UPDATED: One body discovered, other still missing

UPDATED: One body discovered, other still missing
Drowning victims: From left - Skryo and Curtis 'Curtie' Prospere.
Drowning victims: From left - Skryo and Curtis 'Curtie' Prospere.
Drowning victims: From left – Kieron ‘Skyro’ Cornibert and Curtis ‘Curtie’ Prospere.

Divers have recovered one body and the search continues for a second following an alleged kayak mishap on Sunday, Jan. 15 near a Gros Islet hotel, police officials have confirmed.

The body was recovered around 6:20 p.m., two hours after emergency officials received the report.

Reports are that the victims were Cul de Sac, Castries residents Curtis ‘Curtie’ Prospere and Kieron ‘Skyro’ Cornibert – local employees of Royalton Resorts, who went kayaking at Smuggler’s Cove after work ended, and were also planning to do a BBQ on the beach.

A source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the kayak may have had holes and was submerging when one tried to help the other, and both fell overboard.

It is alleged that another male failed in his attempt to rescue the duo because of the strong waves/currents, police officials were reportedly told. He was transported to hospital via ambulance.

The Marine Unit assisted in the search for the victims.

The Marine Unit conducting the search for the bodies.



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  1. oH Keron and Kurty weh r u all plz com back we r waiting in cul de sac [sigh] Lord help us in cul de sac we have lost two wonderful ppl [crying] RIP my dearest ones gone but will never be forgotten we love and miss urll Blessed love


  2. Their mothers especially must be beside themselves today. So sorry to hear of this. Rest in perfect peace both young men. Curtie's mom ---oh lord is going to have a real hard time.


  3. If they were drinking alcohol did not kill them but stupidity. If you drinking only stupidity would hv u lv ground and jump on a kayak in the waters u not familiar with. SMH.


    • If if if!

      IF (no pun intended) you don't have any consoling words why speculate on "if this and if that"

      If you had a heart you wouldn't not have uploaded that stupid comment.


    • Wow yeah state the obvious in a time like this.sometime people need to know when to shut up if you have nutting good to say




  4. Questions:

    --- Were they using a Royalton kayak, and if so, was it with authorization given after hours.
    --- Were they wearing life-jackets.
    --- Was alcohol or narcotics involved.
    --- If out at twilight or darkness, were they experienced in such conditions.

    There's training and orientation, canned and ready to give to all, that could have been given to them to prevent this. Open water's often like a la-ja-blesse.

    It's truly a terrible shame, and no doubt preventable.

    The article mentions that they were going to have a beach BBQ after. This is completely irrelevant to the story, which is the loss of two lives. It doesn't matter what they were going to fo afterwards, be it a beach BBQ, or going home to watch TV, or whatever. Please, stlucianewsonline, enough of the tabloid mahhko stuff irrelvant to the particular news event being documented. And if, for whatever reason, there's a reason for mentioning the BBQ, please explain how it relates to the actual stry rather than letting readers needlessly speculate. A beach BBQ, so what, did the kayak sink becauase they were over-loaded with supplies for the planned BBQ?

    Again, preventable and such a darn shame regarding our future talent that are choosing to work to make themselves better, provide for their family, and allow us to hold our heads up high for those young Looshans that are making the effort compared to those that simply choose to be mere idle passengers (too many passengers already) and useless pond-scum for which Operation Restore Confidence will be restored for the idlers and scum to have a little meeting called "your all mine now" with empowered custodians of justice.

    For you two that were genuinely trying to make better, rest assured, Heaven has a place reserved for you, my two brothers. Rest In Peace.


    • If you don't like SNO reporting. ..Deh are many other outlets you can go and read the story .... LEAVE SNO ALONE !!!!!

      R.I.P Brethrens 🙁


      • You are a fool everyone is entitled to their views. Damn!! I hate Lucians for that. Let the person have their say.


    • These two thoughtless individuals more than likely ruined what was no doubt shaping up to be a splendid beach BBQ. Of course aclcohol and narcotics were involved, we are talking about Loosha here. What planet are you on? Btw what have you got against beach BBQ"s anyways? SMH


    • As much as you have some valid points of argue but I think you read this only to respond and not to understand. The BBQ was to let you know what their intention was after work , how ever they didn't have jackets , nor any of the things you mentioned , I mean no offense buy you should really take time to understand rather than be so quick to comment , I think that sno gave a good report on that one. With me being there I could tell you that they did .


  5. Very sad news. Alcohol can also make people reckless, and I wonder if that has a part to play in the incident. health and safety is often lacking and only causes error and accidents that can be avoided. Sorry for all connected and who knew them. I just heard on the phone the screams as family members got the bad news.


    • I heard from one who worked with them....they were drinking and went out on a kayak and they are being searched for right now. Being intoxicated and deciding to go out on rough sea does not a great idea make does it? People are just too much into having a good time rather than behaving correctly. Just another accident yes, but if only people would think and put things in place before such adventures. We all must die, but why take such risks, and no health and safety measures. Id be surprised if they were wearing life jackets and what foolishness to make a decision to take such action when you're pissed or high.
      Its the ones left behind that feel it the more. So sorry for them.


  6. Sad to hear news of these apparent drownings. Young men are particularly at risk since they tend to be more adventurous and take more risks. We need to do more nationally to make sure that all our young people can learn to swim to save their lives and that they are well informed about safe practices near water.


    • I support these wise words. However we need to teach safe practices. Wearing of a life jacket, which should be standard procedure when kayaking.
      We need to stop with the egos and do what is safe.

      Do it safe or don't do it at all!

      Rip to the young men who lost their life's.


    • I hear that so often from those who know better...we are an island nation and so often children and adults drown on beaches. Every time a youngster drown its mentioned and that's it...no action is taken to make it happen. It is a H&S issue where they are not taught to swim and respect the sea.
      Many years ago my mum has swam out and saved some one on Vigie Beach from drowning and yes she was drunk and the man with her at the time. I thank god that my mum could swim very well and had life saving skills. Its not like that every day. Sadly.


    • Hear Hear.

      Swimming classes should be introduced primary school.

      However this needs to be well thought out and have enough supervision.

      Start off in a pool and then move to open seas.

      St Lucia has more than enough hotels with swimming pools to help and the Aquatics centre.


      • There are schools who do it...my niece in Primary school in VFort goes each week at a small fee, so its worth it for their safety and well being.