BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #40 – elderly man succumbs to stab wound

BREAKING NEWS:  Homicide #40 – elderly man succumbs to stab wound
Dolcy. * Photo credit: Humans of St. Lucia
Dolcy. * Photo credit: Humans of St. Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Monday, May 01, 2017, about 6:00 p.m. officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department received a report of a stabbing on Jn Baptiste Street, Castries.

Gregory Dolcy, a seventy five (75) year old resident of L’Anse Road, Castries, was admitted to the Victoria Hospital after having allegedly sustained one (1) stab wound to the abdomen, during an altercation with a female assailant.

He remained a patient at the Victoria Hospital until, Sunday, September 24, 2017, when he succumbed to his injuries. A post mortem examination is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

Investigations are continuing into this matter.

This incident brings the number of homicides recorded for the year 2017 to forty (40).


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  1. Poor Mr Dolcy. I suspect he contracted pneumonia in the hospital after such a long time on a hospital bed. Medical care at VH leaves a lot to be desired.


    • What is that going to do when someone kills you for no reason .... we should get our hearts in check instead ... fix our attitudes love more and stop killing each other


  2. I know of this gentleman Mr. DOLBY as far as I know he was a married man with a wife had a family.and not a vagrant..he chose this way of just really sad. May he rest in peace.


  3. We need to check our doctors down there 'people from the first of May to September now the mister dying thats malpracticing come on.


    • Julina Chester your level of ignorance is very disturbing. Even a 2 year old can comprehend things better than you. It is unfortunate that this elderly gentleman passed away but patients can stay in intensive care for months fighting for their lives on life support sometimes. I know of a young man who was stabbed in the chest a few years ago and he was in intensive care for 3 months on life support at VH but he lived. Every case is different. We do not know what this elderly man's full medical history was. If you do not know much on a subject, you should refrain from posting comments reflecting such magnitude of ignorance.


      • Ok then wat about the 39th homicide from Corinth...he got stabbed on the 5th...died 24th... so he have medical history to? Something just ain't right with this hospital....dnt pretend like we don't doesn't erase the fact there are alot of things going on there


        • You cannot compare one patient with another. Each patient's outcome depends on variables like age; elderly people tend to heal slower and become more prone to infections and less able to fight off basic injuries and invasions by common bacteria. It is also dependent on lifestyle such as whether that person is a smoker or alcoholic and for how long. And just because a person was stabbed doesn't mean that the extent of injury is the same and the location of the wound is also a very important point of consideration.


  4. If the hospital was so bad do you think he would have leave so long ? Don' think with all efforts of staff is what had him there all that time but then succumbed to his injuries . We always quick to bash the efforts from staff at the hospital but I don't hear anyone praising when someone stays in icu months and is able to leave there alive , when a baby just born with lil chance of survival but survives. Staff at the hospital don't just sit down and wait for persons to die , there are some very hard working persons at the hospital . Who too break down when they see clients succumb even after all their efforts . Give the hospital a break


  5. Very sad particularly for his family and his Dad in particular who is a distinguish Saint Lucian and who has given yeoman service to the then Castries Town Council...may his soul rest in peace....JRH


  6. You can't report that the man succumbed to his wounds if a post mortem has not been conducted. You can't say it is homicide 40 either, unless he is found to have died from the stabbing.


  7. The woman should have been arrested from day 1... why is she still free... they branded Mr Dolcy a vagrant! Hope they move speedily to have the woman arrested and charged!


  8. violence against men i hope something is said and done about this. if it was the other way round women and the public at large would make alot of noise


  9. Wow. I think the hospital needs to be under investigation. How do they take care of these people? The fact that he lived that long means there was still strength in the man. I think they've slacked off


    • NENE, that is a conclusion that he lived long so he had life in him and therefore the hospital did not do a good job. At the back of it you got 10 thumbs up. He may not have died from neglect, having lived so long may well have been due to the exceptional effort of the hospital staff


    • The dam hospital of course since may long how long mate live. Mi I so afraid to get sick in St Lucia and is not everybody can afford Tapion or can fly to Miami.


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