BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #29 recorded

BREAKING NEWS: Homicide #29 recorded

17264129_1870264939920083_1733861730950505299_nSaint Lucia officially recorded its 29th homicide Tuesday evening (June 27) when news from Victoria Hospital emerged that a man who was shot several times in White Rock, Grand Riviere over the weekend succumbed to his injuries.

The victim, born Kyon Frederick but had changed his name to Keymuel Alexander – according to his girlfriend – was found on the road after 10 p.m. on Friday, June 23, 2017, suffering from gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement officials said the 43-year-old sustained two gunshot wounds to the head and one to the leg.

The victim on the ground surrounding by residents.
The victim on the ground surrounding by residents.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance, and was in critical condition up to the time he took his last breath Tuesday after 7 p.m., according to law enforcement officials and relatives.

Emergency officials received the report of the shooting on Saturday at 10:26 p.m.

Residents reported hearing the sound of multiple gunshots Рup to six Рand sirens. Frederick was then discovered on the road at the White Rock intersection, near a gym, suffering from gunshot wounds.

Eyewitnesses say he was breathing when the ambulance took him away.

The motive for the shooting was not immediately clear. However, law enforcement sources said it appeared that the incident was a drive-by shooting.



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    • For the numbers of unsolved cases that have been mentioned among the last 5 shootings victims I'm wondering if there is a secret Operations Restore Confidence in the works.


    • There will be too much dishonesty. Hidden cameras are better than alot of wicked people in St lucia


  2. Kyon u rob my brother for his pay check and u beat the fella for no reason what about the couple u robe on the road with a bassball bat in ur ass yeah u my relative buh nah you reach too close to home thats what u work for all the kids ur pregnant girlfriend lost because u beat them out of her belly u fool they were hunting u rip my nigga we still family buh u were too dirty


  3. Every body blaming the government, I blaming particularly the police, they are the ones putting the guns on the streets, the same drugs they bust on the water on land going back on the streets. The police don't work for the government, they work for the mafias and drug lords, that's their main bosses. how can the crime stop wen the system is so corrupt, when the people that are being paid to stop the crime are the bigger instigators.


  4. To many guns getting in the country. Even some of the police selling/giving guns to their relatives and friends. Too many greedy people these days. Too many unchecked friends. Big man passing unchecked. Ships sailing in the middle of the night and workers asleep on the jobs.


  5. Plp usually put blame on government etc but over all it's the people who are doing the crimes THEY the one who has to stop the crime no one can stop the crime but the Killers them selves
    even if someone did wrong and they're trying to live their life over just leave them let them live they already pays they dues
    no one can stop the crime but people themselves who are doing the it
    there will always be crime as long as there is evil thoughts and wicked minds
    it's the people has to just put the guns down put the knives don't take the wickendess out of the mind and crime will stop that's it


  6. I am getting the feeling that when you have been on the wrong side of the law, served a prison sentence, that you are still faced with retribution even when you have walked the fine line of keeping on the straight and narrow.


    • I always say the same thing too ive seen it hapoened many times before to former culprits smh thats sad


  7. Condolences to the family....When will all the violence stop and yes I know crime is every...but nobody like to hear such happening in their homeland..RIP YOUNG MAN


  8. Go long comrad....I use to call him Juan...I use to speak spanish to him.i saw he was trying to change his life but God is in control.He is gone flesh in but not in spirit.adios senor


  9. I am getting very worried as I visit St Lucia twice a year for my vacation. It seems like St Lucia is getting to be a dangerous destination to be on vacation, it looks like I will have to find a safer place to go.


      • Or Rodney Bay, or Gros Islet, or Cap Estate, or Micoud or Vieux Fort or Soufriere or Dennery or Marigot or Bois D'Orange or ....
        In fact, stay home.


      • Lol..there are other places that are unsafe as well. Will be hitting St.Lucia in Dec and Castries I gotta go but I am going with God he is my shield


    • You have to thank the new installed Prime Minister of St. Lucia. He politicised crime. He stated that he has the answer to crime solving. But now we see what he actually meant. Barbados is safer. So consider them on your next trip.


    • No where is safe u can be killed even in ur home in paradise so in these cases live not in fear just yravel and enjoy and as long as u know u has nothing to look over ur shoulder for u then safe live not in fear and all will be fine remember do good good will follow no one say one can get a straw bullet etc but its seldom just be positive and godbless travel and enjoy ....


      • Love that one. Since its not safe to visit st.lucia may Jamaica too cause they are safe Lmfao. Guess this person lives in a bubble so crime dont ecsost in the territory


    • Name one place in the world that doesn't have crime. Go ahead i will wait.....I bet where u live now there is no crime at all. Hmmm you must be live in heaven.