BREAKING NEWS: Female arrested in missing case of elderly Gros Islet man

BREAKING NEWS: Female arrested in missing case of elderly Gros Islet man
Cletus Hippolyte, aka 'Banana Split'
Cletus Hippolyte, aka ‘Banana Split’

Police have arrested a female on suspicion of extortion in connection with the disappearance of 83-year-old Gros Islet resident Cletus Hippolyte, also known as ‘ Banana Split’.

Hippolyte was last seen in the Gros-Islet area between Thursday, September 26 and Friday, September 27, relatives said.

According to reports, Hippolyte, who lived alone, has gone missing for the first time.

However, the case has now taken a mysterious twist, after a male, claiming to have information about the missing man, took a number of items, including cash, from the missing man’s family, according to reliable sources.

The male made contact after telephone numbers of the missing man’s relatives were published in the media, sources said.

The male requested boat fuel, a cell phone, clothing, food, water, medication, and top-ups. He also requested that the items be dropped off at a location in Dennery.

A woman collected the items, including the cell phone, but days later leads went cold. No new information and still no sign of their missing relative, sources further stated.

However, relatives were informed on Monday that a young female was arrested in Soufriere on suspicion of extortion after police tracked the cell phone the family provided, sources said.

We will provide more details on this developing story later today.


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  1. Something ain't quite adding up here. I watched the TV news and NOT once did I see the daughter who was featured showed her face on TV. Why didn't she show her face? What is she hiding? I think the authorities should probe deeper behind this. Their first port of call should always be the family. Everyone else was showing their faces on the newscast except the daughter whose voice you could hear loud and clear. I know Hippolyte personally in London. I have known him since the 60s when he lived in London. The daughter NOT showing her face speaks volumes. Police should look at the family angle if they are going to solve this crime. That is all I am saying. She was so confident in speaking yet could NOT show her face in the newscast.


  2. Please put out an image of the female please we need to know to make sure ours fathers, brothers and male relatives are not the next victim.


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