BREAKING NEWS: Gun pulled on cop while giving driver ticket for not wearing seatbelt

BREAKING NEWS: Gun pulled on cop while giving driver ticket for not wearing seatbelt

pullsPRESS RELEASE – On Monday, November 23, 2015 about 5:20 p.m. officers attached to the Traffic Unit were on mobile patrol in Balata, Babonneau area when they signaled motor car registration number PJ 5391 to stop.

The driver of the said vehicle complied and brought the vehicle to a halt. There were three occupants in the vehicle.

Police Constable 821 Palmer then proceeded to issue a ticket to the driver of the said vehicle for driving without a seatbelt.

During the issuance of the ticket, the front seated passenger reached under his seat and withdrew a firearm which he aimed at Palmer.

The driver of the motor car then sped off. The Police gave chase but was unable to apprehend the suspects.

Investigations are continuing into this matter.


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  1. there was never any gun pulled on any police officer ..... funny they didnt mention they fired shots into a moving car.... all they tired to do was cover up why they shot an innocent dude in his head .... if he had died ... then your would hear things ... these officers need to be professional... a personal issue is interfering with your job ? reallly smfh officer... check your self dude !! #triggerhappymofo


  2. ok so this morning the two guys were on yardi talk show (don't know the name of the show ) giving their side of the story ,when police came demanded to stop the show and arrested the guys .....I wasn't there but this story has a lot of details ....from the beginning I found it strange that someone will pull a gun on a officer for a ticket .....who am I to judge


  3. It's funny how the police report mentioned a gun was pointed at them but never stated that they fired shots after the vehicle, they only said the gave chase. Something fishy as usual.


  4. Sad. This is some of the reason u have police officers treat some plp so bad. Am sure some one know the car and owner and where about and not talking. When this guy go out there again they will never have that same attiudie they will not think twice because of a few as holes. And I believe this fella did that cuz traffic officers are not always armed it should be the big boys they ask would be grass. And is now u would here a different story the police was wrong. This plp leave they family at home and put they life at risk to serve and protect have some respect for them


  5. Them little country bookies in the police force does real do papishow you know, bursting shots after the boy almost killing the mun knowing very well he never had no gun. Because you have a personal issue with the guy you forming the a**, just remember all you little maggots that in the force giving it a bad name will get yours one way or the other cause when you do to some it comes full circle and comes back to you.


  6. ok there it is always two not three in this case....i so believe the guy he have scare to show as proof..ha!!!


  7. Smh at dem boys in uniform calling themselves policemen...i jus heard the news on dbs and i believe what the driver jus pon dem lil policeboys


  8. Mate have to be one dumb modda a**. Well you will be aprehended and you will go to prison for a very long time for pulling a gun on a police in uniform. Dumb a**.


  9. These things will happen for those officer who presided on an internal investigation and concicted ywo officer who stopped a vehicle which was being driven by a white couple in soufriere the said vehicle never stopped but drove further an officer in question drew his firearm and approach the said vehicle only getting reported to the police complaints unit who investigated and later convicted the officers look now you'll asses realize what is going on


  10. This incident may cause the police to change their modus operandi and approach or bring vehicles to a stop with their guns drawn. In future there is a possibility that the police may open fire on an innocent person who hurriedly reaches for his insurance documents or driver's licence as the officer may think that the person is reaching for a gun.


  11. Very stupid of the driver to drive off...for a seat belt awah we....da passenger mem seems he realize that the police would have notice by his facial expression that there was a reason to search the man ride..


  12. The observer
    This is how the criminals will behave when the PM and his cabinet president put our police in such a bad light


  13. Confidence must be restored through a major police operation. Criminals are too confident that they will not be caught and even if caught, their punishment will be a slap on the hand.


  14. The pot is boiling over.... the land the sea the light.... well well seems like the crime is at the door steps of the protectors .... will be interesting to see what happens its kinda wake up time folks .... and no coffee isn`t being surprised.... Its crime a whole lot of it.....


  15. These idiots had more than just a gun,they wont going down like that but guess what u stupid little rats.u will go down worse for this shit u little ass rats did.And about the driver being innocent hmmmm,he fully knew the plan.bad boys,bad boys want u gonna do..what u gonna do when they come for u.


    • They have already got some. Some idiot who preferred to remain anonymous wrote at 12.21pm: This is how the criminals will behave when the PM and his cabinet president put our police in such a bad light. The question I want to ask this partisan fool is "before the current administration came into office were there or were there not crimes of that nature in St Lucia"? I seem to remember an incident where a criminal pursued his victim all the way to the PM's office. Let me remind the little fool it was not the current administration in office then.


  16. That's what the police said...There are always 2 sides to the story & nowadays we can't trust the police side of the story.With that being said you must be really gullable if you believe this is what happened.


  17. The police should have been armed with M16's and shoot them down until dead.
    And I hope if and when they get them, they ask no questions but shoot and kill them both.

    If this was the States, they would be dead by now.