BREAKING NEWS: Desma, woman accused of scamming dozens of St. Lucians, formally charged

BREAKING NEWS: Desma, woman accused of scamming dozens of St. Lucians, formally charged

14885923_10207482161641316_221545810_nDesma Marliacy, the woman accused of being behind the scamming of dozens of people, was formally charged on Saturday.

Marliacy is accused of scamming close to 100 St. Lucians of money after claiming that she could get them jobs in Martinique and France.

Marliacy collected $425 EC dollars from persons for airfare and for links connecting them to jobs in Martinique as well as an additional $200 EC if the person lacks a passport.

Marliacy allegedly claimed that she could get passport for persons who did not have one at the time.

She was arrested last week and was released 3 days after.


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  1. Unfortunately scams are all part of the society that we live in today. There are scam politicians, scam preacher and spiritual healers, doctors and scam medicines among a few. Even scam cable companies which have almost of their programing in a foreign language. What has this woman done so grave that she deserves all this venom? Even though some think that she has acted dishonestly, no reason for so much negativity. There are politicians who have promised $100 million immediately injected into the economy, they have showed us a videos of two container trucks negotiating a corner side by side on a proposed highway, has that happened? Doesn't that qualify as a scam? If the negotiation of an oil deal secretly with a notorious oil mobster on your behalf without the authority of the recognized person (who by the way has officially confirmed that she received no notice) under the law, and it cost you over $1 million. If that is not a scam I wonder what is!!

    We have the tendency to call foul depending on the person in question and not necessarily condemn the act. I have always said that this will be a difficult case to prove, and I stand by that, judging by the circumstances presented. However it is for the judiciary to decide.


  2. Irony

    What is irony.

    A woman is being lambasted for taking advantage of the gullible and she deserves it. In the same society there known politicians who have embezzled 100 times more money from the poor and yet they are glorified by most! The media is a bully and prey on a certain class and is clueless as to how much power lies in their hands.



  3. so thats how you became boss lady,where is the example that you set for the four beautiful girl, i am highly disappointed in you as a woman hat i respect,god please forgive her for she didnt know what she was doing wrong


  4. To Whomever This May Concern,

    It has become quite obvious that persons in the media are quick to find/provide the photo or ID of any criminal except for those who commit sex crimes. Sometimes I wonder if persons in authority, in the media or in Government are aware that their friends and even themselves are engaging in the same sex crimes and would never want it to ever become legal or acceptable for the photos of sex offenders to be released. Therefore, I now come to the conclusion that whoever in authority out there who supports the act of hiding the face of a sex offender, is just as guilty as the sex offender.

    I think its time we St. Lucians protest! Too many nasty men out there! And some of these nasty men have the power to hide their fellow nasty friends! BS!


    • Did you know that is in effect illegal to publish the photo of a sex offender or the victim? As it is now sexual offences must be dealt with in this specific manner due to its sensitivity as it may among other things expose the identity of the victim. This non disclosure law is employed in most countries. It is just that we are a rorocious people who don't trust anybody including ourselves, therefore we lack faith in the system (with good reason, because we make up that system ourselves) to do what is just.

      The idea of a sexual offenders registry which is employed in the US is for REPEATED OFFENDERS and it is not everybody that is notified. They notify neighbors and institutions such as schools within proximity. Imagine in St. Lucia where everywhere is within proximity? A sexual offenders registry as it was proposed can have catastrophic consequences especially when it comes to human rights and can have consequences for the victim as well.

      So don't jump on band wagons that advocate for things that you have not clearly and critically thought about. Giving extra rights to disadvantaged groups is also wrong. Example, women do not need extra rights in order to be equal just as blacks do not extra rights above other groups in order that they may be equal. Gays do not need extra rights as was realized in the UK where the right to marry gave them rights beyond what was allowed to heterosexual couples. What is needed is that for everybody to be treated fairly and equally under the law. Due to the fact that all cases are unique, the law also permits jurists the use of discretion in what we call "equity". Therefore a judge can implore measures such as protection orders, eviction notices against abusers or potential threats to women when necessary.
      Society is changing from the barbaric and antiquated use of punishment since information now is widespread and it informs that criminality is a social problem and can be corrected. The focus should not be on punishment but on the way of avoidance or re-occurrence of the problem. Example it was disclosed by renowned psychologist that pedophilia may be a sexual orientation just as being gay, therefore the solution maybe in correcting the behavior. Therefore, if we are insistent on punishment should we advocate for killing all gays or sexual predators before we find a solution? So whats in your own closet?

      There is also this false notion that pervades the media that a complainant or mother of a sexually abused child must make a report to police in order that charges be laid. According to our criminal code a magistrate of the concerned district can issue a summons to anyone to appear if it comes to his/her knowledge that a crime has been committed within their jurisdiction. Most laws are on our books its just that the system of which we are very much part of does not follow or act on the law. That's the "culture of indifference" that was highlighted in the report on criminality in St. Lucia.


      • Well maybe we should watch out for a face like yours. I have no problem with publishing the perpetrators names and pictures everywhere. That would make them think twice before going on their crime spree. Do u realise that the reason why Cuba, Singapore and certain other countries have such low crime rates is because they KNOW the authorities dont take crime lightly. So it prevents them from committing 90% of the crime. Now ask the dealers in Phillipines how many of them will go that route when the Filipino president is done with his crack down. I can guarantee you, the numbers will be fewer. Human beings respond to rewards and punishment and behave accordingly. So yes if the rapist were jailed, names and identities were plasted all about the place, we would eventually get a reduction in the crime.


        • You are missing the point. The reason for lower crime rates in these countries in not necessarily because of harsher punishment. Economic, social and even political reasons apply some or even all of the countries that you have mentioned. I have been to two of them so I have a pretty good insight. Singapore has a very good economy and is primarily a Muslim state which contributes to its stability economic and culturally. You cannot compare Singapore to St. Lucia, go take a look on the internet. Cuba is on the other hand is an authoritarian state and has many resources. Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom to that extent in order to reduce crime? As it is now you cannot have your cake and eat it.

          What is glaringly flawed in your argument is while you said that harsher punishment resulted in less crime in "certain" countries you fail to realize that these countries are in the minority. There are far more countries with more lenient punishments and with a lower crime rate than us. Also the absence or abhorrence of certain crimes in certain countries does not mean that crime of a different category is not pervasive. For example the Philippines may abhor drug crimes which in many Muslim state is punishable by death, however crimes such as rape and murder are quite common place in some Muslim states. In fact women are gang raped just as often as there are car accidents. However the authorities in those states refuse to classify rape and abuse as a crime. There are many other factors which I have no space or time to discuss.

          So there, I gave you a lot of homework, so go do some research.


      • My friend "Wam Deh" If you read my post correctly, you would realise that I am quite aware that it is illegal to release the sex offender's pictures. My request is to abolish this. As "Nokout" stated, this discourages others from committing the same crimes and also makes the public aware of who to stay the hell away from. In the US and other countries, if you are suspicious of someone, a simple internet search can help you out. However, in places in St. Lucia, the sex offender gets arrested, sometimes serves a minimal sentence of maybe 2 years, and is then sent back on the streets to commit the same crime. Now, I never said anything about releasing the photos of the victims, so it is a waste of time for me to even speak about that for obvious reasons! RELEASE THE PHOTOS AND NAMES OF THE RAPISTS PLEASE! You don't want one day you drop your child off at a sex offender's classroon or whatever not knowing that you have just left your child with a rapist!


  5. Maybe if her pic was posted from the first time she started her nonsense so many pple wouldn't be victimised by her....I will help post that pic yourl Lucian's too hypocrite


  6. Lady if you can find the time to scam people am sure you can find time to be constructive. Set aside your greed and find an honest living. Con artist...


  7. Wow, hope she spends a long time in jail, but on the other hand there are NO laws in St. Lucia. The system SUCKS in St Lucia....make her pay all the people back their money and make her to clean the streets of Castries. Ma'Ma SALOP, go get an honest JOB!!


  8. Woman accused of scamming people of their money and her face is already plaster in the news and online. Not saying it shouldn't, but WHERE IS THE CHILD MOLESTER AND RAPISTS PICTURES? ?


      • Incase the child is related to the rapist, no! but there are cases with no relation, that the face can be show. The last was a TT child molester. Yes she deserves her face out there and so does rapist and molesters


        • Didn't you know that the publication of that alleged TT incident is illegal? you can go to jail if you have transmitted it. If you say that rape is such an abhorrent crime to be committed against women, it is obvious that they would not want to be associated with it, especially for the rest of their lives. That is why most don't even want to report it in the first place farless testify.

          If a perpetrator's photo were to appear on TV, I am sure the first question would be: Who did he rape? So you are wrong in saying that a connection would not be drawn between the victim and perpetrator. These things have been proven, hence their inclusion in the law. Blame and shame is only for people who have no confidence that their justice system would on its own take care of such issues.

          Lets look at the argument and reason it for yourself. To what extent do you really think that posting the picture of a rapist would deter him from committing another rape?


    • Know your Law - To protect the identity of the victims our laws does not allow their names and faces to be published.


    • Choops...shut up...there is a process in the justice system which has to take place...yall want child molester and rapist pictures before the accused is proven must make sure that allegations are correct before you put someone in a situation of this case she is most likely proven to be a scam so we see her would not be fair to label a man rapist for some little ho who is crying rape and never did...we must realise that if the female accusation is FALSE the stigma of rapist never leaves the accused!!!


    • My sentiments exactly Anonymous!! All the rapists and child molesters out there been charged..!!WHERE ARE THEIR FACES!!!SMDH!! She's not the first there are alot more out there doing worse than she did...seated at the top most ranking positions...just like how they did the NEPAL students....anyone itching?? Smh...


    • Its time Lucian stop that.. When innosence kids getting rape and kill they don't show the people or person you posting the wrong set of news


      • The woman deserves to be known because she did wrong but so to are the child molesters and rapists. They are all criminals and we should know who they are.Show all their pics SNO from the con artists to the thieves and rapists.

        I also know SNO, that we do have positive things happening in St.Lucia as well and these should be highlighted. As black people we concentrate too much on negativity, we need to be positive. All other races are already negative towards us. We need to reflect and be positive towards each other.


  9. Good. She has been caught and charged, now let's see what happens next week. A person charged with this magnitude and type of offences should never be granted bail. She is definitely a serious flight risk. Upon conviction I hope she receives a lengthy jail term at sentencing, with hard labour too, those types of people must earn their keep. Animals that prey on descent, honest and hard working human beings just have no soul.


  10. some of u st lucians are just too stupid. to be just be giving money to a random stranger just because she frequents your store and buys food at that spot everyday.. Really urll are that dumb don't wanna sound judgmental but really think about it urll are so naive..choops smfh.. and to believe a sad ass story bout coconut falling on ones head,y did'nt she seek help else where like some people do,where is her family and her child father and for those who gave passports, i understand urll desperately need a job but that is honestly not the best way to go, giving urll passport to a random stranger do u know how much people would pay for urll passport she aint the french embassy nor does she works at passport immigration..what if she sold the passport where is the proof urll gave her the passport thank god urll got them..hope urll learn a valuable lesson... that TRICK WOULD NOT HAVE NEVER SCAM ME..LOL LOL


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