BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake felt in St Lucia

By SNO Staff

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The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWISRC) has confirmed that a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Caribbean and was felt in St. Lucia, Dominica and Martinique at around 14:30 p.m.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received reports that the earthquake was felt mainly in the North of St. Lucia.


Latitude: 14.97N

Longitude: 60.54W

Depth: 39 km


72 km NE of Fort-de-France, Martinique

101 km SE of Roseau, Dominica

115 km NE of Castries, Saint Lucia


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  1. Coronal mass ejections will take place midnight October 4th utc time, this will affect the tectonic plates of our planet . We knew the quake would come today and that was a baby. Ever since September 23 2015 when that hydron Collider portal machine switch was turned ON, the planet is getting weak by seconds, climate change under water volcanos get active, earthquakes. Your government don't want u to know this to prevent panic and chaos. Might try to find my sources.

  2. CERN is to be blame for this ever since they turned that hydrocollder machine this machine was just recently turned on last week last of we in them small islands are not aware of that

  3. End of times. Lord in.the name of Jesus protect your people until the day of redemption.

  4. Felt in Gros Islet

  5. hydron Collider interferes with earth magnetic field which is connected to the Sun . Yesterday afternoon Sept 30th at approximately 14:28 pm there was a huge explosion on the sun, the heatwave will take 5 days to reach planet earth. Sorry the news don't give that information

  6. CERN is to be blame for this ever since they turned that hydrocollder machine on earth has just been different . Its gonna kill us all. Blood moon ,rapture of the sun yesterday . Oct 4th is the real thing solar heat wave

  7. CERN is to be blamed for this. Oct 4th is the real thing heat wave

  8. Literally shook me off the couch in Monier.

  9. Waaaaaaaaay no godly persons have come out yet to say put a hand out lord!

    Damn ...they muss be shaking in their boots, lordy, lordy

  10. Just felt it. Lasted only a few seconds.

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