Four charged with murder of Vieux Fort man

Four charged with murder of Vieux Fort man
DEAD: Oswald Downes
DEAD: Oswald Downes
DEAD: Oswald Downes

PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday, December 30, 2015 police formally charged 28 year old Richey Auguste, 25 year old Danny Preville, 24 year old Lucaius Gilbert alias “Oliver” and 20 year old Kaja Vigier all of Belle Vue, Vieux Fort for the offence of Murder.

They were charged in connection with the death of 38 year old, Oswald Downes alias “Shadda” of Pierrot Vieux Fort.

A post mortem conducted on the body of Downes revealed that he died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to assault caused by sharp instrument.


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  1. So 4 more gyals for me to flex with eh. How stupid are these young men. Man shortage more guals for me


  2. He went there like a boss when he knew the fellers would retaliate after he did them first.Not saying they right to kill him but he should know they not his age and as an ex officer respect other people.The system did not fail your son you did because you knew who he was.Stop covering and come out with the truth.


    • You are so stupid to talk like this we all make our choices I grew up in the community and the parents of shada are well respected we make our kids bit not their hearts I hope u don't have kids cause when they do something bad and people blame you hope you can vindicate yourself idiot rip high gate


  3. Sad to see four young men . Less than 30 years going to jail for a very long time . And for what ? Playing bad man in turf . Well play bad man now. Don't forget shadda was a prison officer n you going to his turf now.


  4. For the month five young men below the age of 30 are charged with murder..... Is this our future ?


    • Yes. But it is sad. We have not had any person with a leadership title with the image that would have our young say that they want to be like him when they get older. How many young people have role models? Few, if any. That's the problem. The seniors of this country have failed to inspire. The system has even as we speaking failing our young.

      The country buck for a minister said that the focus is on repairs of the schools. Such limited ministers of education pat their backs for putting our young into holding "fowl pens" or cages, until they come of age to put them out unprepared for the world of work. These fowl pens or fowl coups do not provide the right formal education in the school system. Our newspapers and columnists are so puerile that they predominantly take the safe political route spewing unalloyed crap each time they write. It is reflective of the live of thinking in this society. In local parlance all they do is to shoot shate. Nobody has the intelligence as to ask "What steps are being taken, that is new today, to make a dent in the 59% unemployed rate for the young?" Nobody has the bolz to ask the right question and stick with it, till the bookies in government move from behaving like cross-dressers attacking each other for sex partners clients.


  5. And off to Bordelais they go to be housed, clothed and fed (perhaps even educated—forget "rehabilitation") at the pleasure of taxpayers, and to eventually emerge, looking WON KON LOLO KLOSH!


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