BREAKING NEWS: Firearm recovered by police may be linked to several homicides in Vieux-Fort

BREAKING NEWS: Firearm recovered by police may be linked  to several homicides in Vieux-Fort

Vieux-Fort police say they strongly believe the .38 pistol which a resident of Westall Group, Vieux-Fort, had in his possession may be linked to several homicides which took place in the community over the past few years. Also discovered were seven rounds of ammunition.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Westall Group, one of the troubled areas in Vieux-Fort.

“We are convinced that the firearm was used in several homicides in Vieux-Fort. However, the firearm will be tested to determine whether it is linked to any killings in Vieux-Fort… ” a reliable law enforcement source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The man, 27, who was released from prison last month for being in possession of stolen goods, is expected to be charged later today (Tuesday) for being in possession of an illegal firearm.

According to the police, the man who had the firearm in his possession, threw it away when they saw them.

There were a number of homicides in Vieux-Fort last year. During one month five young men were slain in incidents which police believed were gang-related.

The incidents had certain parts of the community on edge, expecting reprisal shootings, which did occur.


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  1. can anyone answer this question? would the police though have a case of the firearm since they didnt get him in possession of the firearm cause since he threw the gun it was not recovered on him so they cant really chage him for possession of a fire arm


    • Possession is not limited to a person having an item on his or her person. In law possession extends to what is referred to as custody, control, care, etc. in other words seeing him throw away the firearm is confirmation that he was in possession of it. I hope this answers your question.


    • Possession does have several interpretations. The police did have information or witnessed that he threw it away seemingly suggesting that it was in his possession. Another interpretation is that the police can charge a number of people with possession even though a weapon is found on one of them, once they have knowledge that the person has the weapon.


  2. All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.

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  3. I never knew the police in st.lucia can do gun almost seem like victims are buried with the slugs in the way ive never heard the police down here have EVER trace a gun down here to any homocide..when it comes to police work in st.lucia these guys are still in stone age...the only thing they good for is cocaine bust for their own benifit to dish it right back unto the streets.


  4. The police talking too early. Excitement does not solve crime and win convictions. So where they doing the testing? Overseas is money spending and time wasting


  5. The police talk too much. They should wait after the court is done before they start talking this could spoil the investigation.


  6. Nothing will come out of that, if were are not determine to make an example of these illegal firearm holders. Lots of talk no actions .


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