UPDATED: Man dies in La Clery house fire

By SNO Staff

A 59-year-old man died after a fire broke out in his La Clery house this afternoon, fire officials confirmed.

Benoit Frederick who was reportedly the only occupant of the house was burnt to death. His  body was found inside the burnt structure.

Reports are that neighbours heard him screaming from inside the burning  house, but no one was able to rescue him.

Firefighters had responded to the house fire at about 2:30p.m.

It is unclear what caused the fire.

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  1. indeed, a horrific manner in which to depart from this earth, very sad

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    • since you are flippin superman or superwoman you should have jumped into a BURNING BUILDING WITH HUGE FLAMES your self

    • The first thing one is told is to secure yourself first in an emergency. If it is to dangerous to help out then you wait for the professionals and do not risk another life.

      • thank you .some people just like to jump to conclusions with out thinking properly or putting themselves in the shoes of others first especially if they were he ones not at the scene

    • u should of come n took him out of the blazing fire

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  5. Bet no one tried to help him. But no surprise someone took a photo of the house ablaze.

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  7. Stupid vex. A man died

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  10. Oh no!
    That's a real messed up way to go-sad. May your soul rests in peace.
    my condolences to the family, friends, loved ones

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  12. Vex and Yoooooo u all didnt read the report. Yooooooo the name is there and Vex he burnt . SMH are wa we

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  14. Oooh o oooh......what a tragedy......may ur soul rest in peace......heart felt condolences to the family of this gentle man

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  16. @ vex did you read the story....smh

    • yes vex read the story which they posted yesterday and that is wen the comment was sent. now it is still on the updated news smh

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  18. So sad that there was loss of life. Let us hope that no foul play was involved. My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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  20. Pls read before post

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  22. Rest in peace tall gone to soon

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  24. My God what a terrible way to die.Imagine people heard him screaming for help but was unable to save him.Damn!!!Condolences to his family.

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  26. VEX .... you need to read more carefully before you comment.

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  28. I Saw The Fire From My School The Fire Service Did not come at 2:30 ... May God Bless His Family :'(

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  30. Any name as yet my husbands father is from there

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  32. Hope it wasn't the part of La Clery where vehicles can hardly pass through because an irresponsible mechanic in the area chooses to park all his derelict vehicles on the roadside....

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  34. let us hope all is well and no lost of lives.

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  36. May God help the family


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