BREAKING NEWS: Death of mother and unborn child at St. Jude Hospital under investigation

BREAKING NEWS: Death of mother and unborn child at St. Jude Hospital under investigation

tootie2The Ministry of Heath has announced that an investigation is underway into the death of a mother and her unborn child at St. Jude Hospital in Vieux-Fort on Saturday evening.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Merlene Fredericks has described the death as a “very sad situation” and has expressed condolences to the family, friends and partner of the young woman on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

The deceased has been identified by a family member as Sylvina Emmanuel, also known as Tootie, of Shanty Town, Vieux Fort.

Dr. Fredericks said a preliminary investigation has revealed that there “may have been some underlying medical cdonitons which contributed to the young lady’s demise”.

She added: “However, we will as a ministry, before the end of the week, commission a full inquiry of which we wil have specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, in internal medicine and cardiology from St. Jude, from Victoria Hospital and the community, review the notes and review the filings to ensure that procedures and policies and everything were followed during the care of the young lady.”

The CMO said an autopsy will reveal the cause of death.

“At this point we cannot speak to exactly what caused it, as we have to wait on the result of the autopsy to indicate what the real cause was. But from our investigation so far, it does indicate that when she came in on the Saturday evening she was quite distressed, and so, despite of the urgent emergency management which she received, the outcome was unfavourable. I should state though that it is a right, every woman has a right to having a safe delivery, to having healthy children; to receiving timely, appropriate, culturally-sensitive care during her pregnancy, and that is the mantra of the Ministry of Health.”

Frederick added: “Some of you may recall that we had an audit of our delivery processes whereby a team from the Pan American Health Organization came in and worked with us to identify some of the gaps that are present in our system, and we have taken steps to address those and continue working in that area. So once again I would just like, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, to express our sincere condolences.

“We are indeed saddened by this event and we can assure the general public that we will have a thorough investigation and ensure to the best of our ability that there is no recurrence. But we do believe from the preliminary assessment that there may have been an underlying medical condition which¬†predisposed the eventual outcome.”


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  1. The ministry of Health needs to investigate the doctors in St Lucia or who ever is responsible. These doctors are just killing people and giving the wrong medicines to patients.

    This is from experience and law suits should be brought against these doctors.


  2. The Minister of health and the whole bunch at the so called
    Hospital named after St. Jude, should be fired forthwith.
    When are they going to complete the construction of that
    Hospital? what's the hold up and who is to blame Ms. Minister?


  3. I think we need to step back and get the facts before we blame the hospital, the government, etc. The family has come out to say that she had difficulty breathing however was denied oxygen but for what reason. Everyone keeps saying they should have saved the baby, which I agree with wholeheartedly, however we don't know if the baby was still alive in the womb at the time. I've known situations where the baby dies inside of the mother and start poisoning them. Everyone celebrates pregnancy but no one really considers the health risks to both mother and child until the shit hits the fan. All I'm saying is let's not add to this family's pain by adding anger to the situation when they should be mourning the loss of two lives. God has gained two angels. May they both rest in His eternal peace.


  4. there is something wrong with that hospital.....that incident happen just saturday .....but on sunday my cousin was transported to the hospital via private vehicle has been really sick for a few days ....when he arrived there by after 3 pm he had to seat and wait of hours up to after 6 pm before he was attended to ....he was then put into a room placed on drips and given meds .....all i'm trying to say i understand hospital is to take care of emergency ppl the place is always bz ...but when a sick person comes in its becuz they're sick becuz they feel thats the last resoert before maybe they die so they need help from ull make no sence to apologize after the person has passed away when ull know ull could have tried to prevent that situation ....ull are putting st.lucia more in the spot light when its already getting bad reviews happens everywhere ...i have experienced it in a big country but come on be more careful with ppl lives


  5. Rip to the young lady to the family hold on tight ivwent to give birth one year ago and to tell you these doctors are very negligence I saw I was dying nurses calling for doctors help not one is available doctor at his home sleeping is this life had to call him on countless occasion before he can reach thank god am alive today what to the ministry of health doing about the situation lord put a hand


  6. Fellow Lucians
    There are so many conditions pregnant women can have that are not seen by OBGYN because of limitations in St Lucia's health systems. There are conditions called placenta previa, placenta abruption, placenta accretta etc. These almost always end up with both mom and baby's death during delivery except in cases where mom and baby are monitored throughout pregnant and a high risk doctor is available for delivery. I have seen cases in high risk overseas hospitals where the moms were diagnosed early and there were teams of specialists for both baby and mom during delivery, but nothing could be done to save them. So why blame our overworked doctors with limited resources. It's not their fault the hospital and country has no money to buy the expensive Equipments needed. Be realistic people, not everyone can be saved. The doctors are not Gods. The hospital is not a miracle working place. 1% of patients admitted in most hospitals won't make it out alive. That's a reality that we need to wrap our mind around. So let's be ready to face our maker at anytime. Live a life that if your number is called today, you are ready to meet your maker. PEACE


  7. I wonder if she was asthmatic because the same thing happened to a young lady a few yrs ago at V/H.... she was saying she couldnt breath while having an asthma attack a few mins after her dad left the hospital and no one attended to her... both she and her unborn baby died. Imagine being a parent visiting your child who is about to give birth to their first grand child,after visiting hrs in the evening going home and by the time you get home you get a call from the hospital telling you your child and unborn grandchild passed away.....and still no justice or explanation to a grieving father after all those years.


  8. There was also a lady from pierrot named Agnes who went for a surgery for fibroids and they cut her bladder.after she started to swell they did surgery again, all this within two weeks.then they did a third surgery a week later due to problems.When she was not getting any better due to all these surgery, she died.all this happened at St.Hides, two years ago.too much politicians fooling and blinding us.where is the redress and changes to correct these things.When will these things change?


  9. Pregnancy is one of the most difficult thing to go through. We are so quick to put down our medical system ( I know it's not 100%) but let's look at things in a different way. 1. Doctors are limited to how they treat a pregnant woman during an emergency due to fear of causing harm to the baby eg. If this lady had a blood clot that traveled to her lungs to cause her breathing problems a. They couldn't perform an xray of the lungs due to radiation exposure to the baby they couldn't administer any medication to her. Sometimes doctors are left to make a blind judgment call the outcome are not always the right one. Most pregnant women take swollen feet to be part of their pregnancy most times it is and other times to something more serious . Not saying it may not be negligence, just saying sometimes the medical system or doctors are not to be blamed.


    • Rightly so. Agreed, however when it becomes a frequent occurrence many may be left to wonder...what is going on??? That is what I believe has persons are so upset.


  10. Too much gossiping, whatsapping, checking fb, Twitter and Instagram, and just plain laziness going on in the emergency room. U come there it's half an hour before they call U in, another half hour before they ask what's wrong, a half hour to scratch their heads. They give U one pill or a shot and it takes an hour before the come back to give U Ur prescription. No sense of urgency. They're too comfortable U see


    • Brilliant observation Sad. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that I have witnessed in the St. Jude ER. Imagine some doctors even want to hand you their private business cards in your time of distress so unprofessional.


  11. This months going to be one yr since i lost my baby at that said hospital. Similar situation to this. Lord put a hand.


  12. woooowwww, again they turn this sad tragedy into politics. it seems kenny is a god or a doctor. i feel for the families of that poor lady and her baby. I sympathize with them and i pray that god gives them the strength and sanity to get through this trial. i know everyone is seeking justice but lets not get thrown of the real issues here just because yourll feel like blaming politicians


  13. There is no accountability at St. Jude's Hospital just bunch of people all trying to play boss. When something happens, then all the "bosses" try to put the blame on everyone else. We need to start working together. We are talking about people's lives here. People are dying because we have a whole bunch of 'unqualified scholars' playing boss. When accountability becomes part of the culture of the hospital along with a change in the attitudes of its staff then we can begin to see a change in the quality of service provided there. Till then R.I.P. to the people who will continue to pass away due to the negligence of SJH. It could be me, you or someone who we really love next.... we don't know. Jah guide us.


  14. I saw her giving up. Countless times asking for oxygen, she is dying. All y'all wanted was her card. She gave up, she was scared, cause she knew she was going to die. When she died all y'all did was say her heart and the babies stopped beating. Still denying her death. Lord help us


  15. She asked for oxygen and all y'all were focused on getting was her medical card. She continued in saying she can't breathe. When she gave up that's when y'all want to give her oxygen. Sigh love and miss you so bad.


  16. we have a broken health care system and the government should focus on fixing it rather than spending millions of $$$ on a 4 lane highway.


  17. i'm a Close family friend and what the doctors and those at the hospital saying are all lies, EVERYTHING. say the truth PLEASE, she had breathing problems & was denied urgent care. she spent a good time there . i mean ST JUDE has been notorious for turning down patients. Vieux fort people afraid to go there in emergency cus we know we gonna die . This is so sad . RIp Tootie. you will be missed


  18. Its sooo sad this 30yr young woman had to be dead of all her doctors appointment
    Didn't they realize that the young lady baby was in distress or mothers lungs needed oxygen or at less get baby out before due date at less one would be save.


  19. As much as $60g is paided for the lost, to avoid a major lawsuit ...that's why we never get a follow from the Ministry or Relatives... Ohhh: did I mentioned Gag Order too.. Sorry state of affairs that tuff economic times Relatives usually settles ...
    SNO u need to investigate the amount of casses SLG settles as a result of so many incompetencies !!!


  20. People need to understand that death has no specific name or number and when it comes calling there is nothing anyone, not even doctors can do about it. Yes it is sad that people have to die, especially mothers and their unborn children. But lets face it people.... everyday more than 5 people are dying in the world which includes 3 or of 5 mothers. Everything a death occurs at a hospital doesnt mean that the doctors did not do their job. St. Lucians are ungrateful blameful people and need to change their ideas and mind set if their professional sectors are to survive their ignorance.
    May this young lady R.I.P

    Women only take pregnancy serious after a mother dies. You can die from pregnacy's many risks and complications. I experienced it first hand and did the blame game too but sometimes not every thing can be controlled. Doctors are not gods!


    • Who should determine when it is your time to die. Is it a hospital? So it sounded from your comment. If I am bled to death at the reception area of a hospital, I would agree that this was time for the person to die, now that they are dead. Would you say that this was negligence on the part of the hospital and that death could have been avoided?


  21. A Never ending story at St.Judes Hospital. How can patients get the care they deserve. SOS. MAYDAY,MAYDAY. The Ship is Sinking. No help in Sight. I must admit no one cares about the welfare of the patients and by extension the workers.


  22. Had a family member who went to give birth at this said hospital. They assisted her to give birth but in doing so they cut her the wrong place both she andthe baby died. Authorities do an investigation. This malpractice need to stop. Human lives are very important


  23. You can call me insensitive. you can call me what you want. It is very sad that this incident before an election will be an opportunity for the district rep to make mileage. I guarantee you that since this has become a national issue, he will take care of all the funeral expenses and his dependent people at shantytown will say " Prime Minister ke paya pu sekay la". The people will not see that tomorrow it may be them or their children because the problem still exist at the hospital and has been there for a few years now. If this incident happened 3 years ago he would not have given nothing.