BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #54 – Man shot dead in Castries

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #54 – Man shot dead in Castries

The island’s homicide rate continues to soar after a fatal shooting in a Castries inner-city community.

At 7:56 p.m. Saturday, November 18, emergency authorities were alerted of a shooting that occurred minutes earlier at Black Mallet, Marchand.

Law enforcement sources said a male, later identified as Anthony Francois, also known as Barrel, sustained gunshot wounds to the head and back while in his vehicle.

When the ambulance arrived he was unresponsive and had no vital signs, the sources confirmed.

This brings the homicide toll for the year to a record 54.



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  1. I really dnt understand y people crying out I guess u all thought st.lucia was untouchable no crime will never happen. Ur source is damn create jobs n stop blaming oh the us or the USA not helping where is u all queen


  2. My damn question is where's u all queen wat do the us or USA have to do with st.lucia I'm reading from two people oh the us u all are British call on them


  3. While not wishing to politicise crime ....The. Government must take some responsibility for instance what iniatives regarding crime reduction brought Ito play, eg CCTVs monitoring volatile locations, increase police patrols... How about a gun amnesty to afford the opportunity for unlicensed guns to be handed in. What about curfews on prolific offenders, tagging offenders. Infra structure improvements such as improved street lighting in the ghettos. Use sentencing as a detterant... Increase prison sentences. We don't manufacture guns in St?Lucia where are they coming from and how are they getting into the country.... Block the routes.
    The above will not eliminate violent crime but at least we as citizens could see the government trying something.
    Ministers claiming to be under threat did not work under the previous administration and will not work for the current administration..


  4. I’m going to make this very short , my condolences to the family of this young man . We all are humans we all are brothers , sisters, mothers, fathers etc. How would you feel if someone take the life of your child regardless how this child is ? I’ve read all the posts on there everyone is entitled to his or her opinions however, the negativity that surrounds our mind , body, spirit really doesn’t make it better or rather said solve any of the current problems we’re facing on our island . With those individuals pointing fingers at the politicians are very unethical and uneducated. Why don’t we join heads together and bring peace and harmony instead of criticizing one another for irrelevant reasons why don’t y’all try to work with the community and bring some useful information rather than ignorance ? It’s so sad how our relationship on this island has been destroyed. Please our brothers and sisters stop criticizing one another and live in harmony, peace , equality, freedom and I think our island will heal . Everyone should have equal justice . Give it a thought and stop the ignorance it won’t make the island any better working together will make it better the government , the police can’t do it alone we all must join hands and participate in the healing process . Thanks and all the best for 2018 love y’all


    • The people of St Lucia need to help each other very quickly or this haven of an island will become a smaller version of Jamaica with reduced tourism,that in turn results in less employment and more then one way will to have government run hotels so all the money stays in the country. A gun amnesty does work to a certain degree, criminals won't turn in all their guns but you will get some of the streets. Street lighting has proven to reduce crime in the UK along with CCTV. But the most important thing is education, education, education, all this costs money I know. So start with government run hotels,you have enough people who work in the tourism industry and know what visitors like. I hope this problem does get resolved before it's too late.
      You have a beautiful island.


  5. He was my nephew my sister's son. He was worthless. He killed before. He threatened to kill my brothers in public.
    He said he kill already so he will kill them and go and spend time in prison again.
    What goes around comes around.
    Please don't blame the government for his death. Remember what goes around comes around. Karma is a BITCH.
    RIP. Rise If Please.


  6. So the US already is not supporting our crime fighting. I say we do it as we can....let the police do what they did before to quell this nonsense


  7. My bold prediction: This year will end with the Homicide count at 62, if we were to continue at this rate with no action or response. Sad but true.


  8. The government is clueless. The ministers individually and collectively are incompetent. The country is on auto pilot.


  9. @ Johnson....sackway karbwit...go and learn to spell you stupid uneducated monkey.underneath bushes u living. Chasnet should have never open his mouth and said "Kenny didn't make you'll safe but I will" .so yes evidently ppl will blame him and call his name. It's ppl like you country come to town all you see is yellow. Shut ur arse up ... Stupidness...who gave u access to the internet... chps


  10. We need another Restore Confidence regardless what the USA says. Who feels it knows it. Let the officers do their work.


  11. It is rather sad and unfortunate that this lack of respect or appreciation for life is so prevalent in our sweet little country. It is indeed disheartening. Every other day, another life taken (not lost but taken). Sadly, the killers reside amongst us. They may be the brother or cousin or friend or neighbour or son or colleague of someone reading this very comment. It may more than likely be someone reading this article as well (I do think the killers keep tabs on developments relating to their crime). We as a people must speak and act against these unforgivable acts. Someone say something. Sayit to someone who can say it to someone....but say it never the less. So many know who doing the killings, yet say nothing.


  12. What hypocracy! The shoes are on the other feet now and some of us can't accept the truth. You see we talk a lot of nonsence and politicize everyhing. I remember during the reign of the former administration every crime commited was the fault of Kenny Anthony....Yes the flambos were the ones saying it and it was justified right??So tell me why the hell now you have a problem when the Competence of this administration is questioned???Chasnet promised to make St. Lucia safer....these were his words so why can't he be held accountable for his pronouncements. Sometimes is better to shut up and just do what we can.....quite fankly this administration does not have a clue as to how to do anything in this country!


    • how about correcting the idiots who blamed Kenny instead of now suggesting its chastnet chpzzzz lucians can just be so sickening sometimes


  13. The watcher
    O God our helping age is passed people of our little island of St. Lucia where we new as sweet Helen once apon a time now it's no more we now can call it hell in the west. Citizen of this country let's not get ourselves fooled by polititions and politics no gov't or opposition can stop what is going on with our youth gang der now it's the DRUGS AND THERE LEADER'S WITCH SITS IN THERE OFFICE'S AND GIVE THEIR COMMAND GO GET HIM OUT. Young men it's time that you stop killing each other there are other ways and means to settle down with your friends and family over everything O PLEASE GOD PUT A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR AND LOVE PEACE JOY BACK IN OUR YOUTH'S IN OUR ISLAND .


  14. I seat here and I read everybody’s opinion. Some blame the Prime minister , others blame security , but what no one understands is that these things has to take place. These things are destined to happen ; it is in the bible. There is little that we can do. We can try to reduce on the distribution of drugs and what not but do we really think we can reduce on Satan tempting persons to kill ? No


    • You need a wake up call if reality. We have the God given strength to change this. Rather than sit hopelessly and pronounce that it's the work of the devil, let's wake up and call on our administration to stop sniffling hope in our country. Encourage them to restore morality by disciplining the thieves amongst their ranks. Take a moral stance on Elements like Ubaldus. Equip the courts to work faster to dispense justice. Initiate a parenting program for our youth. Do meaningful things. Not throw up or hands in the air as if we can't do anything. Wake up.


  15. everthing is politically in this country, somebody stab a parson it's politics they blame it on chastanet , somebody hang them self they blame it on kenny st lucians let's stop blame each other and start sending our kids to church , cuz the good book said train up a child in the way that he should grow and he will not depart from it, cuz as far as I can see we are not teaching our kids to pray or go to church, our kids are eating fire , if we the parents do not do our part and blame it on the government , and expects our st Lucia to be crime free in your mouth we are breeding monster so people let's us pray for each other espically our young people, remember we are each other keeper


  16. The Government comprise of every citizen who lives on the Island, don't know how a population of a $170k plus can allow 54 people to die and blame it on parliamentarian, Lucians watch your bread are familiar words yet we still complain about the people we elected, if you elected the poison you alone have the antidote