BREAKING NEWS: Gruesome chopping incident in Castries (photo added)


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Lionel sustained multiple chop wounds. More exclusive photos are available on our Facebook page.

A resident of Morne Du Don has been admitted at Victoria Hospital following a gruesome chopping incident in Castries city over the weekend.

Tennyson Lionel, who is in his 20s, reportedly sustained chop wounds to the head and arms, reliable hospital sources have confirmed. Lionel reportedly sustained a fractured skull.

Lionel was brought to the hospital bleeding profusely about 2:30 am on Saturday, April 5.

A family member confirmed the incident with St. Lucia News Online.

“He’s due for a scan so he can do surgery,” the relative said.

Lionel made the news earlier this year as the victim of a robbery. Police had reported that “Marvin Gabriel was charged for a robbery on Tennyson Lionel, which occurred on Jeremie Street on Saturday, January 11, 2014 about 9 p.m.” but stated no further details.

St. Lucia News Online will provide more information on this incident as soon as it becomes available.

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