UPDATE: Baby discovered at Ravine Chabot

UPDATE: Baby discovered at Ravine Chabot
The area where the baby's body was found.
The area where the baby’s body was found.

POLICE PRESS RELEASE – The Major Crimes Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is seeking the assistance of the public in identifying the person/persons who are responsible for the concealment of birth of a newborn male.

The baby was discovered in a black plastic bag at Ravine Chabot, Castries about 10:00 a.m., on Thursday, August 21, 2014. The baby was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

If anyone has information or knows of anyone who was or may have been pregnant and cannot give an account of their baby, please contact the Major Crimes Unit at telephone number 456 3752 or 456 3754.

The police have launched an investigation into the matter.


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  1. I shall not condemn the perpertrators.. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.. RIP lil angel


  2. this is not the first time this has happened in this area how many more do we expect choops sick bastards


  3. SMH I mean u eh want child protect ur ass u carry a child for 9 months den u gave birth den kill him....useless ppl dat child gonna hunt u till u die


  4. It's high time they start making arrest for such vicious crimes, this is a crime it's taking the life of another I mean she could of atlas leave the child hospital? the government would take good care of her child smh.


  5. If im noy mistaken this is not the 1st time this has happened in the same area. What is going on my goshhh you ladies are so heartless. You wait to give birth then kill that child?? Hell has a special section for you. That child will cry n haunt you till you die ..wothless people


  6. I am rather disappointed at this situation....quite frankly thus is an act of neglegence and ignorance...i have a 10 month old of ny own n day by day i look into her eyes im like whoaaa...dats me doin the best i can to care for her....but to put the feotus in a plastic bag jus sends shivers up my spine..why shudnt there be judgement..there is no situation to big for the lord to handle..shameful act..betta she seek medical attention immediately cuz there mite still be some of the stuff inside her.....may the lord have mercy on ur poor soul....double murder


  7. I was reading this and hoping the baby was not killed. IF THERE IS ANY YOUNG LADY OUT THERE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT DOING THIS PLEASE STOP. PLEASE LEAVE THE BABY SOMEWHERE SAFE FOR SOME COMPASSIONATE PERSON TO RAISE. Nuns, nurses, church, school, hospital, health centre, Social Services, human affairs, some good person doorstep...anything is better than death in a garbage bag...GIVE LIFE A CHANCE.


  8. There is no excuse for this ... This is murder not abortion who doesn't report having a baby and then puts it in a bag ... If the girl was raped or what ever the case there is still no need for this ... May god bless this little angel rip


    • Abortion is still murder, though, and just as bad as this. But I know where you're coming from.


  9. That's murder they are too many options other than the one she took Smh the child is innocent in a bag but we must sympathize with her sad to think that we have people so inhumane in our little st Lucia hope they get her and send her to jail for life cause that's murder


  10. to all the ladies out there who go about having sex and can't accept the gift of getting a baby instead of killing them could you please post on face book that you have a child whom you would like to giveaway or rather find a home for and and place the child at the hospital for someone who would gladly take him/her home stop killing the children who did not ask to be born.and i hope they find the person who did committed that crime.