap you talking.


  33. Justice is served but I hope the officers who is responsible for his death serve his time, treat officers the same way they treat human beings when they commits a crime, the officer shud have been arrested as soon as the case was done, oficers now r jus killers, look how sandra bland got kill, wasnt anything different to shakadan, life behind bars for this officer n I hope his or their faces get revealed to the public, god isnt asleep


  34. what baffles me here is that the person / persons responsible for this death are out there with that knowledge on their minds....knowing also that one day they will pay for it

    how can anybody live with the death of another on their mind - thinking "hey, maybe i got away with it"

    and then i think: maybe thats why we have so many "demons" and "spirits" lurking around waiting to inhabit a person and cause them to cause hurt to another

    its because there are too many people on this island who have committed some kind of heinous act and they are thinking "nobody knows" and try to carry on but as long as u commit a hurtful act to another - it will linger with u until u make it right

    all these rapes
    all these petty thefts
    all these MURDERS
    ALL THESE PEOPLE walking around - tryin to live but filled with hurt/pain just because they have cause another the same hurt/pain




  35. I hope all those dirty cop do their time un can hang dem selves like dey did to dat boy very sad buh am happy da truth is out deh


  36. Finally I see some good justice in Lucia now the family of the young let's come together an raise some funds in Lucia to get a good lawyer an let us fight them now


  37. The beginning of justice . Now let's see how the perpetrators be served. They need to be served as professional criminals/killers. The professional must get the highest reward but I can settle with the second highest which is life sentence. Death sentence would be good but life is ok. Or the state can take the blame and settle with the mother for a few millions and save the officers/officer. Just do the right thing as a state for once. All eyes and ears on you st lucia. The whole world is watching and listening.


  38. The Police force needs total restructuring.
    Those found culpable should be held responsible.


  39. I am so happy with the verdict, it is high time these officers Dance to the sound of their own music.


  40. What!!! Im surprised I never thought the ruling would have succumb to this verdict. I said to myself that the police got to much heat on them and the system wouldn't allowed for such verdict, but I was wrong. Hooray for justice and the cry of the mother fighting for what she believed.
    I commend you mam, as a mother , a Lucian and a woman , a black woman who stoodup!!!


    • Asphyxia just means deprivation of oxygen.
      It can be caused by hanging, strangulation, drowning etc. There's no obsession, its just the ultimate cause of death


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