BREAKING NEWS: Fatal shooting at Bois Patat

BREAKING NEWS: Fatal shooting at Bois Patat

15978805_299219607141392_1674902980_nPolice are investigating the island’s eighth homicide in nine days. Five homicides occurred yesterday.

The body of a young man, identified as Urias Anthony, aka Outclear, of Jacmel, was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head at a dwelling house in Bois Patat, Castries today.

According to sources, police are investigating whether his death is linked to yesterday’s triple homicide in Jacmel and a shooting in Bois Patat last year.

In Jacmel yesterday afternoon, three males – Kyle Nelson, Gillian Charles, and Dequan Joseph – died after being shot multiple times at a garage where they were attending a BBQ. A fourth male sustained minor injuries.




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  1. Oh Lord have mercy on this Island st lucia the country of my birth. so many times we blame the leaders let us stop blaming them. Parents wake up, families let us come together to work with our children. We need prayer and fasting to help in this situation.


  2. I believe the devil is running wild, he comes to steal, kill and destroy a young generation .I believe the devil has realized God is about to do something great in St lucia and he is trying to stop it. The bible says Jesus has come to give life and give more in abundance, but the enemy is trying to take your children's life. Yea St Lucia wake up this is more spiritual than physical. Am advocating to every minister of church the prime minister and his government and the opposition don't case blame on each other ,this is straight from hell, target it with prayer and supplication. St Lucia need a national day of prayer, the prime minister has the leader need to take the lead in this, call every church every community for a national day of prayer make it a holiday in schools in government institutions every where on the island blow the trumpet and let the enemy knows whose in charge, don't let the enemy ran your country. Let the peace of God regin on the land of St Lucia and the blood of our lord and savior flow over the land. Be blessed St Lucia.


    • Amen. Only the blood of Jesus. God alone can work the miracle that we need to see in St. Lucia. Parents need to understand ; Instead of being so NEGATIVE towards church and the word of God, Encourage your children at church instead of the streets and the gangs. Instill the value of a good education and hardwork in them and to put GOD first. Amen!


  3. We cannot classify criminality; a crime is a crime is a crime. The reluctance to acknowledge that a crime may have been committed is also a crime, and so is the refusal by any authority to investigate and prosecute.

    Yet, If a government itself have acknowledged that a crime may have been committed (ORC), it avoided the available legal channels to prosecute (re-opening an inquest by AG) and instead created its own channel (amendment to legislation to facilitate IMPACS), and has never taken any steps to prove a crime has been committed, since being in office for 5 years. Meanwhile, it has insisted that other people and other foreign countries acknowledge/recognize that a crime has indeed been committed by going as far as trying to make foreign governments reject the appointments of those who they think are complicit. Who then shall we say has committed a crime against the state?

    You see, criminality is not confined only to people with guns and drugs, it can also mean acting in a way which is inconsistent with the law in achieving one's own ends, and in the process damaging the reputation of people and the country as a whole.

    Remember what was discussed earlier, that it may be that our leaders are not worthy themselves, therefore they are incapable of rendering a proper justice system to the people or passing judgement on any one for that matter. This is confirmed by the words of the PM Anthony in him saying that the US does not trust our Justice System. What was the former PM really saying, for as we know it that he is the leader who ensures all matters to the citizenry, including economic and judicial power? So do they Trust Kenny Anthony?


  4. Let us take revenge on everybody who has violated us. Let us kill all whom we presumed to have killed. Let the police kill all who they think have killed. Isn't that the message I am reading here?

    "Judgement is mine saith the Lord". Haven't we realized that taking revenge is a selfish endeavor? After all, if everyone decided to take their own revenge, how many people do you suppose will be left in St. Lucia? Christ also said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Yet, you will find people casting all kinds of boulders within our communities.

    THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR REVENGE OR VIGILANTE JUSTICE. Whether committed by police or individual it is wrong. Even prisoners of war are not executed as it would be considered a war crime and a crime against humanity.

    What we have now is a blasted selfish blood-thirsty community. This community was allowed to florish under the capable hands of inept leaders/politicians for several years who have been preaching selfishness and an indifference to crime when it suits the political agenda. Imagine for example you have a former PM, leader of a party of tens of thousands justifying the leaking of confidential documents by Civil Servants. It is wrong, and one who is in a leadership position should never make something that is wrong look right just to satify their own ends. This is prescisely the culture which has lead us astray. How could any other person be it criminal or not to think that he does not have as much a right as a leader to act illegally? To what extent can such a leader inculcate in the minds of such individuals that they should act legally and responsibily?

    You may say that the two issues are separate, however, discipline is discipline and respect for the law remains a constant across situations and environments. How could one be a diciplianrian if he is not himself discipline? It goes back to the same Biblical lesson: "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Are our leaders, our society or even religious leaders worthy of casting any stone?

    Then if no one is worthy or capable of giving advice or even administering Justice then we are definitely living in a lawless society. This is apparently evident in the reluctance by successive governments to provide the people with a proper system of Police and Justice. Are they infact telling us that they are unworthy?

    Meanwhile the saga continues. Lets kill everybody who we think has committed a crime. In 2060 St. Lucia population=0


  5. you know what's funny
    batty boy empty clip Sunday
    Monday he get one alone
    that's what you do dread yu kill who you come for not
    finger pon trigger and spray




  7. This is quite sad. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that we had 5 homicides in 1 day. I don't know anything about the people who were killed; nothing about how they lived. All I know is that we've had 8 homicides in the first 9 days of the year. This is crazy in any country. This is just horrible in the country I love and call home, only 238 sq. miles.

    St. Lucia has become a lawless state. Our women can't get a break because they are getting raped constantly; doesn't matter if they're young, old or in between. Our young men are becoming target practice. These young men have children who will grow up without fathers; many will continue in the same cycle of poverty and violence as their dead fathers. Those whose fathers were not involved in crime may still end up in poverty. The high rate of suicides and attempted suicides is alarming.

    Many blame the government for the crime situation. The government probably should be blamed to an extent. The government is made up of us, St. Lucians. There is no single solution to the crime issue. There are many layers, there are many links. The lack of prosecution of men who impregnate underage girls who then have babies that they cannot parent, who then grow up to be young men with no moral compass. A justice system where your punishment often depends on your last name or address leading to frustrations and distrust of the system. An education system that prepares students for jobs that no longer exist. A health care system where proper care is hit and miss. Broken family structures. Religious leaders who think they should only preach on Sundays to those who come to church.

    There are many layers, but the solution starts with each of us. We all have a role to play, whether it's having stronger family structures, reporting crime when we see it or holding the Government accountable. What we can't do is deny that we have a serious problem. What we can't do is to take comfort in the fact that "crime is everywhere" so we're not that bad. We have to take charge or else, pretty soon we will be prisoners in our homes, too scared to come out and sweet St. Lucia will be completely gone. Stop the blame game. We can all do something and it's not too late.

    Me? I'm not rich but I've decided to sponsor a young girl who is from a disadvantaged family. My hope is that I can be a mentor to her and provide some assistance regarding her education so she can break the cycle of poverty and not become a statistic. A small gesture but a number of small gestures can make a big difference. My condolences to the families and friends of my fellow St. Lucians who lost their lives this weekend. Hope this surge of shootings and killings is short lived.


    • Fan,
      This bloody 72-hour period, was not something that should have surprised anyone with a little smarts. More and more weapons were being smuggled into the country and gun crimes had low apprehension rates. Then, there was not even an attempt to increase prison sentences for gun related crimes. Jokers were getting bail, even after they had shot up the place! Somewhere, the "great leaders" had not made the connection that this was a tourists destination.

      Let's put it this way. Imagine St. Lucia as a car. It is driven by a driver who knows that the engine has a heavy leak of motor oil. Yet, the driver keeps on driving day in and day out without addressing the problem. What you think is going to happen?


  8. I deduce that this is gang warfare. If you are not a gang member, there is no need to fear. Gang Bangers !


    • Amen. Only the blood of Jesus. God alone can work the miracle that we need to see in St. Lucia. Parents need to understand ; Instead of being so NEGATIVE towards church and the word of God, Encourage your children at church instead of the streets and the gangs. Instill the value of a good education and hardwork in them and to put GOD first. Amen!


  9. All of this is just a prime example of an eye for an eye. These morons are killing each other for idiotic reasons and our judiciary system isn't making the necessary efforts to make real time arrests and conduct fruitful investigations. Honestly I'm all for letting these douche bags kill each other out. Once the innocent civilians don't get hurt I won't beat up.


    • Rightlfukly said. Unfortunately, innocent and law abiding citizens sometimes get caught in their idiotic actions. Ans


  10. So apparently there are individuals out there operating faster and more efficient than the police. in less than a day they find the culprit whiles police still investigating from last year..hhhmmm


  11. We now want to pretend we dont know whats happening. The system is now reaping rewards from the machine it has created.
    We want to introduce foreign style of management here to please the "BIG GUNS" to show the world we are kool. I cant discipline my child with some stokes, teachers cant either. The law makers behave like they are not part of society creating and implementing laws pushing vengeance from childhood.

    Joe Public "aka" Mr Bias cried foul before just as now and when the police operated he cried tears of relief. He then turn around and f***d up the police because his friend broke the law and was sorted. Now its phase two.

    The Pastors and Priest do they really teach the people the truth? Plenty of what we are being fed is just like waiting for fruit from a male papaya tree.



  12. It good they killed the f... dirty dog gone you have done to many killing and police scared of you well look up a-- gone now it hurt you left three of our love ones death you thought you would have enough time to be spreading out the boys pic again boy goodbye dog you lucky I eh home to spit on your grave in .thi.and family that have to go through it look up turn now


  13. Judgment... God is gud....u dead alkaline say dem kill me friend dem a go dead dequann


  14. As much as it saddens me to hear this, we must understand that if the young men and women choose to be in gangs this things are expected to happen. We can t blame nobody but themselves,your up bringing doesn t always decide how your future will be, at a certain point in your life u can decide what kind of life you want to live,what ever u choose it's on you.


  15. His from Jacmel know him from childhood he killed enough young life already today is his turn I am so happy they kill enough is enough he kill mu 2 family one yesterday and one last year


  16. His from Jacmel know him from childhood he killed enough young life already today is his turn I am so happy they kill enough is enough he kill mu 2 family one yesterday and one last year


  17. What is going on in Fair Helen. Its only 9th January and we have had killings for every day of the month so far. There is something terribly wrong with our society judging by this spate of homicides.


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