UPDATE: Gas station employee burned to death in Marisule accident identified

UPDATE: Gas station employee burned to death in Marisule accident identified

The authorities have identified the victims who were involved in this morning’s fatal fiery accident in front the Courts Marisule branch, Gros Islet.

The driver of the sports utility vehicle (SUV) has been identified as Richie Richielieu while the deceased has been identified as Lizzelle Charlery, an employee of Galaxy Gas Station in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet.

Charlery is from Augier, Vieux-Fort, according to her Facebook profile.

Reports are that the accident occurred around 3 a.m. when the vehicle overturned and landed on the female who was ejected from the vehicle.

The SUV caught on fire, burning her beyond recognition.

The driver was transported to hospital via ambulance. His condition is unknown at this time.

The Gros Islet Fire Station responded.


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  1. When I heard the news of this horrific accident I said to myself..I do hope it's not anyone I know...and there about a week after im watching the evening news this beautiful happy smiling face of this young woman shows up...I know her so.very well..was such a lovely yy beautiful happy ever smiling young woman!! I was in total shockkk!! Couldn't move for a while i cried just reading about it brings tears..may your soul rest peacefully with heaven's host of angels my sincerest sympathies to the family especially her mother whom.I was so well pleased with on her speaking via the news that evening..God bless you all and her little Prince God will see you through little one. God bless.


  2. My sincerest condolences to the families and friends, neighbors. I am really saddened. Lovely person to meet everyday. Always so positive and cordial. It's really hard to accept this news. May she sail peacefully with Angels.


  3. Heartbreaking! What a HORRIFIC way for ones life to end ! Chilling to watch .. may her family and loved ones find comfort amidst this awful and heart wrenching tragedy in the most High ..with him all is possible , he will render wisdom to understand and the courage and strength to carry on one day at a time ! To my cousin Serma, her sister ! I send my love and condolences and to the entire family ! This is devastating! God bless y'all !❤️❤️


  4. Omg so sad ? rip cuz I never met u but dis is beyond sad ? my condolences to da Charlery families may dey find comfort in dis time


  5. "... the female who was ejected from the vehicle..."

    When I reached this part one particular question flooded my mind: Was she not wearing a seat belt? I mean, not that it might have made much of a difference, but it just might have.


  6. Terrible what a way to go oh man. Rum in his head and fast driving and he lost control of course.


    • I agree with you. That's so sad. Honestly I can't tell how I would feel.If the family is reading this accept my


  7. Don't know this young lady or family but this is a tough way to go. So young. My sympathies go to her family.


  8. So sad...what a grusome way to die...ejected,vehicle falling on her,burning beyond recognition...she died three times...my gosh what was she paying for.


    • You may have a point in she dying three times thus making the headline misleading (Gas station employee burned to death....). She could have died on impact, while ejected, as she landed on the road, the vehicle landing on her or being burnt to death. Sincere condolences to family and friends


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