BREAKING NEWS: Dead body found in Cay Mange

BREAKING NEWS: Dead body found in Cay Mange

19402367_379182362478449_1308895040_oThe dead body of a male was found in a drain in Caye Mange, Gros Islet this morning, according to law enforcement sources.

The body had marks of violence and is suspected to be a homicide, law enforcement officials said.

More details soon.


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  1. Smh.... First and foremost Rest In perfect peace family!!! To those who viciously took your life they now have to worry about your sins. Now isn't the time to be posting y'all negative comments and praises because regardless of his past life or what he chose to do till the end of his shortened life he was a son, brother, father, cousin, uncle , friend and support system to others! I find that majority of just tend to take pleasure in other people's time of sorrow and that's just being plain ignorant!! Most of you on here talking about he was this he was that but are you any better?! We are all human no one is perfect we fall short daily! Stop judging and leave it for the Most High , when judgement day comes around we all have to answer for ourselves so if you have nothing good to say and you based on a negative vibe just don't comment. Have Respect for the family in the time!!! ??


  2. Lol ike g u killing me right here with your comments but be strong he's in a better place now


  3. so he did bad and got his reward, his death but u know what they say about karma. Which is what his killers should be thinking about because all his crimes are now on their heads. So karma will be coming to the killers too.
    Smh- it never stops with killing your enemy. Even a baby knows to forgive why not adults. Just try and spread kindness and good to all those out there calling for a change. Make the conscious choice once your time comes and u have your enemy by the throat. Choose to stop the killing NOW !


    • U have no idea what you talking bout, it's people like you deserve this,he was a good man and this shouldn't have happened, my faults are with family .R.I,P ike may you be a peace


  4. I don't know why people are so quick to jump the gun! but ask yourself who are we to judge? Are we living a sinless life? Are we perfect? Challin I'm am going to miss you terribly! And if there's nothing nice to say you'll shouldn't say anything you'll mother will be ashamed of y'all behaviour ? R.I.P sweetheart.


  5. ChoopZ stop talk about the forking man who the fork are you to run your mouth forking fool he should be deh to burst your mouth


  6. We are all flesh and blood stop thinking you'll bad and untouchable ppl have a limit see where it got you but I've forgiven you RIP


    • Thank you forgiving someone who hurt you shows growth and maturity also draws you closer to God?


      • Nobody deserves this I hope they rot in prison no matter what he did to me I look past it he came to me and spoke nicely never showed any signs of anger despite I called the cops on him but still he didn't deserve this ppl don't think clearly when there's alcohol in their system so a sober person should be the !most responsible and a businessman smh hope u rot in prison for being a fool material things can be replaced a life can't




  8. The problem is no one goes to the police and report any wrong doing before it has fully commited and the police hands are tied for investigation and the public is angry for updates . Please go to someone or the police who u can trust too much crime for a small island . People I'm begging you loosing a love one is not easy . If you are not working go n cultivate legally the money will come .


  9. Yesterday I said how useless certain Lucian men are and guess what another one bites the dust. Sigh young blood I don't know you but u may have done so much shit in life feeling like you untouchable. Karma is a bitch people never forget the pain you brought them. Right now you gonna be 6 ft under all the bad man thing you were doing where is it to save you. All your thuggy friends have to get their share too. The police who aids y'all have to get their share to expose their asses. Useless bastards corrupt as --. You either chose a side with the law against the law. Right now there your death was a statement for your goons smfh useless asses all of y'all. Is best they bring all of y'all on a big field to kill each other. Useless useless
    Useless. Karma never sleeps


    • Are the US and UK depending mainly on tourism for survival? Also, how large are these countries population compared to st.lucia and the crime rate?


  10. I lived from 2003 till 2015 in St. Lucia.I saw the economic decline coming as from 2013 due to the world crises. High un- and underemployment. The government is in deep financial trouble. Consequently crime goes up. So we left for Panamá. Yes we have crime here too. However a strong, well trained police force with good cars, cross motor cycles and heavily armed. Unemployment is just over 6%. Life is about 30% cheaper.


    • Okay... what does that have to do with anything? Using the death of someone to brag about the greatness of your living condition seems like a shitty thing to do


  11. most times when you see they are murdered like this and left in a drain somewhere like a dog to die they more than likely did alot of bad things in their life but stilll no one deserves this