Elderly man beaten in Entrepot during home invasion

Elderly man beaten in Entrepot during home invasion

A senior citizen was hospitalised after he was attacked and beaten at his home in an alleged robbery attempt on Thursday afternoon, November 7, according to law enforcement sources.

Richard Edgard, 76, of Entrepot, Castries, sustained “facial trauma” and was transported by Castries fire personnel to Victoria Hospital in stable condition, an official told St. Lucia News Online.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service was contacted at 2:30 p.m., the official said

According to another source, three males went to the victim’s home to rob him and “buss up all the man face”.

The perpetrators reportedly escaped in a “white SX4”, the source added.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the health centre in Independence City, Entrepot, according to reports.

No further details were available.


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  1. I feel every one's frustration . some young men are strong while others are very weak . we must blame the public first and then the governments. we see and hear something and we do not report it because a report to the police is either no action or they drag their feet. It is time the government help those young men on our streets . They need help because they can become the leaders of tomorrow'.


  2. Its sad that we are on here just beating our [email protected] while the people that we entrusted to protect and to serve us are silent on all these incidents. I am referring to the Min of National Security, Mayor of Castries ( who lives in Entrepot btw), Police Comm, and of course the man who said he would reduce crime when he is elected as our leader. Silence is consent! Silence is endorsement! I pray each day that i do not encounter any thief in my house because I will not be a victim- I will not negotiate- I will send him/her to choc quick quick quick! Lord help us!


    • @Kawabanga just a quick question? from the time you know your self how many past governments has come and gone till this one now and said they will reduce crime and has it happened in all those years? people must be stupid eh to think someone can say they will reduce crime and for it to actually happen unless it is in a form that most people will object to for example Operation Restore confidence


  3. Bible in a Year
    November 08
    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    "No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you." So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him.
    –Luke 8:39


  4. We need 2 help does young men they are boken and desperate. 75% unemloyment is 1 of The reasons. Our primeminister dont café. He is a Wolf not a sheep.


    • you know one thing i am sick and tired of ? its people that gives these guys reason and excuses. you see the thing about us is we always want and need to depend on the government and when things dont go our way we blame the government. the government has its own problems just like the rest of us. i do agree employment is one of the factors that some how contribute to this but what are these young men actually doing to help themselves?

      stop saying the pm dont care and we ourself should show that we care for our own well-being. if these young men were listening to their parents when they were young if their parents had anything good to say then they would not have been in this situation, if they were paying attention in school to actually learn something to help themselves then they maybe would have a job, if they had just put themselves in a position to make changes in their life then maybe life would be different for them.

      So many security firms and gas stations and supermarkets that need people you mean not one of them can get up their backside and look for a work? that they had to rob and beat a old man? but wait lets sit our asses and wait on the government to do something for us. SMDH


      • I agree with paragraphs 1 & 2 of your opinion. However, I have issues with paragraph 3. I will not advocate for ANYONE to go do security work (especially at night), putting their lives at risks, for $4 or $5 an hour. Just a few weeks ago, three security guards left their families only to get killed. I am certain there were nothing saved to pay for these internments - but how could anyone saved on a $4/5 hrly pay!!...THERE ARE NO LABOUR LAWS or EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS in this god-damned place.


    • This is pure BS. I was unemployed for many years, not once did I ever think about robbing someone or selling drugs to survive. You need to make a better excuse for those vile creatures. Summary executions is a good start to solve the problem. ORC silenced them for a while. Maybe we should have ORC 2.0.


  5. Smh I don't know what to say .to much on my mind.going jail and eat good food .we need electrical chair for them bastard.now if the old mAn had time kill one of them the law saying you used to much force .in your own home.im tired and sick of them things .them young fellers deserve to die .st Lucia can never be the same anymore.lord Lord Lord where are you.


  6. I'd say legalized gun to all legit home owners immediately. This will help combat the rate at which crime is taking place in this banana republic. The US stand strong on their 1st amendment right, where by everyone have the right to have or can buy a gun. In our case only home owners and business men, with a legit and establish business can have fire arm. These lil boys watching too many youtube videos and practicing it. Where by we have a police department inadequately train, under resource to stop crime. Lets face it all countries have crimes but consider your population and the level of crime that are being carried out and the jail population. It is sickening, in today's world you can loose your life for a penny if not nothing at all and yet we have to fun these vagabond in jail with tax payers money. It is time we apply the North Korean law, you get caught in a crime consider being dead - simple... legislate the flipping thing. As a matter of fact the legislator are on heroin... because they sit sail in space decade after decade.


  7. What the hell is happening to evil wicked people..u all already rob him..u all had to beat him up..thats why when u all get killed. I dont feel sorry....somebody gonna beat u all ass some day that all gonna cry for mercy snd help..son of a bitches as u all are


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