BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen rob KFC Choc branch

BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen rob KFC Choc branch

robbery18Two gunmen robbed the newly-opened KFC branch in Choc this morning, Dec. 14, 2015 of about $5,000, police sources have confirmed.

Reports are that at about 8 a.m., two men held a supervisor at gunpoint, forcing the individual to open a safe inside the establishment.

No one was hurt.

This incident follows last week’s robbery of the Rodney Bay Western Union branch in which $61,000 was taken by one armed bandit.

Police questioned the employees who were held up during the robbery, but no one was charged in connection with this incident.


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  1. All of urll talking about no work no work. Even if there was work who would hire these Assholes with tear drop tatts on their face tatts all on their neck etc. Smh


  2. Business want to take all the profit home like KFC the owner is Dominician and security suffers people could have been hurt inot just the foreign business owners also the local ones too even worst . Pay for Arm guards ! There are security companies out there .


  3. Right now robbing ppl and breaking houses Dont have money, so now they going after the bigger deals, only good thing about that, nobody getting hurt , better money lost than life


  4. The supervisor did the right thing...why die for sh8...give them money plus chicken fries and biscuit...


  5. Though KFC does their chicken right they cannot get their security right yet. I throw me corn me no call no chicken (fowl).


    • If they intend to rob, they will stake you out and gather data. Don't assume it only happens in movies. If a closer look is taken one will observe how frequent a robber visits the entity and observe. one needs to change Routine and remove cash from premises as often as possible. Also try to use a security service. It may cost you a few buck s more but save a hell of a lot more.


    • It's a safe. Most businesses operating at nights have a safe. What else would be in the safe? The colonel's secret spices? That KFC branch makes the bulk of its earnings on evenings from movie patrons. The bank is closed today. There is little to no security. Any smart criminal would assume there is a score in the safe.


  6. These proprietors need to be more responsible. Why are they not depositing cash more often. Stop being cheap. You are endangering innocent lives. Not every robbery is an inside job. WU robbery was proprietor negligence and so is this one...


    • They got away with $5000 not $50,000 ... How often do you expect the business to deposit, they sell fast food not icicles .


  7. so every time there is a robbery it's an inside job. What about negligent proprietor. WU got rob because of negligence and this is the same story here. Protect your staff and deposit the darn money at least twice or 3 times daily. Stop being cheap people, you are endangering innocent lives.


    • So Foreigner, please let us know of this bank that is open on a Sunday, so that people can run to the bank every 2 hours to bank right up to closing time.
      You do not have a clue what happens in a business. The money stolen is obviously the cash float for the cashiers.
      But holding the bad element in the community accountable is really very difficult. Let us blame the owner, the president, the police and the little starving child in India!


      • Aren't there night/out of office hours deposits? I think Royal Bank of Canaada opposite the Treasury had one.

        These deposit boxes are there specifically for out of hours deposits.

        So if they're still around that means a business person could very well make these deposits, be it Sunday, holiday or 1:00 AM in the monring.

        But reading between the lines I think this was float money for the upcoming business day.

        I blame the Colonel! Finger licking...


  8. Yesterday i went to visit friends and family in Vieux-Fort, when i arrived i saw the recreational park area down to the vieux-fort field area flooded with vehicles, when i asked why i was told Uptown liquor has sale that ends today. ironically tomorrow or next week the same people there will come on tv or radio and tell you no money in the country, no work, kenny making things hard, VAT take all the money. Rubbish; buy you had money to come shop at uptown because they has sale.
    Let them hear Dexta Daps coming to st. lucia next week you'll see how tickets selling, outfits making dog, new shoes, new clothes. the venue will be to small to accommodate the scores of person. and they'll come back with their sad story no money in the country, no work, kenny making things hard, VAT take all the money.
    We never learn, Tell them a church has an activity free of charge or come let to church, they'll find all kinds of excuses, no church clothes, they'll be tired, or they have to work even they dont have money.
    But the God above sees and knows all thing. We still havent learnt from the Christmas even Trough, eb=veryone at my work place was saving they cant wait for jovert. ull see what happen, Not one said they will go church but instead jovert.


  9. Criminals are on the loose again holding the citizens of this country hostage with their criminal activities.
    Kenny please "restore confidence" in an "operation" that will eradicate these voleurs/criminals not just for the xmas season but for an eternity.


  10. This is now becoming a fad, a demonstration of lawlessness by a few worthless individuals. The chance is they are part of group who carefully target preys and plan their maladaptive behavior. I'm confident they will be caught by the police soon or one or two among them will be killed too. Honestly I'll not feel sorry for them. Citizens throughout the country must look out, become alerted, for suspicious characters in the neighborhood and make it their national duty to take a stand against such behavior and report persons to the police for action.


    • It's not always an inside job. You watch too much TV. You realise you are blaming the poor employees for a security breach. This robbery was a result of poor security protocols and the daring of the criminal mind. Why are we always quick to blame the employees? Some of them are hardworking persons just trying to get ahead in life. You are thinking like a paranoid businessman who mistreats his employees because he suspects every poor person to be a thief. Now the employees have more stress. They almost lost their lives over $5000 and now the boss and the cops will be on their back for suspicion.


  11. I hope you thieves remember just this one thing that nothing good comes free or easy. Your time will come


  12. Smfh I hope the staffs r Ok. Now if that supervisor shot or injured one of them the robber wud have human rights. People need to be able to protect themselves without worrying about the law being used against them


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