UPDATE: Homicide in Bagatelle – teen killed

UPDATE: Homicide in Bagatelle – teen killed

A young male was reportedly shot to death in Bagatelle early Saturday morning, according to law enforcement sources.

The victim who is 16 years old, was reportedly shot in the chest, and transported by private means to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred about 2: 40 a.m. Unconfirmed reports are that the incident was a drive-by.

This is the 41st homicide for 2017.

More details soon.


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  1. "Whenever the modes of music changes in a country the people change, and when this happens the fundamental laws of that society must change with it". Plato


  2. Any one knows his name...?but y'all raedy to bite each others heads off.the first step to change is positive thinking and then relaying that positivity into actions.condolences to the family..


  3. I tell d man doh go there tonight He telling me i have my gun on me i eh care with no one
    Look at that


  4. You cannot curtail a society to hide or run away from lawlessness. You must curtail lawlessness and let your society bloom.

    What comprehensive strategy and action plan do the police and authorities have. Nothing. Just knee jerk reaction or organize a few quick patrols at hot spots every time a spate of violence occurs. The patrols last for one week and disappear.

    The commissioner or minister of security need to seriously address the nation on that matter and be able to define key aspects withholding operational specifics so citizens can get a sense of something is being done and feel safe and confident that we can move around safely. If its not murder its rape and now the craze is car theft. Whilst yes citizens must be proactive but as tax payers we expect at least a decent level of protection.

    The police cannot fool us otherwise because if there was a plan and strategy citizens would know. We would be able to feel it. Well we feel nothing except the bullets, blood and cries of victims, some innocent passers by and their families. We are being treated to ad hoc policing.

    I guess between our police being in Dominica (the Minister said maybe for a month) and others tied up beefing up Bordelais security for foreign prisoners, our streets are naked.

    Effective policing is planning and action. Not talk. Talk is free. Are the CCTV cameras around the city and other areas working? I guess not!


    • The wolf said, "I will huff, and puff and blow your little house down." This is the sort of threat that the authorities have been making to the criminals. Unfortunately, the criminals are not scared because their house is made of bricks! Each time a member of government threatens to end criminality, this is followed by a surge in crime. It should be readily apparent that the crooks eh scared. It has always been about talking... and doing little.

      Whatever strategies that has been employed in the past is simply not working. Maybe the task is too big for the security personnel. Possibly, they don't have the wherewithal. One thing for certain, the criminals aren't running scared. What is needed is a package of new measures that is linked to a grand strategy. Tip line, roadside checks, no bail for firearms, mandatory sentencing etc.


  5. What is wrong with these young people they don'tcare about human lives these days, the killings is getting out of hand GUNS is not the answer, we should do more talking and reasoning than picking up wespons
    Why is GUNS or to easy to purchase.
    Please stop the killings and start using our minds more creatively go and do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself it's shouldn't be all about money.


  6. Teen die,teens killing teens,all teens must stay home.You'll need a damn curfew,you will not be on my streets,until the age of 30,because you'll to young to buy liquor,youll,have to be 21 to enter night clubs,but youll driving at 16.This is a total mess,You'll have young people on the streets all hours of the night,whiles their parents at home in their beds.But no child of mind will not be on street at 18,i have to feed you and care you,neither willyou be roaming street at 21,i will take your life period.There needs to be a curfew from 18-25 curfew for youll ass and let me see youll on my streets.But St.lucia seems tk be running the jokers card.These young people need to be taken off the streets period,from 0-25 curfew for youll.Stay out off my streets,son of a bitches,Government soft timid and two passive.Not in a hurry.You'll will learn when tourist stop coming to St.lucia for fear of being killed,mugged etc etc.


    • Um Sharon, hate to be the one to tell you but your idea is rather idiotic. Who is going to tell an 18-25 year old, paying bills, contributing to their home, employed and working hard just like everybody else that they have a curfew because of their age? Please take several seats. This is clearly not the answer. In your own home, do whatever you want.


    • Sharon

      I know you mean well but did you read over before you hit send?

      Never pen an email when you're emotional!


    • What Sharon is saying is not idiotic. Curfews are placed as measure to reduce crime when control is necessary. I understand the point she is trying to make.

      It is just time that parents or guardians are penalized when such happens to children. I remember at 16 I was still a baby at home. Sunset will not go down and my siblings or myself would be out running wild. I appreciate this upbringing and will provide my child(ren) with this same level or protection in the future. NO 16 year old has to die in that manner especially if he was the shooter's target.


  7. At 2:00 what you doing their eh he should be in bed poor boy boys on the blocks bad influence be in your bed my sons my girls ,take the right roads


    • this is the side effects when the law is there to protect corporal punishment, teens are enjoying it at the expense of their parents, the legislators want to follow suite to foreign super powers in a bit to collect hand outs, those hand outs they get goes into the their pocket and do not filter to the people who needed it the most. Hence you have kids of all ages wandering on the street. Again alot of serial things are pending to happen and we clap and cheer the ones who are the big white collar criminals living on tax payer dollars!


  8. The dance they having their on a Friday night that pulling all the young boys and young girls....these things to the police should just stop nothing good going on in them dance


    • Oh please ... I've traveled the world & been to night clubs where fights has happened & fight hasn't happened. The clubs aren't the problem, that's ridiculous. People are the problem. Majority of those who drink can't hold their liquor,go around causing problems.! I repeat people are the problem.


  9. They priests did not want birth control. Now they cannot help us with the rising murder and death control. We are overpopulated. We are overpopulated for the natural resources available to average Saint Lucians today.

    Lacking insight and foresight, the misguided SLP opened the flood gates. They chose to sell our lands and patrimony to those who can pay thousands of dollars.

    They chose money over the development of the impressionable youth. This has marginalised born and bred Saint Lucians. They chose to borrow money, kicking the can down the road, to pay for fuel instead of developing renewable energy alternatives. This has served to mortgage the future of young people even more.

    What is worse is that this new administration trying to fix the evils and foolishness of the last country bookie government, by cheapening the value of our nationality. The funny thing is that we are now hearing in the media that the cheaper nationality has more value. You must be very dumb if you believe this. That is not how the world works.

    Without a future, our young have found validation in killing others to buy they way into the drug and death gangs. Personnel in the Police Force are correspondingly overwhelmed.

    Smarter ones who only believed only in working in the civil service and getting a pension, are seeing that has led to being governed by complete idiots. Intelligence, not degrees matter here. Therefore we are surrounded almost everywhere by government-entrenched misfits and lackeys.

    Political tribalism is a bitch.


    • You all clueless so the tactic is to BLAMS SLP. I ain't working. Does not take much to assess that you are a LACKEY who has to sign for your supper.
      #MakeStLuciaSafeAgain #FlambeauKaTwavay


      • Were you absent in elementary school when they were diagramming sentences in English class? Wow! Well that's a special kind of stupid you got going on there.


        • Things are falling apart so you are scared? I am willing to bet that you were one of the simpletons who bought into "Fight to stay alive.

          Keep signing for that supper.


    • Lackeys do not hit on both sides. They are blind on one side. This person has it pat. Right on target. Stupid religion creating souls for heaven. Death for the poor and the living. What a choice!


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