UPDATED: Young man found hanging from bedroom ceiling

UPDATED: Young man found hanging from bedroom ceiling
Barnard Mortley
Barnard Mortley

Officers attached to the Marchand Police Station are investigating the circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide of 20-year-old Barnard Mortley of Maynard Hill, Castries.

It is alleged that on Wednesday, November 2014 about 7:00 p.m. a family member discovered Mortley suspended from his bedroom ceiling. He was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a later date.





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  1. no man or woman should persume to take God's authourity upon themselves to end his or her life. the painful scares left by a suicide does not heal easily. May God grant his grace to each one who is facing trails today, and may each of us take hope in the promise.


  2. I want extend my sincere condolences to his parents.
    May The Lord carry you through this difficult time..
    I say a prayer for you.


  3. Ofcourse the Prime Minister have a part to play. What programs is he putting in place for the young people. Many people are frustrated, depressed, sad and there are no avenues for them to express their frustrations.


    • Grow up stop blaming prime minister mother father or your lives if you say you cant you wont it is all in the mind grow up Lucians grow up change your thinking and change th e world. Life is sooo beautiful but when we start pointing the fingers what will our younger kids will do we can do anything.


  4. wow did the government hang him? i believe society killed him. we have lost touched with each other. we are to busy to realize someone is crying is for help. our heads are always down in our high tech phones. we suicides happen we all blame everything else. look around who do u inspire who do u motivate do u even speak to ur neighbour no but the easiest thing is to quickly blame the government.


  5. honestly speaking taking your own life will not solve the problem u have ,u will just loose your life .there is always someone u can talk to about your problems .taking your life is not an option yes your family will take care of your funeral and a few days or month they forget about u ,so whats the point ,you,re young u have so much to live for .REST IN PEACE