BREAKING NEWS: Fatal accident on Millennium Highway

BREAKING NEWS: Fatal accident on Millennium Highway


(St. Lucia News Online) — Police are investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred on the Millennium Highway on Monday afternoon.

The deceased is a male motorcyclist who collided with a car.

Video clips of the aftermath of the  accident have been uploaded on social media.

It shows the  motionless and mangled body of the motorcyclist on the ground with his bike some distance from his body.

Below is a report from the Saint Lucia Fire Service:

On Monday 7 September at approximately 4:20 p.m. the Castries Fire Station responded to a call on the Millennium Highway. The information received stated that a male individual was lying on the road appearing to be unconscious.
The responding emergency personnel found one male individual lying face down on the road. A rapid assessment was done, which revealed that the the patient was pulseless and breathless. Immediately, he was immobilized with a cervical collar and place on a backboard. He was transferred to the ambulance where CPR was initiated and continued en route to the OKEU Hospital. The patient’s condition remained unchanged en route to the hospital. There, he was left in the care of medical personnel.




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