BREAKING NEWS: Dennery farmer’s stolen vehicle found

By SNO Staff
Gilbert Wilfred stands beside his vehicle that was found today on Barnard Hill.

Gilbert Wilfred stands beside his vehicle that was found today on Barnard Hill.

About 2:50 p.m. today (March 19) Rohan Wilfred got the news everyone has been hoping for: his father’s vehicle, stolen in an armed robbery last night, was found at the parking lot behind the government buildings on Barnard Hill, Castries.

Rohan said based on information received, the security guard for the government building was doing a patrol when he noticed the vehicle and contacted his supervisor, who then contacted the police.

Rohan said he received the good news from his sister just before 3 p.m. and he along with his father, and others, went to the location and made the confirmation.

The blue Mazda pickup had no damage to its exterior, Rohan said, but the CD deck, battery and speaker are missing.

The key was found on the dashboard. The plate bearing the registration number (PA 3239) is in place.

The vehicle was stolen after Rohan’s father, 62-year-old banana farmer Gilbert Wilfred, aka Spildo and Mr. Dillin, from Lumière, Dennery, was held at gunpoint around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday.

According to Rohan, his father stopped in the vicinity of the Fond d’Or Heritage Park, Dennery, parked his blue single-cab Mazda pickup (PA 3239) and exited to “pee” (urinate).

Rohan said while urinating, a man came out of the bush and pointed a gun at his father’s head.

He said the masked bandit then ordered his father to drive, leading them to an isolated area in the Mabouya Valley.

At that location, Rohan said his father was robbed of two cell phones, an undisclosed sum of cash, and the bandit escaped with the van.

The senior Wilfred was not harmed.

The Wilfreds are happy that the vehicle was found because it is vital to his farming business.

They have expressed gratitude to everyone, particularly the security guard, who assisted in finding the vehicle.

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  1. I'm happy that my uncle is safe and that he was spared from the person who did this!
    People are all entitled to their own opinions even from the ignorant as well!
    But next time Renia when a man wants to pee because he can't hold it in any longer please have your thot,inconciderate,uneducated mouth open so they know where to put the waste from their body since you have the answer to where and when a man of a certain age who is unable to hold his urine in can't stop to let it out. You seem to be running your mouth red with some bull shit.
    I don't care who it was my family or not this man is someone father, husband,brother,uncle and grand father! No one deserves to be caught in such a terrifying experience. This situation has a mental impact on anyone!
    Not sure if anyone ever told you but next time if your comments are not one of compassion based on the event at hand keep your cunt shut in that order!

  2. Anonymous, You making me laugh. OMG. For the person to open their dirty mouth and pee in it. OMG. I laugh so hard!! Lord help us!!

  3. I vex dere. Renia you are an ASS for making such a comment!! Please

  4. i suspect this person has a habit of roaming the bush to rob people cause the way i see it is this place vehicles rarely stop there, that is a highway i just dont understand how just out of the blue you going to be waiting for someone to stop there just to rob them.

  5. That Renia person stfu... That was the dumbest contribution sno let on their page. Leave the man alone you dumb. i'm sure if was your man that happen to you wouldn't say that sh***!!! It's high time SNO delete those comments like hers from here!!! Y'all never want to hear good news. Always want to hear something bad happen to people. Learn to move forward and not backward!!!!

  6. You see, Sharon, just as I had predicted, someone has praised you for your contribution. Keep on expressing yourself,, and speak from your heart. Congrats to you.

  7. You see, Sharon, just asI predicted. Someone has praised you for your comment, keep on speaking from your heart, and everything will be alright. Congrats to Sharon.

  8. How you expect a man at age to hold his pee that much longer, I mean, we are supposed to be educated people, but we behaving like people in the time of Columbus. You want the man to pee in a bottle. What next. As St. Lucians lets rise to a level of smartness. That's why our children behaving the way they do these day, because of the crap we as adult posting. They read as well.

  9. I suspect that bandit knows the victim, or else he wouldn't let him go without a scratch and his vehicle wouldn't be in good condition. Although a few things were taken for quick sale. But paradise jah for the mans life and his vehicle

  10. no no no my blood pressure ready to sky rocket bc of a idiot comment i see there,who ever is Renia u cannot be serious.with all these senseless crime happening u have nothing better to say but that...have you not find urself in a situation where u cah hold it any more,U just wana drop it.he didnt pee in the middle of castries and even if he did. he didnt deserve a gun pointed to his head.i felt like displaying my bad manners on ppl like u.We need CHANGE NOW bc crime will soon be on our doorsteps its a matter of time.STAY SAFE MY PPL OF LUCIA....OH RENIA DONT PEE IN THE BUSHES.

  11. Lemme guess, conway crooks again. It's about time that place and all its residents burn.

  12. concerned foreign citizen

    Looks like in future we all have to pee in a bottle in our vehicle. The young people have gone mad and I wonder if they pray at nights. Praise the Lord the gentleman is safe.

  13. So u happy u found the vehicle

  14. Men will learn not to pee by the side of the road.

    • The person stfu if you have nothing better better to say. Like you man don't pee at the side of the road. Thank God my uncle found his vehicle you here talking crap.!! Smh I swear some Lucian's eh... Smfh

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    • Senseless comment ?

  15. Sooo i guesss that parking lot has cctv camera monitoring it right?..


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