UPDATE: Caye Mange homicide victim named

UPDATE: Caye Mange homicide victim named

stabbing3Police are investigating the stabbing death of a male in Caye Mange, Monchy (Gros-Islet) Sunday night, Jan. 17.

Reports are that the victim was stabbed multiple times during a break-in/attempted robbery of a shop in the community. The incident occurred after 10 p.m.

A resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO): “A guy usually stays in the shop for the owner and the shop was closed, and the robber entered the shop not knowing he was in the shop. So there was a scuffle and loud noises and some neighbors heard some loud noises. When they ran by the road they saw the perpetrator jump on the road and ran. When they checked, they saw a lot of blood. Everyone is shocked and cannot believe somebody would do that.”

The victim whose real name is Jean Hamilton Louis but is known by the nickname “Coolie”, is 62 years old.

He has been described as someone who did odd jobs for persons in the community.

Said a resident who knew him: “He was all over. He wasn’t like a zombie. He was always clean but he smoked a lot and drank a lot . But not drink to fall and stuff . You would ask him to go to the shop for you or something. He would clean your yard for you, all of that.”


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  1. Very sad, very inhumane, I saw his blood on the shop door, how could a human being with heart do this to another sigh****........... he was a human being, someone's son, brother, father, friend, I saw him every now and then, very pleasant, he would always greet me, was always about his own business,



  2. So we seeing what they do when we foil there robbery attempt , people secure yourselves , the police cannot be in all places at the same time .........


  3. RIP Coolie you didn't deserve to die like that. What a shame it is for us all that human life is not valued. This is a case where anyone who has information must step forward. Life is so unpredictable here today gone tomorrow. Let us all unite against crime. Coolie was someone whom I never knew to mess with anyone and certainly this saddens me very much.


  4. I dont know what to say about this senseless crime that hast been said dozens of times last year.

    Bring back hanging.


  5. Grew up seeing you but won't be the same when we at certain places and you make me laugh, Troubling us. Rest In Peace My Brother


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