Female arrested in connection with baby-dumping

Female arrested in connection with baby-dumping

Police are making headway in their investigation into the dumping of a baby’s body in Ravine Chabot, Castries on August 21, 2014.

Reliable sources say a female suspect, in her 20s, is now at Victoria Hospital under police supervision.

The sources added that the mother is experiencing complications in relation to the alleged abortion.

“She may be charged subsequent to her being discharged from the hospital,” a source said.

The baby was discovered in a black plastic bag at about 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 21 in the community.

The baby was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A number of persons have been assisting police with their investigation.


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  1. Who am I to judge her to me she innocent until proven guilty......but as the sayinbg goes YOU DO YOUR CRIME YOU FACE YOUR TIME.


  2. Some people should not judge this young lady for her actions, gir the bible said he who is without sin cast the first stone. I've indeed had the privilege to speak to her and I could just pray that she gets the help that she deserves. Am not saying i agree with the way she handle the situation no one is perfect some of us judge her but our life ain't no better we don't listen to the commandnents but yetwe jjudge others that break them to


  3. I'm from the chabot area over 5 of us were held for investigations and all of us came back negative so tell me does the law owe us an apology cause after the 5 of us were held for questioning our names were spreading all over the area like wild fire,.... is not from chabot he jus cums by her friends and here the chabot area name is spolit saying all the women in chabot are baby killers,come on people all over st lucia does crime and come some other area ans tarnish the area reputation,that's unfair to us 5 girls that were arrested I think we deserve an apology.#jus suggesting


  4. All of you .. out there talking ... about " she suppose to protect herself and she should be in Jail". All of us have done something stupid, sinful unlawful but how many of us has walked ourselves to Jail.
    I don't know what she went through neither do any of you. By the looks of it, this is why so many people are afraid to come out and speak or act about their situation. There are too many judgmental people out there.
    I thank God that he alone can Judge.


  5. There is no reason for a woman, young or old should kill a child....If the baby was still born, she could have called for help or brought it to the hospital. Don't just dump it in the garbage....No f--king heart.


  6. For mr. Jay. The walk with God is not easy and was never intended to be. But its better than jus being there letting the devil control your life. Thats why things like this is happening in this world. We're lucky that God is as merciful as he is because if it was in the older days he wouldv'e already wiped away this wicked world.


  7. To all of you god squad, it is apparent that you are really not aware of the situation; continue trusting and hoping that slu will be a better place; do nothing to enlighten yourselves, and bitch about everything; keep holding on to gods unchanging hands, while legislation, making it harder for us to survive. If people ever think that god will leave his glory to come help us pay books and bills......smfh, ; not now I'm asking the Christian's god to help us with VAT....eh nothing for that;.....the harder people hold the bible, the harder things get, (just an observation); mais zot plein pawol.


  8. We are all calling murder. Did tropics report indicate that , how are we so sire it was not a still birth? None of you know this girl's situation we are all so quick to judge .


  9. Atleast some people have sense. While others only talk nonsense. You can't judge all St. Lucian women, by one or a few mistakes. There are people who fly at night, killing people black is blue doing witchcraft an God knows what. So many young people dying mysteriously and noone knows how or who did it. What this young lady did wasn't right in the sight if of God or man but Jesus died on the cross for people like her and he will hear her plee if only she confess her sin an ask for his forgiveness sincerely.#stoptrynabeGod


  10. Well, Well, Well, Im reading those comments, no wonder there are so many suicide in St. Lucia, St. Lucians are so HOLY....and free from sin,yet their thought are so evil. Young lady the Almighty will forgive you, just keep on praying. We out there dont know your heart, we only know what we can see.


  11. Thats why its good to speak your feelings. Wish she had seek other options like adoption. A good person would have been more than happy to give this child a happy life.


  12. To the Real Cleopatra;- I take offence to your comment (98% of St. Lucian women love abortion) If 98% of the women love abortion and are your friends, then maybe you are just the same way; but don't categories majority of women in the same circle. Actuall 98% of st. lucians LOVE children


  13. There are alot if idiotic people trying to do God's work for him. Why cant people just keep some of their stupid opinions to themselve and try to comment something that actually makes sense. Every single human being including you are a sinner so before casting YOUR judgement know all facts smdh.#ignorant


  14. i don't feel sorry for her, reason being she should have protected herself. she murdered that innocent being. god is sad.
    the spirit of that child will surely haunt you for the rest of your life.