BREAKING NEWS: Female in connection with blackmail case, appears in court

By SNO Staff

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Kershel Louis

Kershel Louis

Police have formally charged a young woman in connection with the nude photos/blackmail scandal involving Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, according to Assistant Superindent Gregory Alexander of the Police Public Relations Department.

Alexander said 18-year-old Kershel Louis of Cas En Bas, Gros Islet, who was arrested several days ago, was charged yesterday with aiding and abetting blackmail and appeared in a First District Court in Castries today where she was granted bail in the sum of $5,000 cash or suitable surety.

Conditions of her bail include surrending all travel documents, not to apply for any travel documents without the State’s permission, do not come within 100 yards of the complainant, and report to the Gros Islet Police Station on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Kershel Louis (left) and Curshaby Alexander. Both are now charged with blackmail.

Kershel Louis (left) and Curshaby Alexander. Both are now charged with blackmail.

Louis joins her friend, 18-year-old Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet, who was also charged with blackmail in the same case.

Curshaby was also granted bail.

The matter is connected to the publication of nude photos on the internet.

Senator Raymond had said at a news conference that he was was the victim of an extortion attempt.

He remains part of the Cabinet despite calls from various political and non-political organisations to resign.

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  1. I have some questions.

    All those persons showing sympathies for these two young women , willing to defend them etc etc etc, would you want them to date your sons?

    Would you not be concerned that when they do not get their way the measures they would go to?

    Would you readily want them in your homes?

    I am not talking about the fact that they might have engaged in sex with a married man and a man old to be their father , I am talking about their motives.


    • Anonymous…This is NOT about sympathies about these two young women. This is NOT about defending them. This is about FAIRNESS and JUSTICE. This is about what is RIGHT and BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ONES ACTIONS. Would YOU want Ubaldus to date or marry YOUR daughter? Would you not be concerned that if he wanted to cover himself or be seen as “right”, the measure that he would go to? Would you want him in your home (or running your country)? I WILL talk about the fact that HE is a married, supposedly christian man, who took vows BEFORE GOD and man…being sexually involved with girl YOUNG enough to be his daughter. You’re talking about their motives…what about his? What about the numerous others that he has exploited that have not been brought to light? You think this is an isolated incident? This one only came out because of the attempted extortion and his attempt to protect himself…there are others…with no evidence or proof, that will not be able to come forward. If he can exploit young women in this country (innocent or not so innocent), and get away with it, just imagine what he can and will do to THE REST OF THE COUNTRY!


      The same way they sent a strong swift message to the young ladies…with equal strength and swiftness a message needs to be sent to him and every man in this country, regardless of station/status, that exploiting women, men, young or old, married or unmarried will not be tolerated! Especially by persons that are held to such high esteem and in whom the country’s faith and confidence has been placed! Wrong is wrong and right is right! He MUST be held accountable and bear the consequence of his decisions and actions!

    • That’s not the point now, is it?

    • Only in lucia this will happen and he still has a job. So now they kill her poor girl they must pay rip

  2. Sexual predator…. Ubaldas is too embarrassed and just wants revenge… He should resign from government…

  3. Is it just me or these girls looking like they beat a lot of life already for school girls.Trust me they THINK they worth it, but back in the day the kinda PAPERS man used to pass for us school girls swollowing that $700 ten times. That’s no lie or boast.Them teenagers now a days eh have no value that’s why they negotiating so low……




    A minister in government ,a grown man or marco is to blame for taking advantage of those children and is still in office serving the people of St Lucia. What a shame. Our prime Minister is lower than dirt to let a shameless piece of shit like Ubaldas serve in our government. I say to ST,lUCIANS start exposing those dirt bags in government, PAST , PRESENT . AND FUTURE, LET THEM HAVE IT.

    • I totally agree with you Straight Shooter…I have daughters too! Every young woman in St. Lucia is MY daughter! It takes a village…

  6. Hope these ladies learn a lesson. Looking like a million and never worked a proper job. Using your bodies and beauty. Let it also be a lesson to those young ones following in their footsteps, being greedy has its price. And to the older men, let the children be. Those in office, practice what you preach and stop taking advantage of our children.

  7. Dem two girls really looking well! Aisyay!! I woulda just give her a whole grand and let her keep the $300 change as a tip

  8. Again I am williing to help pay legal fees, ladies lets make a difference. A good lawyer can help these young ladies realize yes a mistake was made but we can be better persons in society. I am donating $500.00 US.

    • You want to make a difference?
      Start by not looking at this based on genders. Start by defending too, a 18 year old male who committed a robbery or sells weed because he was influenced by an older adult. Then acknowledge that he is a “child”.
      Afford the same sympathies to young men who at age 16 commits a crime. Did it occur to you that these young boys might have been enticed by older criminals and just as a number of you are implying that these young female adults were preyed upon by Ubaldus, then can’t we realize that our young 16 year old boy or 18 year old boy was preyed and influenced to by an older adult?
      But noooo, we will crucify the young male, and he will be treated as an adult.

      You are contributing to the very downfall of the very same girls and women you aim to protect.
      Because this sympathy towards females engaged in this behavior sends a message that I as a female can blackmail any man and I will get away with it because society is more lenient towards women when it comes to actions involving sex.

      Be open minded. And then this nasty cycle will begin to diminish.

      A woman

    • Please send me $200 out of the $500 u’re willing to donate …please and thanks

    • I agree with you. I applaud your bold move. Once a lawyer takes the case…I will donate and raise fund!

    • There is no such thing as good lawyers. These are attorneys of the private BAR, foreign agents that they hold an oath to.

  9. We all seem to be alluding to some standard that we can’t seem to define accurately. Apparently the minister was voted in for his moral uprightness and not because of his political affiliation.
    The only reason the is some shameful for all parties involved is because the violated God’s standard. By right, this should be the standard that well all submit to. But in reality we all try to escape, don’t we ? But no matter the courts judgemet, shame and guilty and divinely inescapable.

  10. If you play stupid games, you will win stupid prices. Mr Ubaldas was playing a stupid game so he won a stupid price. He was dumb enough to either send pics or allow someone to take pics of his body with his face in it, then he has to live with the consequences. He exercised poor judgement and the person to be blamed is himself. Very disgraceful. What happens in the darkness must come out in the light. C’est lavi!

  11. I believe examples should be made out of both the girls and Ubaldus. All should pay for it! “I will not be bullied” my ass! Pervert in cabinet…Hon. Penister Ubaldus

  12. Thanks for a belly full of laughter. I read each and every comment and boy I say kudos to we Lucians we not easy boy,I had nothing nice to say so I choose not to comment. Thanks again for a wonderful day guys.

  13. Wow she’s good looking..i would have hit but not send photos

  14. To all these greedy women who call asking for credit to call other men to ask for credit, I’ll set you all up. Because we like to cast a blind eye to a lot of things that women are engaged in. We are all equal and no man or woman is more equal than the other. With all the disguised prostitution taking place in our society we still want to play blind. You must either have money or be notorious for any woman to give you a look far less a hearing in this country. Yet when you do have money and influence the woman is never seen as the prostitute instead she is seen as the victim. Prostitution is the oldest profession under the sun yet we hide it like it started occurring yesterday. Most of the music which appeals to the youth especially young women is about “i have gold chain, Rolex, Beema and Benz. You women don’t find the time to educate them more about the consequences of the “love for things,” instead you are more busy trying to hustle and peddle your ass into having a bigger SUV than your friends.

    There are always consequences for a society where women and men neglect their roles. No role is more important than the nurture of women for the behavior of the youth is highly dependent on them. The man also has his role which is to counsel his woman in the ways and provide for the family. But if a future man is not taught that by a woman then what do you expect? A recurring decimal!!

    • If these young women did this to a peer of their own age and social class it would be a storm in a tea cup, a sick joke, a distasteful nonsense which young individuals get up to in this social media age. But no, they did it to a Senator, a big man, at the helm of government. Horrors upon horrors! So, they must be denigrated as prostitutes, blackmailers, degenerates, taking all womenfolk down with them. How absurd! Let’s see it for what it is. Ubaldus got mixed up in ‘smut’ and smut leaves a stain on all those who engaged in it. These young women are young enough to learn from their behaviour, Ubaldus on the other hand has made his judgement questionable not just his morality. The consequence for our society is being represented by persons of questionable judgement. If St Lucians cannot take him seriously will the rest of the world?

    • You deserve a medal logic and truth at its finest

  15. Can a mature, educated professional at the helm of government be of good judgement and yet be entangled in the sexual web of conniving juveniles? I call them juveniles because their intellect has not been fully developed. What seems to be working in St Lucia is machinery of the court against the antics of these immature females who use their sexual powers as opportunistically as old men desirous of the elixirs of youth from their young flesh. Only these females have the audacity to put a price on their youthfulness and sexuality, and will use whatever means to achieve it. Who are the criminals and who are the victims?

  16. salbet money yall want to do yall eyebrows and by latest outfit to look nice. what that burning me is young girls again e and its always the nice ones smdh. fellas make sure yall take note of their faces cause if you roll on them genuinely chances are is your money they will eat and not care about you.

    • That is so true

    • Soooooo true. They not naive at all… They involved in sooo many things at that age already. They too young to be judged for their actions but they not too young to have sex with ppl married men and post pix. Choops.

  17. Y all this drama,it was not his private part so what’s the case for.
    Exposing these ladies,does it make a different where is the accusers face and y didn’t he shows up in court on two occasions….. waisting tax payers money.

    • Shut your dam mouth

    • Nonesence… Apparently you and “Chance” who commented knows how UR looks like… Sp why all of a sudden all of y’all useless women saying how UR looks like… ?? I’m not defending noone in this matter because all parties have fault. CLEARLY HIS FACE WAS SHOWN IN THE PICS… So come again with your statement??? Smfh

  18. St.lucia has alot of angry people lol. Reading these comments, wow. And before i’m crucified, i don’t know any of these people, no affiliation at all. But i am St.lucian man nonetheless and i get my people. I can tell you this much, we do live in one of the most sexist, male dominated parts of the world.

    These young women, no matter what you think of their lifestyle or choices are still young women. I suspect many of these comments are from men who never got a piece of the action and are simply upset. Sorry fellas, you’ve got to be a minister to get a slice.

    Anyways, funny how the minister gets to keep his job, carry on as if he’s the victim in this situation. Let’s face it, a grown man holding public office should have known and acted better! I’m not absolving these young women for what they have done, but this minister should not be allowed to carry on in his position and enjoy the fruits of public office as if he’s the minor in this situation. This stiinks of typical st.lucian bs.

    Women are treated as less than equal in St.lucia and that’s obvious. But spare me the hypocrisy and judge the situation as it is. These girls should be held accountant for their mistakes, but so should the minister. Anything less is a farce.

  19. Waa! Kershel you looking well. My girl you coulda check me anytime. $700 is joke.

  20. Ubaldus be careful how you handle this because karma is a bitch u have the power ur government backing you up you feel these young girls you can take them down cause they have no back bone standing behind them but let’s pray that you or your family don’t be in another scandal and then you cannot use your powers remember in all this you only in office for 5 years things wiĺl change i think you going on this rampage to prove a point to your wife and kids who you and only you shamed and ubaldus I really don’t think that these photos were photo shop and you know you just as nasty and sick as the people you blaming because just so two young women pick you to blackmail where would they get your personal number in the first place you had to have a part to play in this no you not innocent at all don’t try to fool people I think everyone in st lucia in the back of their head rationally thinks you have a part in this no doubt and chastnet I am digested at that government fire fucking ubaldus but since you such an ass for a prime minister who is also clueless of what you are doing then you will not fire him and Mrs ubaldus lady get alue because as a woman and a mother myself in my heart I will have the instinct to know that my husband even if is blackmail my husband has a part in this and me and my kids suffering public shame because I’m sure this situation is affecting u even if u are trusting ur husband loyalty but Mrs ubaldus don’t stay and hide and suffer the shame and stay in the marriage hiding because pretty soon it will turn and bite u in the ass stop pretending as a woman

  21. The sad reality is there are so many more young women like these two out there. Young women, instead of using their intelligence use their bodies.

    I wanted to defend my fellow ladies (but couldn’t) when this guy said he is yet to meet a St.Lucia woman who doesn’t ask for a favour, be it money, top up, KFC , clothes for the next fete etc.

    I believe these two knew exactly what they were doing, they are not victims, not condoning that dirty Ubaldus either, imo, he should resign.

  22. Kenny's Delenore Roseveltian dog

    It would seem that this story goes deeper and deeper…are others going to be exposed? Were there angry former ministers who are waging a war because they were kicked out of a political party because the real owners of the political party took over their political party from the mongrels who had ruined it? Chastenet did not ruin your chance to become prime minister my doggy…you did. Chastenet did not hit you with that thousand cut art of war maneuver…the labour party did…You are a novice at the art because you are simply first generation easy money. Your money does not run deep. You are a mongrel. You use mongrel tactics. And mongrel tactics don’t work against the big dogs. Freaking chiwawa. Man servant to the very people who destroyed you. Get off the tv. Get out of the shadows. You will be remembered worse than Kenny when it is all said and done. You cant stop the shining.

  23. This guy have been outright sloppy. Whereas there maybe others who seek young broods he’s is the only name mixed up in this type of scandal. May be what’s keeping him in there is the dirt he has on others in the party. Or it could be the party is the one pushing him to take the hard line he is taking. Either way the energy expended on this debacle is one the country can ill afford. He should do the honourable thing (in keeping with his title) and go.

  24. Charlie’s Angels? No Ubaldus’ Angels!
    Those girls are friends for life. Now they both might be going to jail together. As for Ubaldus he will need a new pair of Angels.

  25. The pictures were sent to the young Lady’s phone, isn’t she allowed to do what so ever she wants with then. The only thing I blame her for is the money part.I believe that it is good to expose them. Show the people who they really are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • Images were not sent to this ladies per the media in which the nudity was shared this was screenshot of a live private video. As far as the law goes this shows full intent of blackmail hence why they are charged.this is why it is open and shut the minister is a pervert granted but this does not excuse malicious acts against a person be it man or woman.

    • Images were not sent to this ladies per the media in which the nudity was shared this was screenshot of a live private video. As far as the law goes this shows full intent of blackmail hence why they are charged.this is open and shut.proceeding further Dr uballsdem is indeed a pervert or what not but his guilt only extends to immorality there is no crime in any law book in the world he has done.most of you y’all daughters are sleeping with old men for money or convenience and even some of you this again is wrong but not a crime.the crime is black mail in this case and I believe anyone who does su h shld be jailed.these are really beautiful young women shame to see personality,future and reputation go down the drain

  26. Human rights and justice

    Ubaldus all the people you have crying for you in here …your judgement must come…your turn coming soon….the gurls got theirs….what they did waa wrong…you…yours coming….

  27. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapist hahaha, wait…thats not funny.Abulldust howcan u do dat eh? how? haaaiy paaam pooo toe, dis man is craazy….if waz me…if waz me..haiy only god knows oooh.Dis man is Ai RAPIST..put dat nasty thing in jail…all 3 of them in fact

  28. Why couldn’t they channel all the blackmailing time and energy into their school studies..that would have been more profitable…there is a time for everything under the sun!!!

  29. I am sick of you guys who are wasting time,condemning a man in this social media time and showing the rest of the world how stupid and ignorant you look at fake pictures and calling it real no wander Dr .Kenny Anthony had to come an explain about the bolom couple years ago, stop living in a fools paradise lucians.

  30. Kershel Las fair malpwoptayyyyyy!!!!!!! Stop looking for rich man to make u floss… you should have discouraged your friend to never embark that dirty scheme instead you encouraged and got her into bigg trouble they should never charge curshaby you should take all the blame. You’re only 18 years old stop thinking that you’re a grown woman life will be you up take it down a notch and obey your mother stop being a bully

  31. Kershel chin up. You didn’ know that karma is a hardcore bitch that’s f– you in the ass right now! You’ve bullied enough girls your age! Stop defending her she isn’t innocent she uses guys for their assets and is a serial pathetic liar. It’s time for you to rethink your life you not no rich girl stop trying to fit. Save your vagina for your potential husband and lighten up.

  32. The only crime the minister committed was adultery which not a crime of the state. But a crime against godo. Therefore his resignation should be from his position in his church not his job. Then majority of men and women should resign since adultery is so common since the time of Jesus walking on earth. If there was a law which forbid adultery in the country then his resignation can be considered. These girls schemed the whole thing and asked for money. Are they kids no! A kid cannot come up with such treacherous ideaso and adult whether young or old can. I will never sit lightly if I sent a one to one picture to someone and it ends up on social media. And put yrself in minister’s shoes for once. How would u react if a nude photo u shared with someone marated, common law somebody’s man ends on social media? I bet u would go for blood.

  33. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.Why the two young ladies and nothing for the man?

  34. Lock up those rats!!!!

    To Send a message to the rest of those in their age group that this lifestyle don’t pay

  35. Check what happen to the speaker f the house Mathew Robert with Mc doom how quick that he was forced to designs did they any proof of the allegations now two young adult has to go through all shame have they question or bring him in at the court hearing

    • Question for what?

    • The speaker was accused of committing a crime by the supposed victim. These are two distinct a b d separate cases. Would you consider the two young ladies in the photo innocent children in any form? Please.

    • That’s because the cases are different. In Mathew Robert’s case it was an allegation of child abuse and it was reported by the victim himself. Plus, The former Speaker never denied it, although silence could never be taken for guilt but there were no legal proceedings pending, therefore he was more amenable to make a statement. To top it all sodomy/buggery is a crime unlike heterosexual sex which is alleged here. If those girls were below the age of consent then Ubaldus could have been charged whether he had sex with the girl or not.

  36. Can I help pay their lawyer fees. They are victims as well, this powerful man will rip them into shreds

    • i agree on the power part but pay for their lawyer fees? ohhh heeeeeell naw, dem girls need deliverance in their vajaijai

      • Yes they need the money sunce they are blackmailing per the news. Since they have hade headlines there is no one to black mail, hence ther eason why we should help them. I AM WILL TO GIVE $500 US. After all they are young, with good counseling they can become better persons and make a difference in society. There is always room for improvement

    • The same ppl that bail them out will pay their fees its all in their plan. U should probably give me that money I need it more

    • Shut your broke ass?????

  37. Check what happen to the speaker f the house Mathew Robert with Mc doom how quick that he was force to designs did they any proof of the allegations now two young adult has to go through all of shame have question or bring him in at the court hearing

  38. Far away in thought

    There’s are so many ways to look at this story even if I am personally getting tired of it. For as far back as I can remember politicians and high ranking officials or just plain grown men with what is perceived to be a large bank account lure these young women with that same perception of a large bank account. I refuse to support the immoral and unethical behaviour of a 59 something, married with children, Christian government official. But something else bothers me. And that is the fact that we are in 2017 and our young ladies are selling their bodies and extremely cheap too. I am saddened to know that men with a few more dollars in their pockets think it’s tight to approach a young lady and ask for sexual favours knowing that he can get what he wants because the young lady feels she has hit a gold mine. Why has it become so important for young women to sell their bodies for weave and outfits and the good life that includes nothing but partying. When will we teach our young women to be empowered and to really know our self worth. Our young ladies need to know that we are worth more than the weave and the clothes and the party. We need to teach them that we are more than our vaginas and we can get what we want without having to use it. It’s sad to know that these 2 young women with bright futures ahead have become victims of a very ugly scandal where an older married man with money is involved.and while ubaldus is wrong by moral standards the young ladies have been charged with a crime and they have to face the court system while the married man with money only feels the wrath of the public court of opinion. Come on ladies. Rise up and wise uo

    • Beverly Expensive

      Yes Judge..bias one perfect..married. .single..pastor..priest. for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God

    • cut a long story short , you do the crime you pay the price

    • Your comment “Our young ladies need to know that we are worth more than the weave and the clothes and the party. We need to teach them that we are more than our vaginas and we can get what we want without having to use it” is very interesting. It reveals that women have that problem, hence the problem is not entirely men luring women. Women can be very materialistic, selfish and self-centered and often use their sexual appeal to get what and who they want. They are grown people and if a man comes calling for sex it is a mature decision made by the women, after all the law are on their side on this one because a man can be arrested and charged it the woman only mentions that she believed that she did not consent, even after he had given consent.

      Whenever someone has an advantage especially sexually it is most likely that they will take advantage and that’s human nature. Try explaining why all of a sudden we have womwn in very skimpy outfits under the disguise of exercising on the highways. Is it because that the place is so hot that we need such reavealing and tight unde rgarments? Women question yourselves and answer truthfully.

  39. Please trust me is them ppl was here in amercia the minister loose big time and they would make him step down st.lucia is a papishow .

    • Nonsense. You maybe in America but you sound quite ignorant of what happens in politics there. Scandals happen everywhere. The way you handle it makes a difference.

    • Mr stupid how there you insult our justice system, St lucians has more wisdom that Americans so please do not compare us.

    • Question for what?

      • I don’t understand he sends naked pictures to women under 21 years old and he still in authority I think we are only seeing the wrong doings of the women for accepting the pictures like they could have rejected it or cancelled it from being received and not seeing that this man is a pervert and since nothing is being done about the explosion (everyone is forgetting about it slowly but surly) I’m guessing nothing will be done about this too. People this is 2017 we don’t need money to sue someone you know we can take them to court and whoever loses pays all the bills. We need to begin thinking smart.

    • What they fail to realize did ubaldus Raymond ever open his mouth and say people that not me .Only juke Bois that said it not him.

    • America?……………What was the outcome of the Monica Lawinsky case with Bill Clinton…………..check your stats…………

  40. Justice Will Prevail

    Yes they 18 … Yes they are legal. However the media is tarnishing the reputation of these young women. Plastering their five all over the internet. What about the rapista, the thieves, the armed , what about them. The people that we should be fearful of their faces are hidden. Covereved with clothe or blurred out on the media. So much effing double standards. This is unacceptable. Yes they are legal and vommited a crime. Yes ubaldus us the “victim” he committed no crime but why they hell are we publishing the faces of these young girls depriving them of a future. So many double standards in this small island. I hope ubaldus rots till his balls make ti veh!!!! Salop LA. He must pay. Justice will be served . the truth will come out. Kershel and Curshaby be strong. Yes what y’all did was illegal ( blackmail) but the fucker Ubaldus what goes around comes around. You trying to ruin the young adults future because tonyou im your eyes they cmites a crime and it to your advantage but you commuted a sin. ADULTRY! FORNICATION! LYING! CHEATING! You son of a ***** Your turn coming!

    • I do believe they were well capable of tarnishing their own reputations. They do have a part to play.
      I hate to think that a gun was pointed to their heads to engage in any behavior leading up to this.

    • Beverly Expensive

      They tarnish their themselves. .no one did it..stop blaming someone else. .chooooops

    • You’re emotional because they are women. What about the young boys who spend most of their lives at Massade and Bodelaise sometimes the only crime is to try feeding themselves. The law even sometimes try them as adults depending on the crime. So where is your sympathy there? Some as young as 10 are molested even by grown women. A crime is a crime and in civilized countries it matters not who or what you are, you do the crime once your of age you do the time. From what I have been hearing those girls have been tarnishing their own reputation for years, it is not when judgement day arrives for you to be “mother of sorrow.”

  41. concerned foreign citizen

    Where are your parents young ladies. Where are they?

  42. While these young girls were rightly charged, I questioned the speed of this case.It seems the justice system moves at a different paste for different persons.

    • I have been asking that question. I am a victim of the speed (or lack thereof) of the justice system. It took 2 years and 4 months to get a court hearing and a judgement is yet to be given 4 months later. The social bias is sickening.

    • Y’all do y know what y’all want. If the case was dragged y’all would say cuz it’s a minister it dragging… Smh. I myself tired of that story.

  43. Stop the bloody hypocrisy.

    Stop using the word “child” or “children” when it suits your agenda.
    Had these two girls gone stealing weave, makeup, outfits or held up a store, the word “child or children” would not be in your vocabulary. They would be discussed as adults.

    If a 16 year old boy molested a 12 year old girl. You would not refer to him as a child.
    Last year April ,an 11 year old was allegedly impregnated by a 17 year old boy. The majority of those commenting asked for his head and did not refer to him as a child.

    So call it as it is, the 2 supposedly educated adults were involved in the blackmail and needs to face the courts as per the law.

    Ubaldus SHOULD resign.

    But make no mistake, these girls were old enough to get involved in adult behaviors let them face the consequences as adults

    We have too many double standards.

    Send a clear message to all would be exhibitionists and black mailers.


    • Beverly Expensive

      Rightly said and well said..big women..adults..not babies..they will learn

    • Like your comment but why would you resign when a false dick was place on a picture with your face on it ? Get educated about photo shop.

      • You know it isn’t fake! Y’all political hacks still trying to back-track and claim the photos were photo-shopped. Let the photos be surrendered to an IT nerd and he/she will prove to you they are legit.

      • Photo shop my foot. His phone number was photo shop in all the pics that went round too.

  44. I kinda marvel how this person is plastered all over media for a not so serious matter… But those proven guilty and sent to jail is kept private.. Be it murder..rape..burglary… They allow these guys to block their faces on their way in and out of court…unacceptable… U lost the right the moment you broke the law intentionally..

  45. So chance you know his Sick dick?So why does he has the girls paying if that’s not his sick dick? Lmao

  46. these girls are famous for that . i have kept quiet on this whole matter but i know of some one else who they approached for money . it started with them sending photos to him then came the bomb they wanted money $ 300 dollars to be exact ,then it came to more lucky the person didnt fall for that

  47. Its amazing how dis case went on so fast……….its just amazing. Ull were quick to cover up the thief’s face in baboneau but ull are tarnishing a young girls reputation by putting her face up for da world to c. Share alone in st Lucia. Ull are disgusting!!!!!

  48. Has the minister committed a crime? If so, what is his crime? He was extorted of money by two young women (girls?) – for what? If the minister had committed a crime, he would have been charged a long time ago. If the minister had committed a crime, he would not come out in public to say what happened. Those people casting judgement without a case are either ignorant of the law, and/or have been blinded by propaganda. My common sense and rationale tell me that these two “NAIVE” teenagers were set up – don’t worry, when the case is called to trial, it will all come out!! There is more to come, and the naive teens will spill the beans when the pressure of the courts hit them. As for the minister … his day will also come via the courts and justice will be served (I hope for the better, because, I think he was framed!) … still waters run deep.

  49. But isnt she 18? How is that illegal? LOOOOL!!!!!

  50. Young and Fed Up

    Talk about double standards. The media plasters the face of women all over the place when they commit a crime. What about those persons who’s faces we should see? Those persons who can put our lives at risk? Those rapists? Those armed bandits? Those murderers? I don’t support this situation but I believe it’s high time we stop advertising the young ladies’ faces all over the Internet. I understand that all actions have consequences but if it applies to them it should apply to everyone who is considered to be a criminal. I’m fed up with this legal system. I thought we had a back log of cases. That seems not to be the case in this situation because the young ladies appeared in court very quickly while others are stuck on remand or others are left behind feeling forgotten on their quest for justice.

  51. Pictures can be deceiving. In my view, she looks so naïve. Both are virtually children.

  52. it it right for a minister to be sleeping with a bunch of school kids ? He suppose to be blame . Come on people, a minister. Ubaldus Raymond? Prime example, there’s no justice in this country. Ubaldus you should be ashamed. Married family man with kids . This ain’t no black mail , but pure nastiness by a minister.

  53. So it’s totally fine now for grown ass men to sends pics of their doc to young girls…. and they end up paying for it.
    Dat country is a reel shate!

  54. I do hope these girls expose this man, because this isn’t the first time he has engaged in this type of behaviour. They should let out all his secrets out in court. Gosh how I hate the way this government is taking our beloved country to the pigs.

    • Like your comment but why would you resign when a false dick was place on a picture with your face on it ? Get educated about photo shop.

  55. Little girls next time don’t tread in big women territory.

  56. She is 18… what??? There are several 18 yr old girls with older men. Thats the norm. There are also older women with youngers guys. Point is, they’re 18….it is legal. Morally wrong in other people’s opinions and “biblically” (which is also another opinion). But posting the photos of him all over the internet like that was very wrong. Same way if HE did it to her, they would have charged him and the court cases would have happened just as quick because of his “title”. Yall lucians too ignorant.

  57. When are some of us going to be able to read and understand the law of the land.

    AGE OF CONSENT in this country is 16. No.matter if the man is 17 0r 77 this does not make it wrong. They are all adults. I’m sure all of us can relate to a couple who is married or is in a relationship where the man is twice the woman age. Look within our parents, family, neighbour etc.
    My cousin was 17 years when she dated her then boyfriend who was 44 years old. He wanted to marry her and wanted her mother to sign on her behalf when the mother objected and they waited till she turned 18. They have been married since with two adult children and they have a wonderful life together.
    A lot is made out of this because he is a government official as well as because he is a.married man.
    I do not support adultery at no time. Therefore, if there is truth he was involved in such I blame him fully. The extontion part is wrong.

  58. ladies yall can blackmail me too especially you kershel 🙂

  59. Why people keep saying if was sombody else, u know dam well its like that all over the world, so don’t act surprised. These girls know what effect it would have on the man if they leak the photos they chose to gamble and loss

  60. This man is more than disgusting. he needs to be put away. how did the young girls get his picture? dam koshonie. he should not be showing his little willy on camera anyways. that says that he is a psychotic and sick.

  61. Ubaldus you may well win your case or cases against the young women. After all you have broken no law of the land. But frankly you will have lost. St Lucian’s no longer trust your judgement. They no longer trust you to handle their business. How could they when you have proven to be weak and reckless? This is a girl of 18……what damage would a professional spy have caused you and the country? Admit you are security risk! Imagine you attending a meeting in some foreign country only find your nude pics in circulation in that country? How could you knowing that look at your counterparts in eye? Can you look at your own party members here in the in eye knowing what they know about you? If you are an honest man who care about the country you must admit you are a liability and therefore resign.

    • A security risk?????

      How can he look at his own party members in the eye???
      Answer, cuz he is not the only one engaged in this behavior.
      You know, there are some who are very vocal, who make noise around certain things, but nooooo, they can’t make noise on this young girl big man thing. Skeletons in closet.

      Anyway nuff said.

    • So true..I know of a friend of mine who indicated to me that Kershel approached him one time literally throwing herself at him and he had to tell her act ladylike..smh not nice at all…at.times you wonder how they so young to have such expensive attire while hanging out..?? Smh

      • I have heard stories too.
        They can be rumors, but I am not putting my hands in fire for them.
        Those referring to these two young ladies as if they are innocent children would change their stance if they knew of things.
        The stories not nice at all.
        All now so, those who know the real story must be laughing at us or shaking their heads at our ignorance.

    • I guess you are very ignorant about social media Dale ????

    • Dale stop the hate.????

  62. People stop judging the minister , wait for the facts .

  63. My question if it was just another person in society would they go thus far. Why is it a minister who is guilty of such an act be part of the cabinet. Who can tell how many underage children he has had sexual encounter with. Did the law check to see the age of the girls when the minister first approach her. St.lucia has age of consent at 16…does it means that a 40 years old can go with a 16 years. I have seen such case where by a 50 year old man impregnated an 11 years old and nothing came out of it because the so called family was living under poverty standard. What he have the family was a few cash and television set. Another case was a small black and white tv and a line of electricity for a big mash up old man 56 almost 60 years force a lol 8 years old. Why is it the law don’t give any regards to those cases and let the ppl make set their own deal. Why is it they so into this minister who is crying wolf because he is being expose.

  64. My question if it was just another person in society would they go thus far. Why is it a minister who is guilty of such an act be part of the cabinet. Who can tell how many underage children he has had sexual encounter with. Did the law check to see the age of the girls when the minister first approach her. St.lucia has age of consent at 16…does it means that a 40 years old can go with a 16 years. I have seen such case where by a 50 year old man impregnated an 11 years old and nothing came out of it because the so called family was living under poverty standard. What he have the family was a few cash and television set. Another case was a small black and white tv and a line of electricity for a big mash up old man 56 almost 60 years force a lol 8 years old. Why is it the law don’t give any regards to those cases and let the ppl make set their own deal. Why is it they so into this minister who is crying wolf because he is being expose.

  65. They blackmailed him for sure. I can assure you that wasn’t his sick in the photos because I know his dick

  66. They right to charge them

  67. Jack what do you want the police to charge the minister with?. A crime was comitted it’s called EXTORTION.That’s what these women were charged with. Do the crime be prepared to to the time.

    • He was soliciting sex. In his own words “no one has ever asked me for so much money”. Making bomb is a crime. If I were those girls parents I would file a lawsuit against him.

      • Like your comment but why would you resign when a false dick was place on a picture with your face on it ? Get educated about photo shop.

  68. concerned citizen

    These young girls faces are plastered all over…what about the high society blackmailers and extortionist ???

    • if you know of any now is a good time to part out their names.

      Hope you are not protecting them and expect anything to be done.

  69. Sick country……charge the pedophile also. Why are you charging just the girls. If that behavior wasn’t tolerated at all any level, that pervert would never even think of sending those pictures to a child and yes she is a child compared to him. There’s a serious problem in st.Lucia, too many adults(men) are involved in inappropriate relationships with children. There will be no progress in that place until that comes to an end…….sickos

    • Technically he is not a paedophile as she is of the age of consent legally being 18. Paedophiles go after young children. We have to be careful how we label people. However what he did was wrong and the girls involved were also wrong for the blackmail. They all should be fined for wasting court time.

      • Lol “technically he is not a pedophile”? Why, is it because she’s 18. She might be the only one that we’ve heard about. A man that age does not engage in a relationship with a girl that age if he doesn’t have an issue and a serious one at that. I would venture to guess this is not his first time nor his first “victim”

        • Wah, you really feel that comment made sense?

        • Victim ? Again as I said previously we have to be careful how we label people. According to the law they are all of the age of consent. At 18 you can buy alcohol, vote, smoke, engage in sexual activity etc because you are legally classed as an adult. You can even get married and also do jail time for a serious offence. The girls are legally adults. The man commited adultery but he did not commit a criminal offence. He committed a moral offence and as society is highly immoral now how should his immoral behaviour be judged. That is for him and his wife to work through. The young ladies however will be dealt with by the courts as blackmail is a criminal offence. I hope they learn their lesson with a fine or some community service and this will be the end of this fiasco.

    • A pedophile goes after children. Those are grown women who can give consent to have sexual relations with whoever they want to. Charge them.

    • Child my ass, why the hell url call them child/children. Just because they are being charged??. When they taking the dick they don’t act like a child, they … like adults, maybe beta then u n i

  70. Sick ass country……charge the … also. Why are you charging just the girls. If that behavior wasn’t tolerated at all any level, that pervert would never even think of sending those pictures to a child and yes she is a child compared to him. There’s a serious problem in st.Lucia, too many adults(men) are involved in inappropriate relationships with children. There will be no progress in that place until that comes to an end…….sickos

  71. aa a lot of Things happening in this country regarding that minister of finance really sad situation.

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