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BREAKING NEWS: Homicide in Vieux Fort

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Law enforcement sources have confirmed that a man was shot and killed at the Vieux Fort Fishing Complex on Friday night.

The incident occurred around 8 p.m.

The victim, who is believed to be in his early 20’s, was reportedly shot in the head and died on the spot.

Reports are that the victim was cleaning fish when at least two individuals approached him and one shot him.

More details soon

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  1. A society hemorrhaging as a result of violent deaths of young men will end up a Zombie. We cannot be complacent or accustomed to gun violence.

  2. 01/26/2019

    The father says: Many of you have been hurt deeply from trusted people in your lives, your wounds will be healed in an instant. You are walking on holy ground, I so love you my child, I so love you, and care for you, even in your silence I will hear your voice. Think bigger about your life, you are spirit first. You are special and unique, the rocky road makes you ready in me. You are crossing over the river Jordan, you have grown wiser and my living waters are supplying all your needs. There is a season of new faces coming and the familiar is leaving, we are going to do many exploits from here on out. Stand-up once more, people will judge what they see but I know what I put in every person.
    Let my best ring will be placed on your finger once more. Your days are paved with golden streets once again. I placed desires in your heart that I called good, so go through with confidence. Everything is going to be okay, I am the Lion of Judah this day, get ready with your sound of praise for even the walls of Jericho will fall with your praise. I am giving you a new heart this hour, forget what you think you know and let me build your heart with mine. I have teaching and doing moments but you must be open to what I am doing. I am the tide that binds, every thing that binds you are being removed. You will be delivered from all that held your soul from what I had for you.
    Let all pride be taken from you and do not think to rule. I have brought you to this place to show you your faith, I will cast fear far from you. I will show you that you have everything to do my will. The time is here for promises made to be fulfilled, I am who you are called too, nothing is impossible to me. I am calling my people to intersession, I am releasing an unprecedented anointing on your prayers at this time. Lift up those who do not know me in prayer, you say you want to see change in this world; Pray! I am a rich father who seeks ways to bless you, the enemy fears your faithful prayers, hence the reason why he attempts to block your prayers.
    Babylon, has appointed leaders working for themselves who are not of me, the clock has stopped, I have sent you my messengers and prophets. In an instance all things will pass away, look to the East for the drums are beating. I have told you the heavens and the earth will be shaken, it has not been shaken before. When I shake the heavens, the people around you will be in great fear, but you will not my children, so be strong for I will reward you.

    *These are the prophesies of Yahoshua.

    * Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so, for when the books are closed no one will be able to enter in.

  3. Very sad that our beautiful island have turned to this.. None of these Lucian Boys/Men/girls/women know how to converse with one another to resolve problems anymore.


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