UPDATE: Ikel the internet sensation is dead

UPDATE: Ikel the internet sensation is dead
Ikel Emmanuel in one of his videos that went viral on Facebook.
Ikel Emmanuel in one of his videos that went viral on Facebook.

Ikel M. Emmanuel of Ciceron, Castries may have never visited Facebook or recorded a video himself, but he will be best remembered for videos on the social networking site in which he impersonated local broadcast journalists reporting the news.

“Best remembered” because Emmanuel, also known as Marlon, passed away at Victoria Hospital sometime before 6:00 this morning. He was 33.

His mother, Ann Marie Emmanus, confirmed his death in an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) this afternoon (July 10).

Emmanus said her son complained about feeling pain in his waist on Tuesday, and later on she saw his clothes smeared with vomit and blood.

Asked if her son was ailing for sometime, she said apart from Tuesday he never complained about being sick.

She however admitted that Emmanuel was addicted to alcohol and would arrive home late at nights in a drunken state. There are times when he never came home for up to three days.

She said Emmanuel’s autopsy is scheduled for next Monday.

Residents in the area also confirmed that Emmanuel was very sick yesterday.

“He was so sick he couldn’t walk,” said a resident.

SNO understands that Emmanuel died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

“Two days now we haven’t seen him. Every day he was saying he is going to die,” said another Ciceron resident.

The mother is aware of her son’s popularity. She was beaming with pride when SNO asked her about her son’s viral videos on Facebook.

She said Emmanuel always boasted about reading news, and when he did, she said he performed very well. She said he also liked to sing.

SNO understands that after leaving Ciceron Primary School Emmanuel was involved in crime and was sent to the Massade Boy’s Home as a result of stealing, among other crimes.

Emmanus said her son also spent sometime in jail, and it was upon his release several years ago that he started drinking heavily – an addiction that may have contributed to his demise.

He was her fourth of five children. Emmanuel had no children.

Ikel’s mother Ann Marie Emmanus holding his national ID card.



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  1. Your videos use to make my day you we surely be missed. RIP Marlon my condolences to your family.


  2. wow i'm speechless i will miss him cuz he used to brighten my day after watching his videos ..i didn't know u personally but may u R.I.P.P i will save da videos i have now , will surely miss u


  3. Says alot that such a character has more appeal than the PM and his Press Secretary. Judging form the amount of comments.


  4. "But im telling you" that this was a good man.I looked forward to his clips on facebook...What a shock to hear the news of his passing!