BREAKING NEWS: Semi-nude woman found dead in Soufriere after apparent accident

BREAKING NEWS: Semi-nude woman found dead in Soufriere after apparent accident

The body of an unidentified female was discovered on the rocks close to Anse Chastanet, Soufriere this morning.

The discovery was made at around 8:00 a.m, police officials have confirmed, but reports from many persons in the community indicated that the incident may have occurred around 2 a.m.

The woman, who appears to be in her mid to late 20’s, was discovered wearing her underwear only, according to reports.

A red Suzuki swift vehicle was found in the sea close to where the woman’s body was discovered.

It is believed that the woman may be from Gros Islet.

It is being speculated that the female may have been heading up the hill, when she lost control of the vehicle and slipped off the road.

It is not yet clear whether there were other passengers on board the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The Soufriere Police Station said a team has responded and are currently at the scene conducting their investigations.


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  1. Travelling at that time, attiring that way? What was the need to travel alone, sleep could be a possibility in the accident. Why the rush that caused her not to dress appropriately, was she trying to elude person (s)?

    I have overslept for work before and parshally dressed in my car, note could be other reason(s).

    Would be interesting to see cell phone records, particularly around the date and time of the incident(s).

    Got to go, nice reading your comments smart people, I like them for the most part. Bye?


  2. I no her, she always use 2 buy fish frm us on the John Compton high way, especially pot fish n small red snappers. She seem like a very nice n friendly person. U gave us good sale on fish. R.I.P


  3. People saying panty ting no bra ting and all that... there was no waythat she couldve fallen through the wind screen 1) because of the way tye car fell... if ahe did fall out she wouldve landed in the water and not on the stones... 2) the possibility of her being murdered ia good because the only way she couldce landed on the stones if she jumped out mid air and in the way the car was falling the doors wuouldve remained opened to indicate because it was facing downwarrd or glising across 3) her killer could've easily sent her over rhe cliff and sent the car as well to not make it look suspicious 4) if u going to rape and kill sum1 the main point in hidinf it is to not make it look suspicious so therefore you would put thw victims close back on then kill the victime or this may just be a freak accident while she was coming from the beach


  4. Judging form the pics of the accident, she could have survived if she had seat belts. Looks like she flew out through the top part of the wind shield. The car doesn't seems like it suffered enough damage that a person would have died in it.


  5. Woy. I can well imagine this young driver struggling to survive and clothes came off during the process. Let us feel the pain peopl. It is so sad.


    • Yes it least if the woman was driving she would have a bra on, why would anyone drive topless in a car..


      • a bra is considered an UNDERWEAR too...Bra is something a woman hears under her clothes, isn't it?

        Anyways- Fishie in deed.. she was murdered bacause of a jealous lover. YOU KNO YOURSELF!!! LOOK OUT!! DON'T SLEEP!!

        I CAN SEE YOU...


  6. All the government has to do, is give me a job as under cover gang killer and i will surely rid this country of the scambags one at a time. Trust me i can do it. One by One.


  7. All we have so far is circumstantial evidence which has triggered a whole bunch of speculations. Where do we go from here. Hope her family finds closure.


  8. Lucians stop, the girl family may be reading. Yall stop always going so far. Pray that no one did this gentle soul no harm. And that was just a freek accident. Yall water move mountains, clothes is nothing for the water to move. Tide was high wash her there, by the time she was found , tide was low. Rest in peace sweety, no mom or family want that call.