Henville’s death now being treated as “suspicious”; post mortem completed

Henville’s death now being treated as “suspicious”; post mortem completed
Henville (right) and her two children.
Henville (right) and her two children.

Police are no longer treating the death of St. Catherine Henville, who was found dead in her yard early Saturday morning, as a suspected suicide.

Reliable police sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Henville’s death is now being treated as “suspicious” after further investigations.

One person is now assisting police with investigations but no one has been officially arrested or charged, SNO understands.

According to the sources, the 31-year-old mother of two children was discovered by a family member in a chair in the yard. She was in a “slouched” position, the source told SNO.

Initial reports reaching our newsroom are that Henville was found hanging and was then removed and placed in the chair.

But according to reliable sources, no rope was seen on Henville’s body when police arrived on the scene and no evidence, to date, have been found to substantiate those claims.

A post mortem to determine the cause of death was conducted today but the results will not be released to the public as yet, according to Police Public Relations Officer, Aniel Innocent.

Innocent told SNO that a press briefing is being planned for Tuesday when more information may be released on Henville’s death.

Henville, a resident of George Street, Gros Islet, was found dead at about 2 am Saturday.

She was the mother of two children, a teenage daughter and a several-month’s old baby girl.

She is also known as Luciana in the community.

Police initially treated her death as a suspected suicide, but further investigations have changed that theory.



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  1. I pray the authorities concerned would get to the bottom of case, asap. Ms Henville does not deserve to go this way. We all her friends around the globe are concerned. We all loved her. She was a bundle of talents. Still have a portrait she gave to me & i'll forever cherish it. Meanwhile, sleep on beloved.


  2. They need to find the Dutty B#=#No-tag That done that to my dear beloved FRIEND/Sister.

    R.I.P Sweetheart; Thank you for all the laughter you gave me, in those daze!made me smile. The cookies and cake you shared with Me! (Sugga Rush Smile's) Conversations we shared and CONFIDED! You were such a good ARTIST! And an AMAZING Writer....... Portrait of The Fist = As WOMEN we where there together;THE Reveler's.Stand Tall and proud; no matter what!! Queens of the Empresses Empier xx Much love Beautiful Angel.


  3. Wow, so young, that is pretty sad, living behind young children. Hope someone gets to the bottom of this. Wouldn't wish that on anyone...May her soul R.I.P


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