BREAKING NEWS: Guards tied up, beaten during burglary at St. Mary’s College

BREAKING NEWS: Guards tied up, beaten during burglary at St. Mary’s College
St. Mary’s College
St. Mary’s College
St. Mary’s College

Police are investigating another burglary at St. Mary’s College, which occurred on Monday evening.

Reports are that armed bandits tied up and physically assaulted the security guards that were on duty around 11.p.m. (Oct.10), before breaking into the school building.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that police responded in good time, interrupting the burglary. But while shots were fired, the bandits still managed to escape.

Education Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert told SNO that her ministry is asking all students of the college to stay at home today. However, staff members are asked to report for work as usual.

The college has become a frequent target for bandits with the most recent incident occurring on September 15.

Previously, two bandits scaled the school fence and attacked several form two students, robbing them of their valuables and cash. The students were on a short break when that incident occurred.

The Education Ministry had intervened and requested the assistance of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in addressing the issue. The ministry also hired full-time security guards to avoid any re-occurrence.

Police are currently at the school premises conducting their investigations.


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  1. You ever feel like you talk so much already that your head hurting and feeling heavy like you going off.
    And to top it off your "bazzoo" hurting but still nobody eh hear you and you feel like you have to repeat yourself. But you just cannot get the strength to talk again.

    Well that's how I feel now. Somebody, talk for me, please. I really cannot take it again.


  2. it happened once-- no action, just talk of reform
    it happened a second time and students were robbed- allegedly someone was held for questioning -c'est toute!
    it happened this week- 3rd time......still waiting for action.

    We live in a country where robbers feel comfortable going to "work". What a shame at those who can implement change and inflict a solid response to those who are contemplating joining the merry gang of robbers,


  3. Since when! Since when you hearing they robbing schools? Schools! That's the future of our nation in there could be the child who finds the cure for cancer or our islands next Nobel laureate. What shate is that robbing the school, robbing school children. Children have to write CxC this year and all that going on. C'mon. And they still have tasers as illegal and pepper spray. You tied up the guards afterwards you beating them up too! Children need to feel that where they come to learn is safe. Doh worry they must catch these .... watch and see, people working too hard to send their children to school for that masheee to happen.


  4. This crime spree in SLU is getting ridiculously out of hand. Something must be done ASAP about this. The criminals appear to be more intelligent than the police and can outsmart them at any given time. As a result they are able to get away most of the time. Good police work and tactic is critical in combating crime.

    I wonder if the new administration has any plan in place to address the crime situation.


  5. Why put politics in everything. UWP / the end its the government of the day that is supposed to put mechanism in place and ensure these things don't repeat itself. I agree to a point to carefully screen individuals of the RSLPF but also the security guards as well.

    This robbery thing is getting out of hand.

    Mr. Minister for security it's over to you, you have what it takes to put an end to it once and for all....The Christmas season is fastly approaching.


  6. Let's be reasonable ! How can an entire population be held for ransom at the hands of a few ? Wouldn't it make more sense to deal with the few predators by any means necessary to save the populace ? Is this what the so called human rights advocates want for our country ? Wouldn't it make more sense for a few to live in fear rather than the multitude ?


  7. What is happening in my second home???!!! This still won't prevent me from visiting but WHAT could they possibly want in a school? I hope its not students themselves doing this. Praying for SLU


  8. The UWP must train and more character-screened police. Then make surveillance camera and recording tax deductible and free of all custom duties in an emergency piece of legislation going through ALL THREE READINGS ON THE SAME DAY.

    Let's DEMONSTRATE that the political directorate is SERIOUS about law and order. SLP was all about begging criminals to give the public a break. They endorsed the existence of the corrosive behaviours of the ghetto breeding miscreants.


    • Some of you people can't comment if you all don't politicise the issue. When Chastanet was understanding why the caller would take the PM's life wasn't he in fact sending a dangerous message to those who wanted to indulge in criminality? It was already a sad state of affairs made worst by Chastanet opening his big gob out of turn. Now he has to deal with the fall out. Its an unfortunate state of affairs which should not be allowed to continue.


      • It is the way that the concession is done that really matters. A percentage reduction on the final amount of tax that is to be paid is the best approach.


  9. So when they switch to the Compre what will you do. Security in schools should be looked at in a comprehensive manner. Lets don't take this "patch a hole" myopic approach it has failed before. Lets do things differently.


    • Week before last (wee hours of the morning) they also beat one of the security guards at Compre. Luckily he was able to run for his life. He was transported to hospital via ambulance after police and paramedics were called to the scene.


  10. It is time we start taking crime seriously and do something permanent. Tell the US, Europe and their allies go to hell and mind their own business. They are no moral authority on anything so let our police do whatever needs to be done to stop the violence and wanton disregard for the law. I say bring back operation restore confidence NOW.


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