BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #52 recorded after stabbing victim dies

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #52 recorded after stabbing victim dies

One of two men who was hospitalised for stab wounds over the weekend succumbed to his injuries today, November 14, bringing the homicide record to 52 for the year.

Kernius Charlery, 29, of Morne Du Don, Castries sustained a stab wound to the neck during a fight in Odlum City, Bois Patat on Saturday, November 11 with Miguel Scotland, 26, of Chase Gardens, Castries, who sustained a stab wound to the chest.

The incident occurred after 6 p.m.

Both were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance in critical condition, with Charlery being reported as the most critical.

Sources said both were scheduled for emergency surgery.

Charlery passed away just after 1 a.m. today, Nov. 14 after being on life support for almost three days.

Scotland remains hospitalised and will likely face charges.



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  1. take a look at all those so call bad boys that have been killed "They all look alike" is there something in that look?


  2. The boy get a rock in his head and stab you don't expect him to return the favor? Not everybody a pussy. Both men eh fall just the robber. Classic!!


  3. When he tried to rob the guy his chain he didn't know the guy would defend himself.The day he robbed the little boy that was selling his cassava bread he didn't know it would come back to haunt him.They need to stop robbing people.That was a clear self defense people need to stop hiding what's going on I hope the guy doesn't get charged.It hard on u it hard on people to everyone is going through the struggle.Stop the robberies


  4. Firstly it was not a rubbery,they had a fight from school,and Charlery now saw and attack him,even if Miguel didn't remember him!
    I know Charlery personally and he had been down of late ,see he was job less and his child mother walk out on his done a few things in the pass , let's not blame the area bad that he died but. He look for his own death, we have no self defense laws ....I feel sorry for both us ,cause I child lost a father,and the family,a child,friend,son,
    And Miguel father now fear they will lose him to jail !
    R. I p sicko


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