UPDATE: Diego killed after he told suspect to leave his place, daughter escaped unhurt (photos added)

UPDATE: Diego killed after he told suspect to leave his place, daughter escaped unhurt (photos added)

The island has recorded another homicide.

Barthelmy Cox, also known as Diego or BB Boy, 36, was fatally shot at his residence in Ciceron, Castries. Police received the call at about 11:50 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 9.

It is alleged that Cox intervened in an altercation between his 19-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, when he was shot in the chest and killed.

It is further alleged that the deceased, along with relatives and friends, had warned his daughter about the relationship with the suspect.

“The boyfriend was abusive and he (Cox) came to his daughter’s defense. There was a fight and the boyfriend shot him,” a Ciceron resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Persons close to the deceased described Cox as a peacemaker.

His aunt Muriel Fortune told SNO: “He is not a troublemaker. People tend to tell you that their people were good, but that one I could tell you was a very good boy.”

Fortune said she heard the gunshots and thought it was someone in the area, but was given the bad news a few minutes after that her nephew was shot and killed.

“My nephew told me that that boy came and threatened him already. He came there and arguing with his woman and told my nephew that the next time he come back he was going to kill him. So was said, so done,” the distraught woman explained.


According to neighbours, the daughter’s boyfriend had left the premises after Cox asked him to leave. However, he returned a few minutes later with another male and started firing shots from the entrance of the passageway leading to Cox’s home.

After hearing the gunshots, Cox and his daughter became alert. Several shots were fired at Cox who confronted the men. Cox attempted to run, but was shot in the chest region. His daughter managed to escape because she too was afraid that she might have been shot.

“Someone like Diego who always preaching to the youths that badness out of style and better they go and look for work, even if it is STEP programme. *** going all at the person home and kill him because he not welcomed there,” a person familiar with the deceased posted on Facebook.

“Knowing Diego everyone was welcomed at his home. Do you know how many of us stayed out of trouble just by going and sit and reason with him by his place? There is nothing you will ask Diego that he has and he will not give it to you. Since everyone knows is *** that killed him I hope the police have no problem arresting and charging him for murder…”

The suspect and his accomplice are currently on the run.


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  1. The same set ah hypocrites that condemned his daughter is the same set on fb saying the murdered is handsome So it could be any of you all in her place who vex eat their self


  2. Thats .. up... going to bed every night knowing that you've killed someone. When the rage is gone, it a mistake that can never be forgiven or forgotten. if we are to help police capture the guilty guys, why are their name kept secret. i dont care about them not being charged cuz they are already guilty. Jah alone knows, they should put a curse on them so that they can live miserably til they take their own lives.


  3. Have You Noticed?
    I've realised something that many men that physically abuse their spouse/partner/girlfriend... have in common.

    Finish this sentence and you will understand what I am talking about: "If you ever live me I will [...]"

    Yes, you got it right, "kill you". Many of them are just a step away from being murders.

    This case proves to me that not only they may end up killing the women (or threaten to do so) but they will do the same to anyone getting in their way.

    Let us check ourselves!


  4. So why is the name of the suspect being kept a secret?

    In the article at least two times the suspect's name was censored.

    Why is he being protected? If we know his name, we could help arrest him.


      • Nope. They could at least say police are seeking (suspect name) in connection to the crime. I didn't mean that they all out accuse someone of murder. Just give a name so the public can be aware of someone on the run from police questioning.