BREAKING NEWS: Homicide victim #50 identified

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide victim #50 identified

The man who was shot to death in a motor vehicle in Gros Islet on Thursday, Nov. 9 has been identified as 28-year-old Dwight Prospere, also known as Kirk and Kirk John, of La Clery, Castries, according to law enforcement sources.

Prospere’s body was discovered between 12 and 1 p.m. in a parked car near the Pigeon Island Causeway.

Prior to the discovery, several persons reported hearing gunshots in the area and police sources have indicated that the body was discovered with gunshot wounds.

This is the 50th homicide for 2017.


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  1. It's so sad he's gone such a good soul he was about making his money stacking his dollars pushing through. He worked with a reputable company honest living don't judge someone by appearances! He will surely be missed by many, however the two bandits who thought killing him would make their lives better will surely get what's coming to them.


  2. Again it's sad the way young ppl go.ppl do t pray ppl just to live the do u think God took him the same way ppl have a mentality God takes someone it's the same for the devil.many ppl are blind .fail to realise there are witchcrafts and all sorts of evil works in the land.its time ppl realise the govt cannot stop crime.he can help put measures to control it but he ain't got powers.let the bloodbath soak our island.amen.


  3. How did he earn an honest living? Was he gainfully employed living the gangster life? Lots of young guys living big with BMWs and Audis whilst self-employed selling crack cocaine.


  4. I would like to express my sympathy to the family. I did not know the young man but it is always unfortunate when life is taken in this manner. Life should be celebrated and respected not taken violently. 50 homicides, where is the conscience of the persons doing the killing. How much did you get paid for killing? Remember your time will come, the life of violence will catch up to you with just as much violence. This is a beautiful country and the homicides will cause investors to think twice about investing here. Stop the killing find a better way to solve your problems.


  5. Not everyone with a cap and and gold chain is a criminal.
    Why do people keep thinking that only "bad boys" get shot.
    Have you every heard of robberies where the victim is killed?
    By the way, I don't know whether this young man was a "good boy" or a "bad boy" but I believe the point I'm making is valid.


  6. Smh if you'll dnt kno the individual dnt judge. He was no bad boy n he was employed you'll quick to judge by someones appreance smh. R.i.p kirk from the time i've known you... you have been a quiet yet very jovial n jokey individual. Mayb dis has something to do with the friends u keep but never knew u to b invovled in stuff of that sort. Rest easy.


  7. Upset much...bad boy pose my ass!! Yall ppl need to stop judgin ppl by they appearances cause I can be workin in an office n still wear my big gold chain n rings without being in any gang related war. Jealousy can be a cause of some of those killings so not because he has a straight face n a gold chain in his neck means he was in a gang......#face #reality unless it hits yall door steps yall uneducated fools wont stfu


  8. Even police tired. They forget to put 'police investigations are continuing'. Bal fini violin en sac.


  9. Did Kenny make St. Lucia ?? Safe? No but I will!
    Words of Allen Chastanet 2016.
    Where is he now? He is avoiding his promises and responsibilities. Never on island..cause nobody cah make nowhere safe with them human cancer we have in the world ..


  10. It's so sad what our youth attract into the lives. They have lost all respect for God ,themselves and other's. All of them have the same appearance. Parents please pray for your children especially the boys and try to bring them up with the right morals.


  11. Awa poor jab our young men must straighten up Awa thats too many 50 young take a 9_5 job in stead and you will leave much longer,


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