BREAKING NEWS: Ex-inmate, shot by BCF officer, had drugs and cell phones

BREAKING NEWS: Ex-inmate, shot by BCF officer, had drugs and cell phones
Bordelais Correctional Facility
Bordelais Correctional Facility
Bordelais Correctional Facility

A former inmate, who was shot outside the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BC) today, was not only armed with a machete but had cell phones and marijuana in his possession, several law enforcement sources have reported.

Reports are that around 12:45 p.m. the former inmate was spotted acting suspiciously and was approached by a correctional officer near the BCF farm.

It is alleged that the former inmate was armed with a machete and when he was asked by the officer to submit to a search, he made a threatening move.

As a result, the officer reportedly fired a single shot, hitting the former inmate in the right leg.

“A search of his person revealed that he had three mobile phones and a quantity of compressed marijuana in his possession,” the source told St. Lucia News Online who first broke the story.

The injured man was transported to Dennery Hospital via ambulance.


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  1. good job it seems its the pole down there alone that can shot properly unlike the one that shot the guy in his head and killed him in marigot recently.


  2. Did Mary Francis just died ? Why isn't she saying anything ?
    Mary Mary where are you ?

    Are you hiding ?


  3. Good job officers . There are lots of cell phones at BCf.

    Too many prisoners selling drugs at the prison .

    Why aren't you officers doing checks .There are lots of prisoners who don't use the phone that is placed for them.
    You all know that . Why not do something about it .
    We tax payers are the ones paying for this.


  4. They should kill him it high time these nonsense .so u going the prison with a machete so u had intention of hurting time officer whoever that cross your path shoot them in their heart enough is enough


    • Suzie ussa 8!+€#....carrying a couple cellphones and some weed warrents someone,s death...careful what u wish on others.


      • No, but he was also carrying a cutlas and was asked to be searched. He was on the premises of the prison, so it was fair game to request that he be searched. Leave well alone.


  5. Way to go! Shoot to kill next time. Enough is enough. These criminals are bold and daring. They must be stopped by any means necessary>


    • Law enforcement is getting better. Now be certain to investigate that there is no insider helping and that no firm is providing the cellphones. Also investigate to see whether any of the cards of stolen cellphones are in use or were going to be used and where the lawful owners lost them and when. There may be some real intelligence to be gathered there with this find, and after thorough interrogation of the perpetrator.


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