BREAKING NEWS: Deadly explosion at Cul de Sac

BREAKING NEWS: Deadly explosion at Cul de Sac

17439551_336753460054673_540420470_nAt least four people are dead and many others injured following an explosion at a quarry in Cul de Sac.

Reports are that a container exploded after 5 p.m. The cause of the explosion is not yet clear.

The first report came in at 5:23 p.m. from a resident who lives in a nearby community.

“Loudest explosion ever…. They must have used dynamite. Everybody came out; miles away and my house shook” the resident said.

She added: “OMG. Still shaking. That must be illegal.”

Several other persons mistook the explosion for an earthquake.

The quarry is owned by Rayneau Construction.



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  1. it is sad yes.. and i sympathize with the families .

    i would like to make a point regarding safety : a lot of the time you may hear people say

    " oh i have been doing this for 20 , 30 , 40 years and nothing never happen" we need to take safety seriously and not wait for something to happen

    but be reminded that it only takes 1 time for something to happen.

    the use of the proper safety gadgets and following procedure as it should be does not prevent accidents however it may minimize the risk of getting injured or what ever the case may be...

    safety is everyone's responsibility . safety starts with me, safety starts with you !!!


  2. What are the occupational health and safety protocols at that worksite? Surely, if it was indeed dynamite, what procedures were employed in ensuring the safety of workers and the environment? This matter is unprecedented in St. Lucia and needs to be investigated. Sad that hard working folks lost their lives in the tragedy. I'm also keen on the sort liability coverage of the employer against such risks. 26 persons suffering due to certain negligence. Hope there's a good forensics team on sight for the immediate shut down of facility baring the entrance of owners and stakeholders pending investigations. Let's see how this is going to be handled. :/......God bless the Martiniquans (France)!!


  3. You say first report came in at 5:23 P.M. My question is, what the hell were they doing
    on that Site after 5.oo P.M.? Dynamite is nothing to fool around with. When it explodes
    destruction happens and it will kill. It is also poisonous, so.Dynamite MUST be kept under lock and Key.
    Over to you Police Department: if you know what I'm thinking.


    • So Dynamite or any other forms of explosives should not be used after 5pm? Wait wait, people also can't be on the job site after 5pm too, right??


    • What u are saying is so true cause am thinking the same thing to....Like really...
      This is adamgerous stuff...Must be away from ppl locked up


  4. aa i felt it on the morne and was wondering who gave permission for blasting dynamite. We havenot felt the Ferrand quarry blasting in years. It was very scary and I hope no one got hurt. smh.... I await a full report but thank goodness this did not happen on the ports or in the harbour... major disaster. SLASPA and Customs take note.


    • Pep let's stop jumping into conclusion s please ,no body would want such thing to happen let's pray and wish those who are fighting for Thier lives speedy recovery


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