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BREAKING NEWS: Forest Springs bottled water recalled due to possible contamination


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forestspringsPRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) wishes to advise the public that Forest Springs Bottled Water is being jointly recalled by the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards and Forest Springs Ltd, due to concerns about possible contamination of the 1.5 litre size bottle of that product.

As a precaution the recall affects all Forest Springs Water which carries the best before date codes of 31927/04/18. Customers are advised not to consume the affected products bearing the codes.

Forest Springs is cooperating fully with the SLBS in resolving all concerns relating to this matter. The company has instructed all outlets which carry the brand to remove the affected batch of water from their shelves as of Friday April 21st 2017.

Distribution of new batches of the bottled water has ceased until full inspection and certification by the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards.

A preliminary investigation suggests a mechanical failure as the cause of the possible contamination of the water. The company is working with the SLBS to determine the definitive cause of the problem.

Following this, immediate action will be taken to prevent its reoccurrence.

Once the SLBS’s assessment process is complete a full statement will be released to the public on the status of the company’s bottled water products.

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  1. I will not drink that water again.

  2. Looshans get too on foot. Since when they get hook on bottled water. Before we used to boil the wate and it was ok. Get back to doing that.

  3. If your girl laughs at another guys joke ,you must write down that joke and say it a month later. My brother if she doesn't laugh she is cheating. Ha Ha

  4. So much worse is happening in this country, and never reported as breaking news....I'm just curious to know how many fell sick, or hospitalized from the water. ..I'm sure, none. I think it's a sabotage.... if it is indeed a false claim, FOREST SPRINGS ,you will rise from all of this .. still rated no. 1 water on the island.

    • I have been sick since Thursday morning after I bought 2 bottles of the water on Wednesday evening only to read the story on Friday so I don't believe this was any act of malice. It is unfortunate because this is the only water I buy and if you read, the company is taking all the necessary actions including letting the public know.

  5. Forest springs all the way. As a responsible company they quickly pulled out the questionable batch even it tests have found no issues or contamination. This is what responsible companies do.

    Best water on island. The others fighting it down have zero nutritional value. So I call them dead water. Just look at the label and you will see only zeros for nutritional content.

  6. This water is the best on island.

  7. Why can't the company say what type of contamination... Why so tight lip about it.

  8. Someone trying to mess up

  9. Support your local company
    That's the only local water company that export water.local company with water from deep south

  10. Sharon shut the hell up jackass if you could read you would notice the poduct is bottled in saltibus,stop sh... your contamination

  11. I have noticed as well that they may use the bottles over and over because I just bought some water the other day and the expire date was 2014???????

  12. Karma don't take time to hit. Who ever trying to bring a small man down will pay.

  13. Let me drink my tap water!

  14. Forest spring alllan the way.

  15. Someone just trying to mess up the company.

  16. Best water in St. Lucia

  17. Another contamination.Its seems like you'll trying to kill us.Why you'll dont just put our water back in our Rivers and Streams so we dont have to pay for bottled water or pipe water.And we will have fresh quenching water for our thirst and we will not be contaminated.Its very easy we have to worry about contaminated food,now is water.I mean just lets bring back our fresh Water Springs and our Falls and our Rivers.But just maybe this is not possible because we throw so much shit,in our Rivers and Oceans.We might be drinking poop water.Mind is not Poop that contaminate the bottle water and you'll saying is a machine contamination.

  18. Never liked that water


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