BREAKING NEWS: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts announces new hotel and residential development on Saint Lucia

BREAKING NEWS: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts announces new hotel and residential development on Saint Lucia
Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will be an exclusive oasis of luxury with 120 rooms, 40 residential villas, 4 restaurants & bars, Fairmont spa and private marina.
Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will be an exclusive oasis of luxury with 120 rooms, 40 residential villas, 4 restaurants & bars, Fairmont spa and private marina.
Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will be an exclusive oasis of luxury with 120
rooms, 40 residential villas, 4 restaurants & bars, Fairmont spa and private marina.

PRESS RELEASE – Luxury hotel operator Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, now part of AccorHotels, and GP GROUP JSC. today announced the development of Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay.

Expected to open in late 2019, the 120-room luxury hotel with 40 private residential villas will be situated on 25 acres and 1,870 feet of exquisite beach front on the southwest coast of Saint Lucia, a leading upscale destination in the Lesser Antilles.

Ideally located within 20 minutes of the international airport, Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will be the island’s southernmost luxury resort, boasting spectacular views and access to Saint Lucia’s breathtaking natural landscapes, palm-fringed beaches, magnificent waterfalls, miles of unspoiled rainforest and the majestic Piton Mountains.

“We are thrilled to be announcing this exciting new resort development on Saint Lucia, a premium destination of choice in the Caribbean. Fairmont’s unique blend of exceptional design, location, luxury and hospitality will ensure that Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay is a private and exclusive oasis for this stunning island, whose natural landscapes, breathtaking views, friendly locals and authentic culture will impress the most travelled individuals,” said Kevin Frid, Chief Operating Officer, North & Central America, AccorHotels.

“Additionally, this resort marks the continued expansion of Fairmont’s rapidly growing portfolio of highly sought after luxury vacation resorts around the world.”

The award-winning architects and designers of WATG and Wimberly Interiors will create a luxurious Caribbean experience unrivalled on the island. The project will fuse contemporary design with preservation and enhancement of the natural landscape, conserving micro-ecosystems of small mango groves and lush mountain streams, protecting the beach from tidal erosion, and investing in mature landscaping instilling a sense of privacy.

Built into a natural amphitheater, each of the 120 guest rooms and suites and 40 residential villas will offer unobstructed views across the bay. The resort will feature four restaurants and bars; a 9,000 square foot Fairmont spa; outstanding pool facilities including a main resort pool, children’s pool and adult pool with cabanas; private marina with moorings for deluxe yachts; and approximately 10,000 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor meeting and function space.

From the mountains to the sea, the Fairmont experience will include adventure activities such as paddle surfing, mountain biking, and hiking to discover spectacular nature trails; pampering poolside or at the spa; and connecting with local culture in the nearby fishing village, the source of many local foods and ingredients featured on resort menus.

For guests looking for a more permanent secondary home or getaway retreat, Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will offer 40 private Fairmont-branded residences.

“We have very high expectations for this exciting project. Together with Fairmont, and our renowned design and construction teams, we will work diligently to ensure the highest quality product and guest experience. We are confident that we have assembled an extremely professional and motivated team that will create a remarkable luxury resort that is unique for the island,” said Mr. Georgi Vassilev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, GP GROUP JSC.

“We are also focused on creating additional value for the local community, not only by providing employment opportunities, but also by investing in the development of infrastructure in the region.”

Fairmont Saint Lucia at Sunset Bay will join Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic sister properties Fairmont Royal Pavilion in Barbados, and Bermuda’s Fairmont Southampton and Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, A Fairmont Managed Hotel.

With more than 70 hotels worldwide, Fairmont continues to expand globally with recent openings including Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, Fairmont Chengdu in Western China and Fairmont Fujairah in the Middle East. New luxury hotels scheduled to open later in 2017 include Fairmont Amman in Jordan and Fairmont Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Fairmont will also open the newest, largest and most state-of-the-art hotel in Austin, TX later this year.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a luxury brand that consistently rates among the best in the world in customer-based rankings such as the TripAdvisor awards, as well as industry and media awards such as the AAA Five Diamond Ratings, the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List, and Travel + Leisure’s 500 World’s Best Hotels.


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  1. That's all well and great ?? but I have one issue with all these hotels the bigger jobs honestly go to xpacs... they bring persons in from other islands or bigger countries.. so there's always a turn over every couple years or even months... maybe if they trained alucian etc then the bigger jobs can go to persons who are willing to learn it, It's rare u find a local at the top jobs... Any man can learn to fish ? if u give him the right tools... And FYI factories are a horrible idea slu isn't naturally made of this look around her beauty ... and the pollution will really harm us and natural environmental remember 27 miles long 14 mile wide


  2. Do you know that hotel workers make more money than most office workers in St. Lucia. The problem is that we have people who are full of pride and too hypocrite to recognize that fact.


  3. Let me make on thing clear. The Manager Job is not more important than that of the Garbage collector. Everyone has his part to play to make a job complete!! God created us in his own image to fulfill our vocations. We have different gifts and talents. Every Job counts!! Thank You!


    • If you only provide them with hotel jobs then they will begin to think that that is the only job they are good at. Some people work at hotels not by choice but the lack of options.


  4. How many times do i have to tell Lucians, you are finish . No access to our own beaches , no factories , we need access to every beach on this island. take St Lucia back from those white men before it is too late , or is it already too late .?.=== CHASTANET, DUBOULAYS DEVOIS ARE TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY RIGHT UNDER US.=== .


  5. they're keeping the poor St Lucians as maids servants pot washers housekeepers and gardeners..we need more jobs which gives us some dignity. we have some brilliant minds in St Lucia surely we can be more creative in the development of our beautiful country.


    • Do you have any suggestion? Any hotel or manufacturing business have only space for a few bright persons like managers,assist. manager, department heads, the rest are simple but necessary works.
      Talking about to bring factories in, materials have to brought in and shipped out again, this means additional costs in shipping and handling compare to manufacturing where the raw material is there. To be competitive on the world market the price should be not higher. Where to save is on labour cost =low wages. (we had textile companys and all gone because of this problem).
      Our unemployment rate is very high. Option are to create jobs (but what kind is possible??? or gradually reduce the population by birth control.


    • they're keeping the poor St Lucians as maids servants pot washers housekeepers and gardeners..we need more jobs which gives us some dignity. we have some brilliant minds in St Lucia surely we can be more creative in the development of our beautiful country.

      CORRECT, but these "poor" St. Lucians probably don't qualify for elevated job opportunities in management. I look at it as, at least, they have a job that pays. These big businesses will bring in their own people at first, anyone who has the motivation to learn and grow within, can train and work their way up.


  6. Tourism or the Hotel industry is not the problem. Successive governments have just done a 'piss-poor' job of ensuring that obvious linkages are beneficial to the local population. Additionally these same governments have allowed the hotel sector to integrate vertically to absorb the supporting industries like tours, photography, excursions and taxi operations. Maybe the next step will be hotel farms .... then we will all see the connections between Agriculture and tourism.


  7. So put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking within you. Have nothing to do with sexual immorality, impurity, lust, and evil desires. Don't be greedy, for a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the things of this world.

    – Colossians 3: 5


  8. All these governments of St Lucia know of foreign investment is building hotels, restricting access to our beaches, creating a population of waiters, bellhops, house keepers. Having parents working weird shifts being away from their kids, staff busses that don't drop them home. We are so dependent on such a fragile industry such as tourism..BS!!!!


  9. Be bless St Lucia, may many more investors come to our shores. God is about to do something great in St Lucia. Lets thank God for many more. We are pearl of the Caribbean.


  10. Clean up your capital city for tourists please. It's the main part of any island that tourists want to visit .Very disappointed when I was there in May.


    • If you're St. Lucian Sally tell your families and friends in St. Lucia stop littering the City. I am a proud St. Lucian and hate seeing the litter; but ordinary people do this. They drop things from their Vehicles, from their bags ect. Anyone around the world who litter are SALOPS!! The same way they litter the streets that's how they keep their houses.


    • Clean up the Capital city for us. I can't walk down the sudewalk because of vendors taking all the space.
      And teach people to us toilets...


  11. Build your hotel my friends but since you'll be blocking the main road which hundreds of residents traverse, I suggest that you build us a replacement road, don't treat us like we're second class citizens! do not put us into the inconvenience of travelling an extra three miles to arrive to our homes, OR ELSE !!!!!!


  12. What is Reverse? You talking for yourself surely not the hundreds of workers at all levels who depend on the tourist industry.

    So consider if Sandals alone (just Sandals) was to pull its three hotel businesses out of St. Lucia, squash the intended fourth one and abandon its take over of the golf course what do you think will be the plight of the waiters, chefs and cooks, water sports personnel, barmen, housekeeping staff, gardeners, technical support staff, taxi drivers, craft vendors and the list goes on. Maybe you do not realize that until we find goal or oil in St. lucia or get another big money earning industry St. lucia is stuck with tourism as a main earner.


  13. Am I missing something here?
    I just read a previous stry on here a few minutes ago of a well known hotel lying off 50 emplyees and here is a story of another major hotel development
    St lucia you nice twice


    • what would you suggest is the answer? farming, fishing, or the same old I don't know but not this. without tourism st. lucia is nothing to the rest of the world and the Caribbean. the slp and the uneducated are those that continue to not recognize that development and progress are the only ways to move forward.


      • You fool do you think that we should depend only on tourism. How about improving our agriproducts make at Lucian's their own boss. Find markets for our produce give incentives to local business people so that they can invest further how about factories to use up all the fruits and better have wasting . That would empower Luciana instead of being maids Ans servants to whits people .where is the factory Bradly said he was going to open. How about all the craft we have in choiseul
        . Also I see that sab weesha is now called sunset bay when did the name change happen. U see wats happening to us already we're losing our identity


    • True, but so is cutting grass. The Caribbean is always seen as a vacation destination by the rest of the world. So if you are branded that way why not make the best out of it? You have already acquired the reputation and the product can always be developed further to include other linkages. Would you go into manufacturing and other sectors where you don't have any reputation, capacity and where labor cost and know-how is prohibitive?

      What else does St. Lucia have that we can export to get some much need foreign exchange? So to me is either we develop what we have and connect it to a number of other industries instead of laying there to die.

      Many who don't work in the sector have all such comments to make but consider the number of our population employed in the sector. Also consider the amount of progress that the employees have made in terms of the ordinary school drop-out who like any other employee now has a home and can send their 5 children to school. Hasn't the hotel sector brought us enormous benefits? I am not a hotel worker or employer but I am sure that we have observed.


      • Wam there, what we are saying is that; let the minister of tourism continue with tourism and then the ministry Agriculture work and develop the banana and farming industry, then Min. of Sports do Sports tourism. So every ministry becomes busy doing their own thing, you now have a diversified economy and as a result employment comes for everyone.
        We can use those lands in VF to grow lots of produce, fruits, vegetables, ground provision, you name it. Then the factories play their roles in making, juice, chips, jellies, packages for the overseas markets. We can breed all sort of animals both for the local market and packaged for export. It can be done!


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