BREAKING NEWS: Fireman charged for Akwaso Francois’ murder

BREAKING NEWS: Fireman charged for Akwaso Francois’ murder
Akwaso Francois

Thirty-two-year-old James Jacobie of Ravine Poission, Bexon, was charged for the murder of 33-year-old Akwaso Francois of Entrepot, Castries and the attempted murder of 27-year-old Eva Louis of Monchy, Gros Islet.

Jacobie, a member of the Saint Lucia Fire and Emergency Services, is expected to make his first court appearance before the First District Court in Castries today. He was charged Friday.

It is alleged that on November 15, Francois and his female companion were driving along the Millennium Highway when they were attacked by the accused and another male suspect.

As a result of the altercation, both Francois and Louis sustained serious injuries and were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance. Francois subsequently succumbed to his injuries while Louis was admitted.


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  1. 1m really sorry about what happened to you james2 but y not report you let him get away with such crimes HE IS ONLY HUMAN maybe you should have left the relationship for his baby mama who cares if you were involved with James


  2. james i can clearly remeber when yu call mii cocooon sutty and the day a mun was giving mii a ride n yu told him if he pickin up was high time u stop that bullshit....always disrespecting women


  3. so James2 youre saying dat he beat you up?? i wonder why is only now you coming out with this story!!!! you say he used to call the police department before u got to why didnt u ever go to the news or sum??? so what am understanding is dat if Jacobie had not killed an individual, no one wud know dat he used to harm you?? seriously??


  4. Please post the fireman's photo on the page. you have yet to do that thsnks. You have the picture of the victim.


  5. i hope he stays there in prison cuz i was tired of his bullshit always beating me making fake profiles of me and saying mean stuff always making fake fb profiles of his own friends when i told him dont do he would beat me and when i tried to go he report him he would calll the police department first and say tht i was tring to harm him i was his girl friend and i know alot he has done. and he is better off there he even planned to go down soufriere to set up his friends to beat his baby mamas close friend because he didnt want me again but he wanted her thts just how bad he is im free at last thank you lord


  6. I know it wasn't mentioned in this article butI suggest that the media and members of the fire department get their facts straight!
    Didn't an ambulance crew transport both victims to the hospital?? Is there no communication within the department??Akwaso and his girlfriend were found on Friday night, not Saturday!!! They were both alive when transported to Victoria Hospital. I expected better from the media! Don't you check out your stories before you go public??
    The emergency personnel should have informed their spokesperson of this or maybe he should have taken the time to find out what occurred that night instead of trying to win sympathy for the accused. Not once did he mention the family of the victim or extend condolences to them. I may be mistaken but I believe that they are suffering a lot more than the accused or his family; after all, they still get to visit him in prison. There's nothing left for the victim's family other than memories. The comments posted here speak of the accused's character but his acts went unpunished until a life was brutally taken!!!
    All of you who witnessed his acts and turned a blind eye or covered up have Akwaso's blood on your hands.


  7. I dont even know if this is worth talking about cuz for the people who knew james we all knew sooner or later something like this would happen.. i mean he has a temper, he was always in money problems we all know it..he set his ex gf house on fire cuz she left him and she is a police officer so what else wud he not do..he has threatened other women cuz they didnt want him...the young boys in the neighborhood were his punching and kicking bags, two weeks before he killed this guy he beat up a boy on the bus stop just cuz the boy didnt pick up sum coconut skin that he dropped by the road to james house..people were tired and scared of james.. i mean its real sad that he had to take someone elses life before he cud be stopped so the people who are trying to justify what he did how well did you really know him latley people change and his change wasnt for the better and alot of people can attest to that


  8. for those of you screaming for James to be hanged. question for you guys! what if it were your brother or son who committed the crime? would you still scream out HANG HIM or SERVES HIM RIGHT????? i would really love to know! even though he was a fireman and they are supposed to proctect and uphold the i said earlier,he is a HUMAN BEING also..i have a brother and if he found himself in a situation like this,i would never say hang him or nothing so! I KNOW THIS GUY PERSONALLY AND HE IS A WONDERFUL PERSON..AND one more thing,the news said that "2 KNOWN occupants in the car" ...James may have been into dirty business,BUT are you certain that Akwaso was not?????? WE ARE TO QUICK TO CONDEMN!!!!!!!!!!