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BREAKING NEWS: Governor General Louisy to announce her resignation

By SNO Staff

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Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy

Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy is stepping down from the post she has held since the late 1990s.

Reports are that Louisy is scheduled to make this known during a pre-recorded broadcast on national television and radio this evening.

Louisy, the first female to become Governor General of St. Lucia, was sworn in on September 19, 1997.

Opposition politicians and political pundits have suggested that Louisy was being forced out of her position.

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  1. Allen Chastanet should make Kenny Anthony Governor General. That way Guaranteeing that He remains Prime Minister, allowing neither PJP or Hillaire Jufalli to ever become Prime Minister. Wait! Kenny would Approve of no UWP Laws and would find a way to sell the Seabed under US again. So no Kenny! They should make ummmmm.....Dunstant Duboulay GG.

  2. Who in their right mind ever came up with that kind of salary for anyone in a St. Lucia
    of today? no one in St. lucia is worth that kind of money for doing nada all day. As the
    song goes: "Good work if you can get it...." there's got to be a balance. I personally
    would find it obscene, if not immoral to bag that kind of money for the past twenty years
    plus all the perks that go with it, but again I'm me, and not another. As a person, I liked
    her; she is a very respectable lady and God fearing; but it's the system that needs to be
    straightened out. I would hate to see a replacement. Chas must re-engineer the position.
    Call it what you may - the mere name of Governor-General smacks of re-Colonialism.

  3. Cenac Cross the floor bags are already packed to move in

  4. miew miem 2 much

  5. They should get rid of her put a couple of Chinese in parliament and see if you st.lucian not going to speak rat.

    • As I looked and listened to the GG I saw no reason to ask this "Local Queen" to demit office. I saw Professionalism, Competences, intellectual Honesty, Proud Patron, Citizen/lover of French Creole, Youth Advocate, People With Disabilities Advocate, Diplomacy, Law Abiding Head Of State, Ect ect ect ect and most of all True Love For Her Fellow St.lucian People.
      I took time off to read her speech and go into deepest of breaking it down. i will give you the lines that send shock waves thru my body later.
      Good job GG, thank you !!!!!! Love and Respect to you.

      • Yeah man! It is worth the salary. Even bastardising the creole is worth every money. Everybody simply dances the quadrille.

    • That's ignorant and racist.

  6. While Dame surely fulfilled the role as best she could, the relevance of the post is questionable. It represents a reluctance to completely separate ourselves from the UK and stand on our two feet. There are many facets of our judicial, economic and social systems which STILL require approval from not only the Governor-General but also UK administration.

    Are we really independent? Can regional integration move forward while we remain tethered to the motherland? Do we have the national will to stand on our two feet?

  7. Does any of you st.Lucian little brain knows the reason this post is there? sometime before you speck it is good to think first because you might be shooting your own toes. lol
    just a high light it is for the culture of st.lucia to stay intact.

    Like the queen in England before any law authorized the queen has to sign it. Y? because anything she don't like she alone can question it meaning her belief, rules and her culture will always be there.

    There is a lot of movement in this world and over time the country can change. example if there are 70% of English to 30% of real st.Lucian who can speck patois, over time st.lucian will lose specking patois.

    anyways the culture needs to change because there is to much drinking in their brains. lol drink and die car crash.

  8. look out folks In 2018 we'll see exactly why some people wanted her gone.

  9. Wow that's a waste of tax payers monies. What was she doing from 1997?

    • Nothing!!!..abosolutely nothing but having police esxorts transport her everywhere on tax payers money...i hope she will not continue to get any exhorbitant salary from the state...Let england pay her...she was representing their queen...she has no real value to our country!

  10. They should replace her with the bald lady. I could totally get behind that.

  11. The last link of the Colonial era. Figuratively, only as a reminder of your former masters
    otherwise of no significant value to St.Lucia at all. Hope they not looking for a replacement.
    Like your queen in the u.k., will miss that hat, very cute though. Good luck, all I could say.

  12. The GG's position is a Grade 21 (Highest position in St. Lucia's Public Service). The base salary is $21K a month (excluding allowances, quirks etc.)

    She doesn't pay a dime out of pocket for transport, meals or utilities at Government House or her private home.

    (we can exclude allowances and quirks to set of the lower base pay for years ago)

    Let's calculate:

    21 000 x 12 = 252 000 a year

    252 000 x 20 years


    ...and remember, she does NOT pay her bills out of her pocket.

    WE DO!!!

    I hope they leave that post vacant as long as the post of Deputy Speaker....

    • I Really love this Comment, very true... but the truth of the matter is, Someone else is already vying for that post. It will come to light pretty soon and the cycle will continue..."Politics" a disgusting game.

    • Please remember not to speak from an uninformed position. According to the estimates of expenditure for 2017/2018 financial year, the Governor General earns a base salary of $93141 per year, which works out to be $7761.75 per month. That’s excluding benefits and other allowances. If you had to multiply that amount by the number of years she would serve, that would be $93141 X 20 = $1,862,820. You also have to factor in that she would receive a gratuity of 25% of her base salary multiplied by the number of years she served in the position. Thus, it would be $465,475 as her gratuity. She will also be entitled to her pension of 50% of her salary. Now remember as Governor General, she does not pay housing, transportation, travel, food or many of the other things that we St Lucians had to put up with on a daily basis. So this lady is really set for life! Just wish though that politicians and political appointees could have suffered like the rest of us.

    • And the same officers who are doing all the escorting and being butler et al can't even get a salary increase - $21G monthly - highway robbery to do what, just sign off on bills from parliament. Wheel and come again. This is too much and we have people crying and begging for work. I agree, let the queen pay her from 2018 till..........

    • You sound like we are about to abolish the position of head of state , meaning the office of head of state.

  13. Good Riddance !! Windsor Token. Like really; I wonder who paid her salary and gave her stipend for all those dam hats ? She served no purpose but to remind St Lucians that they were not an independent country. There are still many grown asses who should be wiser, but are caught up in the wishy washy of their colonial oppressor in the notion of having a governor general IS A MUST for guidance in this day and age, the absolute shame of it. Now lets draft a petition of Declaration For Republic By Decree By The Citizens Of St Lucia and shove it parliament for signage.

  14. Good riddance !! Windsor token. Like really !! Served no purpose but only to reinforce the notion that St Lucia was not an independent country. You still have many in this day and age grown asses who you would think would be wiser by know who still relish in the wishy washy of their colonial oppressors the absolute shame of it. Now lets move on to been a Republic.

    • Your stupidity stinks. Remain in hiding anonymously.

    • Your criticism is misdirected. If you don't like the system of government, blame our elected parliamentarians of both parties who miraculously found unity to fight down proposed constitutional changes because they saw it as a threat to their power and personal well-being (at our expense).

      Dame Pearlette tried to make the position as relevant as she could under the circumstances. I'm sure you know that as soon as she resigns a successor will be appointed, and we don't know yet if that successor will be any good.

      So give the Dame a break!

  15. I have no problem with her being forced out and the position being made redundant. Why pay thousands a month with a job description of ribbon cutter.

    • Employ a robot to rubber stamp majority legislation. After all, once there is a legitimate majority party, why the charade of "officialdom" when the residual power of the GG is NOT going to be used. She remains GG only if the PM so wishes. What a farce.

      Bring political independence home to the shores of Saint Lucia. Economic independence is meaningless in an age of globalization.

      • She remains GG at the pleasure of the existing PM. Perhaps, the love has ben worn very thin. How many more ribbons to new buildings and roads are there to be cut next year?

        We have no thrones here. Yet we get a boring throne speech for every new parliament opening, written by the PM of the day. A comical robot would do.

  16. By whom was the GG forced out of her position??


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