UPDATE: Briton killed by vehicle driven by son of Dr. Stephen King

UPDATE: Briton killed by vehicle driven by son of Dr. Stephen King

Police are investigating a vehicular accident which resulted in the death of a male pedestrian at a bus stop near the entrance of the Rodney Bay Marina.

The deceased has been identified as  Quinton Garrathy, 38, a British national. The Gros Islet Fire Service received the emergency call at about 1:38 a.m.

Eyewitnesses told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the man was hit by a black Hyundai SUV, registration number PG657, as he attempted to cross the road. He had just gotten off a mini-bus at the bus stop, opposite the food vans, the eyewitnesses said.

The vehicle, which was heading in the direction of Gros Islet town, stopped a few metres from the impact of the accident. Blood on the sidewalk, pieces of vehicle parts and a pair of shoes – metres from each other – were evidence of the tragic moment.

The SUV was being driven by Sebastien King of Gros Islet, son of pathologist Dr. Stephen King, with two other male occupants on board. None of the young men appeared to be injured when SNO visited the scene. The SUV received minor damages to its bumper and a cracked windscreen.

One of the young men on board the SUV told SNO that the man crossed the road suddenly.

“The man  ran into the vehicle,” the shocked passenger said to another repeatedly.



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  1. It seems pretty clear from these pictures that the driver was going faster than he should have. I think it is also fair to say that from the impact on the car, a more aware driver could have swerved to avoid collision.

    Also to say that Quinton may have been suicidal - get a grip. The guy was a friend of mine and a wonderful, happy, popular man with an incredible future. I will miss him loads as will hundreds of others.

    My thoughts are with his family.

    God bless you Quin. You were a remarkable man and I really cannot believe this has happened to such a great bloke. Xxx


  2. Folks, take a "chill pill"
    His wife is going to live a very comfortable life with the "Life Insurance" money that is set to be dispersed into her bank account.

    So let's all focus on more important matters like....you know...Politics.
    But again, you can always like the two. 🙂


  3. St. Lucia needs to enforce stricter laws and penalties with regards to the speed limit in certain areas especially in residential areas and around bus stops. Pedestrians and drivers must be educated with regards to the rules of the road. Another subject which needs urgent is the drinking and driving. You attend public and private events and there is no legal time to stop the sale and/or distribution of alcohol. Alcohol is sold to to end or well after the end of these events. Rules and regulations need to be enforced with regards to a time and police should be on the roads to intercept drivers who have certain blood level aclohol limit. I see people most almost all the time drinking while driving in St. Lucia. On vacation in St. Lucia I have seen on many occasions where people drink acolhol from the beginning to the end of a public or private event, they can barely walk and is staggering then jump into a vehicle to drive home with other passengers... THIS IS DANGEREOUS. These are the issues which should be addressed.


  4. this is truely tragic, but the circumstances surrounding the incident can be numerous. friends give statements, witnesses give statements and the driver gives a statement. knowing the stretch where this happened, it is very difficult to see persons at night with oncoming traffic and lights. now the question to ask is did the gentleman cross behind the bus where he could have been seen or infront where a passing vehicle can pick up anyone. blaming noone here just asking the eyewitnesses what they saw. and clearly from what someone said they dont drive, you cannot pick up someone who pokes their head out dear individual. the person who said that they asked the medical personel to remove the body knows nothing because 911 personel dont move dead persons. next thing is speed is relative you two eyes see a vehicle moving quickly but your brain says otherwise. judging on the markings where the gentleman was picked up, and where the vehicle stopped says alot. the man got hit and travelled several feet but the vehicle stopped a few feet away from him. not the eyewitnesses, can you please verify at which point did the tires screach, before or after impact. because if it is before, that means avoidance and accidental vehicular manslaughter. if was after clearly the man was not scene until after impact. so with all the rational and no name calling please tell me what you guys think. i was not there, sad to say someone lost their life, and i pray for the grieving family. hope there is resolution for both parties.


  5. It is obvious why you hold such views about Dr. King. "I was present" it is not dr king's fault that you cannot spell or speak proper english. This was the responsibility of your parents and teachers. NELP has some good english courses and they are pretty cheap. If it's unaffordable, I am sure they make exceptions. All the best hon!


  6. I would hope that the police did a breath test for the presence of Alcohol, lets hope so! Let also hope that Virgin Atlantic use their leverage to ensure that there is NO coverup in this investigation! as is so common in the Caribbean.