BREAKING NEWS: Inmate shot, officers wounded at Bordelais Correctional Facility

BREAKING NEWS: Inmate shot, officers wounded at Bordelais Correctional Facility

An inmate was shot and two correctional officers sustained minor injuries during a flare-up of violence in the maximum security section of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) on Wednesday, June 28, according to BCF Public Relations Officer Kerwin Albert.

The inmate sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder and is in stable condition after being treated by medical personnel at the facility, Albert said.

The incident started around 9:45 a.m. in the maximum security unit when two inmates armed makeshift knives called shanks confronted another inmate, just as the unit was opened for recreation.

The inmate who was confronted was quickly secured in his cell, however the situation escalated when the other two inmates refused to hand over their weapons.

After negotiations failed, Albert said officers of the Special Operations Unit were called to take charge of the situation.

However, the special unit came under attack when they attempted to disarm the two inmates. As a result the officers used pepper spray. This too failed to stop the agitated inmates.

Albert said the shield was used but this also failed.

“As a result they had to use lethal force,” the PRO stated.

A member of the unit discharged one round which hit the inmate who was armed with the 16-inch shank. This action quelled the disturbance and the inmates were subdued and disarmed.

A subsequent search of the unit resulted in the recovery of four weapons.

Two of the officers sustained minor injuries in the attack – one from the shank and the other from a broom stick. Albert said the officers sustained those injuries during the time they released the pepper spray.

The PRO said the maximum security unit, which houses “high-risk, high-profile” inmates is the scene of regular fights, sometimes weekly, but this is the first time in recent memory that lethal force had to be used by the special unit.

Albert also expressed “surprise” that the situation escalated to such violence against the prison officers,and the authorities there are wondering if the incident was a “set up” to attack the staff of the prison.

The two armed inmates in yesterday’s attack are on remind for undisclosed crimes. They are expected to be charged as the Major Crimes Unit of the police force carry out its investigation, Albert said.




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  1. A subsequent search of the unit resulted in the recovery of four weapons. How often are these cells searched?


  2. i was taking this story very seriously until the broom stick part lolololol,tell the cleaners to stop leaving those lethal weapons laying around lol.


  3. Wow real public servants. The officers are risking their lives for that of an inmate. Wow good job officers


  4. me these prison officers from now on i making them two fellas life a living hell in the jail, whole day i torturing yall a--in that cell


  5. Well done to the correctional officers. They were able to disarm those inmates with no fatalities. Shooting them and keeping them in ICU would have been an additional waste of tax payers money because the overall cost involved in nursing someone in ICU is very high. This situation could have easily escalted and there could have been many lives lost but we thank the Lord it did not happen that way. It is a lesson for some of the policemen in St Lucia who are "trigger happy" to learn from. Not all situatons require deescalation with a firearm. There are many ways to disarm a person who becomes a physical threat.


    • Good economical observation.....strengthening our economy isnt only about doing business with foreign investment but also about how we spend our money......And tax payers need to see a light in the taxes they pay....... our nation's profit margins can do alot for us....instead of waisting .


  6. I am elated to see the overwhelming support given to the officers by the majority of participants on this forum. We need to extend the same support to our police officers. Keep in mind that no amount of training will guarantee accuracy in trajectory of the bullet when fired. The bullet must always remain the last resort. Intent should always be to unarm the aggressor.


  7. Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.
    – Colossians 2: 8


  8. pepper spray didn't work,, shield didn't work...smh next time use a taser 220 volts or more


  9. If they got Some good rubber Bullets in their ass .. i bet all that drama wouldnt have happen ... ohhh well


  10. Great job BCF you did what you had to do .stay safe.I believe your job is even more dangerous than that of the police .you are the watchmen of all criminals .i say again be safe job well done.


  11. SMH. Officers shot in the shoulder. What a shame. Those guys arms should no longer exists. Will they no try to kill the guy again?