BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen attack Choiseul farmers in their search for marijuana farms

BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen attack Choiseul farmers in their search for marijuana farms
A marijuana plantation at Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere in 2014, that was later destroyed by police. * File photo
A marijuana plantation. * File photo provided by RSLPF

At least two masked gunmen allegedly searching for marijuana farms attacked farmers in two separate incidents in Choiseul on Wedneday morning, Nov. 22, according to sources.

During the interrogation, several of the farmers were injured when the bandits beat them with machetes after tying them up.

One farmer in particular sustained serious head injuries.

The bandits left without helpful information as it is alleged that the farmers did not know what they were talking about.

After the farmers freed themselves they reported the matter to the police and the injured were taken to hospital by private means.

“Apparently the criminals wanted to rob a farm working on a tip. Luckily no lives were lost,” a police source said.



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  1. the serious truth is; Hermangild has overseen the most murders in st lucia's history in a year and the rapes are fast behind. what exactly is the gov't reason for keeping this incompetent and inept man in position. this is not about party colours. that guy should be removed from his post. thats a waste of my tax payers dollars going to hermangil


  2. St. Lucians' own inability to use their heads have had them blaming every body from Compton to Kenny, to Spider to Chastanet and in the middle people like Mary Francis for their woes on crime. When we can point to a report that tells us that St. Lucians have criminality and the tolerance for it embedded in their DNA. So we need to change our DNA if we are to succeed and this has many elements to it. If we don't understand that then we will fail. I have given a list below of some of the measures that it would take and the solutions will come from these policies.


  3. Not even if we bring back Moses with his Rod things will change. We as citizens we just have to do what we have to do to secure ourselves and our love ones. A dead man says no tale.


  4. Whilst we deh fiddling Rome is surely burning the life out of our hospital care, schools and law and order. The criminals in charge and running things now. Attention the Government of St. Lucia.


  5. Spider is so right, you cannot kill or hang every tom dick and harry who commits a crime. The police has a lot to answer, they are so corrupt. Security minister must go, he is an extension of corruption in St.Lucia.


  6. Please send this article to Spider with his no death penalty cry!!! People will have to take matters in their own hands. You'll will no what day it is.


    • Would death penalty save you from thieves and rapist? We St. Lucians like to hop any bus that passes our way and not look to solve our problems logically. We know all the issues associated with crime so why don't we try them? What this tells me is the same blood thirst which exist among criminals is replicated in the law abiding citizen (that is if they are really law abiding and I say that with???) so these brazon criminals that see in our communities are an actual reflection of us. It also informs me that our passion to get crime under control is driven by politicians on both sides. We take their opinions and make them our own, but we all know the underlying causes and choose to ignore.

      If I were the leader of this country here is what i would try to do within the shortest possible time:

      Firstly I would make all the necessary changes to the Constitution and including adding provisions for dealing with corrupt politicians, preservation of public records and the freedom of information. Investigative committees will also be armed with powers of arrest and ethics in political life will be legislated.

      I would make serious attempts look at boosting our economy to create jobs and opportunities. I would invest in Tourism and agriculture but at the same time significantly boost our informatics (big data) resources sector to create opportunity and really ease the way of doing business.

      Change our education system not only to reflect modern educational requirements (one of enquiry and information literacy) change but also to cultivate social responsibility.

      Establish a ministry responsible for children (0-18).

      Fix our justice, police and penal system. We also need to reform the discriminatory laws which affects family life and inhibits other citizens from conducting their business within reasonable time.

      I know that these measures are not exhaustive and would take some time but in the end I think that is a good start to what is required and should be perused vigorously.


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